Nerding Out - Leogang DH World Championships 2020

Oct 12, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  
James Elliott snatching the final medal in junior men by the smallest of margins.

What a race! In the last decade, it was only at Champery in 2011 and Fort William in 2017 that we've seen a racetrack challenge riders and claim as many victims as this one in Leogang. Leogang has often been chastised for being too bike parky and easy, and we probably won't be hearing those complaints again. Combine a fresh cut woods section with October Alpine weather and you have a recipe for a near-unrideable section of race track.

The new route combined with the weather made for a track that was around about a minute longer than previous races here. It also blew the field apart, races here are normally won by fractions of a second (down to 0.045 seconds in the case of Gwin vs Fearon in 2015) but the winners in both races had a buffer of about 3 seconds yesterday. You don't need many graphs or charts to understand that the race was won or lost in the stretch of woods but there are plenty more narratives that unfold when we dig down into the numbers. Racing has been gone for a year but we had a season's worth of stories in the space of one afternoon yesterday. Let's waste no time getting stuck into the splits to see where the titles and the race were won.



Elite Men

1st. Reece Wilson: 3:51.243
2nd. David Trummer: +3.197
3rd. Remi Thirion: +5.953
4th. Mark Wallace: +6.655
5th. Bernard Kerr: +7.203

Elite Women

1st. Camille Balanche: 5:08.426
2nd. Myriam Nicole: +3.130
3rd. Monika Hrastnik: +16.966
4th. Tracey Hannah: +20.012
5th. Mikayla Parton: +23.164

Sector by Sector Results

Sector 1
1. Loris Vergier - 52.048
2. Jure Zabjek +0.061
3. Reece Wilson +0.157
4. Thibault Daprela +0.161
5. Remi Thirion +0.206

Sector 2
1. Thibault Daprela - 39.692
2. Mark Wallace +0.591
3. Bernard Kerr +0.650
4. Matt Walker +0.715
5. Jure Zabjek +0.768

Sector 3
1. Troy Brosnan - 42.224
2. Thibault Daprela +0.227
3. Noel Niederberger +0.604
4. Mick Hannah +0.636
5. Benoit Coulanges +0.644

Sector 4
1. Reece Wilson - 55.632
2. David Trummer +1.071
3. Johanees Fischbach +2.339
4. Mark Wallace +2.591
5. Bernard Kerr +3.152

Sector 5
1. Reece Wilson - 39.585
2. Jack Moir +0.192
3. Bernard Kerr +0.710
4. David Trummer +0.923
5. Thibault Daprela +1.120

Perfect Lap


Fastest Run


Sector 1
1. Tahnee Seagrave - 1:00.525
2. Myriam Nicole +0.932
3. Tracey Hannah +1.241
4. Marine Cabirou +1.940
5. Monika Hrastnik +2.853

Sector 2
1. Myriam Nicole - 48.69
2. Tahnee Seagrave +0.480
3. Noga Korem +1.329
4. Nina Hoffmann +1.434
5. Monika Hrastnik +2.442

Sector 3
1. Nina Hoffmann - 48.815
2. Camille Balanche +0.821
3. Tracey Hannah +1.305
4. Tahnee Seagrave +1.311
5. Monika Hrastnik +2.22

Sector 4
1. Marine Cabirou - 1:20.550
2. Myriam Nicole +4.131
3. Camille Balanche +6.071
4. Mikayla Parton +10.301
5. Tracey Hannah +13.722

Sector 5
1. Nina Hoffmann - 54.539
2. Camille Balanche +0.093
3. Mikayla Parton +1.356
4. Monika Hrastnik +1.692
5. Tahnee Seagrave +7.496

Perfect Lap


Fastest Run


The Story of the Race

In Depth

The Sectors

Sector 1 From the start gate, around the opening corners and across the ski piste cambers. The split ends just after the second road crossing.
Men ≈ 52 seconds, Women ≈ 60 seconds

Sector 2 Through the rest of the top open sections including the steep stumps. The section ends at the foot of the motorway jumps.
Men ≈ 40 seconds, Women ≈ 50 seconds

Sector 3 Through the ten jumps of the motorway to just before the riders hit the wallride.
Men ≈ 42 seconds, Women ≈ 50 seconds

Sector 4 Off the wallride and into the woods. The section ends a couple of turns before the Gap Jump back onto the old track.
Men ≈ 60 seconds, Women ≈ 70 seconds

Sector 5 Out of the woods to rejoin the main line, the track now avoids the rock roll into the finish and sends riders through another small woods section before they cross the line.
Men ≈ 40 seconds, Women ≈ 55 seconds

Total Length: 2.3km / 1.43 miles

Total Drop: 524 metres / 1719 ft


What Leogang may have lacked in tech in the past, it has made up for in moments that make you jump out of your chair and shout at your laptop screen. From Gwin's chainless run to Stevie's down-to-the-wire title decider to Bruni crashing within sight of the line chasing his first World Cup win, the racing here has never been dull. You can add another check mark in that column this week as the men's race was a non-stop spectacle of drama.

Peaty, Atherton, Bryceland and Hart have all picked up medals at the men's World Championships for Great Britain, but Reece Wilson delivered Scotland's first, and the fact that it was gold will have made it all the sweeter. There was also a first medal for Austria courtesy of David Trummer, which will have given home fans plenty to cheer about after the unfortunate injury of Vali Holl earlier in the day. France has plenty of silverware through the years at World Championships, but we doubt many will have come in dramatic and loose fashion as Remi Thirion's, who seemed to be on the limit of control the whole way down.

With upsets and crashes aplenty, there's a lot to discuss from the men's race. Let's get into it.

Number one down from 32 is one hell of a glow up.

Sector 1
From the start gate, around the opening corners and across the ski piste cambers. The split ends just after the second road crossing.

The first split was the closest of the race between the men as there was little to pick from between racers in the open switchbacks at the top of the course. After winning seeding two days earlier, Loris Vergier picked up where he left off and was fastest from the get-go. Just behind him was a flying Jure Jabjek, who will be one to watch at the two races on his home track this week. Reece Wilson crashed in Split 1 in Seeding but clearly there were no thoughts of taking it easy as he kicked off his World Champs winning run with the third-fastest time through this sector.

With that being said, this split doesn't seem to be very important for the race as four riders who ended up in the top 10 were outside the top 20 in this split - Wallace, Kerr, Moir and Fischbach.

Sector 2
Through the rest of the top open sections including the steep stumps. The section ends at the foot of the motorway jumps.

Daprela starts to make his mark in Sector 2. He may have ended up 11th at the finish line but make no mistake, the Junior World Cup series winner from last year was on a heater in his first Elite race. He took this sector by more than half a second from Mark Wallace and put nearly a second into eventual race winner Reece Wilson. Bernard Kerr recovered from a weak start and Zabjek continued his strong momentum from Sector 1.

After a flying start in Sector 1, Loris found himself high-speed tripodding through the stumps section and slipped out of the top 20 on this sector. There were also incidents for Minnaar, MacDonald, Frixtalon and Shaw, proof that it wasn't just the woods section that became treacherous when wet on this course.

If we combine splits 1 and 2, the Daprela is our clear leader with only Zabjek, Walker and Wilson within a second of him. Troy Brosnan led out the rest of the field after two consistent sectors.

Sector 3
Through the ten jumps of the motorway to just before the riders hit the wallride.

The motorway belonged to Brosnan with Daprela not far behind in his wake. It was no surprise to see two of the fastest riders to this point extend their advantage here as this section is all about carrying the momentum you've already built up through the long, flat traverse. Some names we hadn't seen much of this race were also near the front here including Noel Niederberger, Mick Hannah and Benoit Coulanges.

This was Reece Wallace's weakest sector of the race but the fact he was still in the top ten showed how strong he was feeling on the day. It was also Trummer's worst split at 21st.

Heading into the woods riders would have been grateful for any time buffer they had and after two minutes of racing, it's advantage Daprela. He had a lead of nearly a second on Brosnan with Wilson lying in wait in third. We could go through the rest of the field but it doesn't really matter as things are about to get shaken up more than a broken vending machine.

Sector 4
Off the wallride and into the woods. The section ends a couple of turns before the Gap Jump back onto the old track.

Everything up to now has just been academic as we enter the woods where this race was won or, more often, lost. We are yet to see Wilson's full woods section but he must have pulled out something special as he was a second faster than anyone else. It won't surprise anyone to find most of the eventual top ten at the sharp end in this sector.

Brosnan, who had been running second up to this point, lost 7 seconds and it was also where we saw the challenges of Mick Hannah, Loic Bruni, Finn Iles and Angel Suarez fade away.

The woods had filtered down the competition and the top four were now in place for the final sprint to the line. Kerr gained 13 places to move into sixth and there were also big leaps forward for Fischbach (23rd to 7th) and Senhal (31st to 18th). Brosnan slipped to 8th but the big loser was Thibault Daprela; after leading for most of the race, he took an unusual inside line, crashed and slipped back to 15th.

Sector 5
Out of the woods to rejoin the main line, the track now avoids the rock roll into the finish and sends riders through another small woods section before they cross the line.

There was still a small section of the woods to deal with, but it's not problem for Wilson who went fastest again, just ahead of Jack Moir. Kerr went third fastest with Trummer fourth and Daprela starting to recover with fifth. Minnaar would rue his mistake in Sector 2 as he put in his second top ten sector of the race here. Of the front runners, it was Greg Williamson who may want to forget section as he lost time in his battle for fifth with Bernard Kerr. It's also where Hatton and Hartenstern saw their hopes of a top 20 go up in smoke as they finished the sector 54th and 62nd respectively.

At the end of the race, Reece Wilson pulled out some more time on the field and earned his first World Championships with three seconds to spare. It was also a best-ever result for David Trummer while Remi Thirion rounds out the medals. Mark Wallace had a consistent day for fourth but Greg Williamson slipped back two places from fifth to seventh at the final split.


Two new firsts were forged in Leogang with a first women's gold medal for Switzerland courtesy of Camille Balanche and a first ever World Champs downhill medal for Slovenia coming from Monika Hrastnik.

It was a race of two halves for the women with the established names of Seagrave, Nicole and Hannah dominating the first half of the race then the young guns of Hoffmann, Hrastnik and, of course, Balanche coming back strongly in the second half. More than anything though, it was a battle of attrition with the woods. Balanche was the only woman to keep it rubber side down through the whole section and rode away as the deserving winner.

Let's take a look through the splits to see who was going fast and where:

So much rehab work over the extended off season had Tahn e Seagrave back between the tape. Unfortunately she was one of many that went down during her race run.

Sector 1
From the start gate, around the opening corners and across the ski piste cambers. The split ends just after the second road crossing.

After only seeding 11th, Tahnee Seagrave got off to a great start on race day and put a second into her rivals from the off. Myriam Nicole and Tracey Hannah were split by 0.3 seconds and Marine Cabioru wasn't too far back either. In short, the big favourites and previous race winners looked like they would be taking control of this race early on. At this point Balanche was back in seventh and had already lost more than five seconds

Sector 2
Through the rest of the top open sections including the steep stumps. The section ends at the foot of the motorway jumps.

Sector 2 was a similar story with Nicole and Seagrave in 1 and 2. This time it was Nicole ahead of Seagrave but only by 0.5 seconds, which wasn't enough to take the provisional lead. Third on this split was enduro crossover rider Noga Korem who ended up just ahead of Nina Hoffmann. Balanche went one place better on this split with a sixth.

Tracey Hannah lost time in an incident we didn't see on screen and Marine Cabirou crashed and landed hard on her ribs in the stump section.

As expected, Nicole and Seagrave were locked in their own battle for supremacy here with less than half a second betwen them while Hrastnik led out the rest of the field. Tracey Hannah's mistake only cost her one place as she slipped back to fourth while Cabirou's crash lost her four and she lay in eighth. Balanche moved up one spot to sixth.

Sector 3
Through the ten jumps of the motorway to just before the riders hit the wallride.

Just as she was last year in the dry, Hoffmann was fastest through the motorway of the women. She was also the fastest through the speed trap and the only woman to top 50km/h. Balanche started to show her hand and was second fastest on this section, picking up speed as the woods loom. Hannah and Seagrave were separated by a whisker. Nicole slipped back to sixth on this sector.

Seagrave and Nicole were still up front and Tahnee had actually begun to pull away from her French rival. Even more than in the men's race though, this is all going to be meaningless when the riders hit the woods.

Sector 4
Off the wallride and into the woods. The section ends a couple of turns before the Gap Jump back onto the old track.

Fighting back from her crash in the stump section, Marine Cabirou was fastest through the first half of the woods. Her fellow Frenchwoman, Myriam Nicole, was also still going well at this point. Camille Balanche was battling to stay up and ended up riding the top tube with both feet out at one point but managed to haul herself back behind her saddle to keep both wheels the right way up. There was also a great split for young Scottish rider Mikayla Parton, who found herself just 10 seconds behind the fastest riders in the world. The time gaps were huge in this section with nearly a minute spread across the top 10.

A big shake up in the results saw Tahnee drop from first down to 11th. Nicole still led at this point and with a 7 second buffer heading into the final sector; you'd think it was in the bag, but she wasn't quite out of the woods yet. Balanche and Cabirou both made big strides up to second and third respectively while Hannah held steady in fourth.

Sector 5
Out of the woods to rejoin the main line, the track now avoids the rock roll into the finish and sends riders through another small woods section before they cross the line.

Cabirou and Nicole both go down! It's especially heartbreaking for Cabirou who fought her way back from an early crash. Myriam Nicole had a bit of a buffer, but will lose her gold medal position to Balanche who keeps her bike the right way up for another sector and sets herself up for the win. Nina Hoffmann went fastest here and there was also another great split for Parton.

Balanche has done it! The young Swiss rider wins Switzerland's first ever women's gold medal in the downhill World Championships. This is only the second ever medal in women's downhill for the nation and its first gold since Albert Iten in 1991. A 3-second gap would normally suggest a comfortable win, but this was anything but - Balanche simply battled harder than anyone to stay upright through the slop and was duly rewarded with the win. Myriam Nicole ends her title defense in second despite a crash and Monika Hrastnik rounds out the medals in third, 16 seconds back.


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 I thought the 'Perfect Lap' should be all of the fastest sectors added together, or am I missing something?

edit: if so, mens 'perfect lap' should be 3:49.181
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 There is a sector missing in each total (men's and women's) didn't bother reading the rest after that ...
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 First thing I thought was did Reece loose 50s on the motorway, even I would not do that...
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 Likewise I think the Women's Perfect Lap is also off by a lot.
I would have also extended the "Sector by Sector Results" to include both overall winners if they were not top 5.
Great article though!
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 Remi gets 5th in first split then doesn’t make top 5 for the rest of the splits and ends up 3rd? My brain hurts.
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 It´s just alternative facts.
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 Better visual coverage than RedBull.
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 Can someone please explain what Thibault Daprela did to demolish everyone else in sector 2? I would love to see a Cathro analysis of the line taken that led to that huge gap.
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 When I watched the race he was so fast there, he looked basically out of control LOL. If I recall he took a different line than everyone else too.
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 took the high line after the first turn. No footage of the upper tree toor seciton. Made up more time on the motorway section, no pedalling ... just really pumped each and every jump and bump on the motorway section .... full amaury tuck all the way through it.
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 He went fast as fuck. There, question answered.
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 @wildcruz: There must have been at least one wet and miserable PB or Vital photographer up there lol. Would love for the footage to surface
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 Thibault is Nico Vouilloz' godson, he is being brought up to be the next french superstar rider. As he is still young, he basically has no consistency and just goes for broke and crashes out half the time. Considering the conditions of the finals, that was probably a fairly sound strategy this time.
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 The new world champs ride with their left foot forward. Analysis over.
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 "Leading left pedals win medals."
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 My take on it from the results sheet link ( was that three of the oldest guys (Hannah, Minnaar, Masters) clocked some of the fastest speeds. I'm a decade older than Minnaar so I must be even faster...
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 very impressive since Greg's line onto the straight with the speed trap on it was on his back
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 @GumptionZA: You mean I don't even have to keep it rubber side down?
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 @dsut4392: you might, i definitely do... this is Greg Minnaar we're talking about!
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 The 'Fantasy League' jinx is real: I wouldn't be surprise to hear from Pinkbike that more than 50% of the people had Anne Terpstra (DNF) on their Fantasy XC Team at Leogang, and Vali Höll (DNS) on their Fantasy DH Team.
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 would love to see a detailed analysis of this style, but instead of the fantasy league (during a full season). Looking at the most overrated riders, most underrated riders, and then looking at the distribution of rider selection
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 I had the full mens podium in my team, and for the women Myriam and Vali.
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 I love nerding out, it's a great feature of PB and long may it continue. Nerding out never gets old.
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 Who can blame Reece Wallace on his weakest sector in sector 3 if he didn't even race? Wink
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 Or did I...?
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 Woulda been nice to watch the race. @redbull
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 UCI! Redbull were just a licensee, they basically added their own titles and commentary to the UCI feed. Not the first time it's been shit at World Champs either!
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 download a quality vpn with a 7 day free trial, takes 5 minutes to the race and then cancel your subscription. We had the choice to watch NBC Gold and still went the VPN Route to listen to Rob and Claudio instead. The NBC broadcast had zero energy from commentary. Doesn't matter if you're fast on a bike or not, you need to know who the racers are, otherwise it's boring as sh** to listen to.
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 @mountainyj: I'm 16 and my parents won't let me
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 @Supergirl56: the browser Opera has a free, built-in VPN that works for RedBull tv.
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 @Supergirl56: If you have an anti-virus software, those usually have a VPN included.
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 @thinkbike: Opera did not work for me. The VpN it used was still in the us. I used a free ad on vpn for Firefox and picked Uk. Worked fine for me. Done with race deleted the add on.
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 @mfoga: you can select the region and it works for RedBull tv when you set it to UK... maybe it is USA by default?
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 @thinkbike: I did not have the option to chose another location only option was optimized.
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 I really though Mark Wallace had it his run looked so good.
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 Pinkbike should do a split by split analysis of peoples rage at the redbull smart TV app crashing...... followed by speed analysis of people transferring to their phones and screen casting to the tv.... followed by the increase in the number of swearwords when that also kept buffering and crashing..... followed by the speed of them frantically switching on their laptops.... Of course all first world problems because some countries didnt even get that experience....
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 The Men's "By position" for this race should be hanging on canvas in the Louvre
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 challenge accepted!
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 JFC, my eyes! Elliott Jackson might know for sure if those split times are the wackiest in history, but I'm assuming they are. Thirion was the closest thing to an amphibian that France could field, so a small victory there.
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 Trying to avoid the cliché, but if he was an amphibian, Remi was a frog leaping about on the high lines to keep out of the mud. One of the best runs to watch i thought, full commitment and tried some unique lines
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 I'd love to see the data on the viewership of this event vs others compared to previous championships. I suspect that the clusterf*ck of georestricted bullsh*t on RedBull TV (and NBC Sports in the USA) didn't help. What a mess. Would like to see the numbers.
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 "Why are so many people watching from the Netherlands?"
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 @TheBrosCloset: that's the kind of insightful data that could rewrite the rule book for broadcasting live racing. or shocking data such as "35% of people stream in Slobovia, versus only 34.5% in Dhirtbagistan".

Seriously though, life was easier when RBTV was the broadcast source globally. Oh well.
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 @RickBullotta: I ended up buying a month of Express VPN, ended up being the same price as the older Freecaster world champs back in the day.
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 If you look at the woods section - the standings after it are basically the race results - you could've just ran the race from the woods on down - none of the top mattered at all. Let's hope for a dry WC end.
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 Whoa, like a cliffhanger with that big blank space. So excited to scroll down and discover more article. Geek
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 Awww crap thought it was more COVID news when I saw the thumbnail. Thank PB for the racing coverage .
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 There should be a data viz competition on Pinkbike. Where are all my data scientists / analysts at?
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 If a race happens in the forest and nobody sees it did it happen?
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 Did anyone notice Fox equipped bikes were way slower than RockShox.
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 100% because of aerodynamics.
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 So, if I'm reading this correctly, the people who went faster did better. Got it.
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 Looking at the first graph it looks like only wilson made up time at the line and everyone else lost time, was there major headwind or was he just going faster?
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 Headwind? Sector 4 was a steep downhill bog full of roots and broken dreams, that's what slowed everyone else down.
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 @dingus: I've never seen so many people crash. Almost everyone came off the bike in sector 4. The only ones who didn't are basically your podium finishers.
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 theres a comment down there mentioning Wilson rides with his left foot foward, need to check the video again, but it is possible that being a goofy might be an advantange on how the track was on sunday
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 @Narro2: Personally I would expect that would have been as much of an advantage as his star sign.
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 @dingus: good point, if we're truly nerding out we need to see star sign charted next to final position, maybe break it down per sector too.
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 @dingus: hahaah
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 He won split 5 as well, from just before the big sender at the bottom of the woods to the line. He may just have come out of the woods with more speed to carry than anyone else and then taken that to the finish, or maybe pushed harder in the final split in general.

I do think riding left foot forward would be preferable here - I'm right foot forward and I'd much prefer to traverse to my left than my right, and I'm assuming it’s the opposite for a left foot forward rider - with most of the steep lower section traversing to the right. It doesn't make a big difference but it'll be the same as the difference in hitting right vs. left corners - one feels more natural and you have to practice the other more for it to feel good. It probably just amounts to a left foot forward rider feeling a bit more confidant on those sections, pretty sure it wouldn't be a winning advantage though.
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 @euan91m: Not sure it would make much of a difference at the level these guys are at. If it did you would probably see more of them switching their leading foot for stuff like that.
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 @danielfeary: water signs should be on the podium. Air signs should win the jump section.
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 Wish I could have watched it... or watch the replays at least. RedBull TV has it Geo-Restricted. Bummed
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 Is there any way to watch the replays in the US? I can't find youtube videos, and we're blocked out on Redbull.
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 Get a VPN - it's free or get one for a free time trial and then cancel - it's what I and many others do!
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 what we learn in this year World Champs: White kit in mtb, never look well after a race run in the mud...
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 Truly it's that Sector 4 data...and there's no denying that as the conditions deteriorated in the day there were consequences for the lines taken...was gutted to see Finn get hung up in there as well as Gwin and others...
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 You are bang on, 20 of the best in the world rode the track so poorly that they decimated the track from the lovely smooth track that the back markers rode so gracefully. of did the women walk and slide down the track followed by lots of crashes then the fastest guy all weekend made it look pretty simple followed by loads of slipping and sliding from many of the dry, warm climate riders. Funny how those used to mud and motorcross in the mud did so well..... cant put my finger on the link, must have been track conditions.
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 @betsie: I think the original post makes a fair point that the conditions appear to have deteriorated during the day, but i don't see him saying that Reece didn't deserve the gold. No disrespect to Johannes, but when you have him as the 3rd fastest person and such a large margin ahead of the likes of Danny, Loris, Troy through such a short section, you would have to be very naive to say that they all rode equal conditions. Reece rode exceptionally all weekend and won the race, did he have better condition that the later runners... quite possibly yes... does it matter... No, because that's the way our sport is and it's why we love it. You have to deal with what's in front of you at that moment in time and make the best of the opportunity presented to you.

As far as i'm concerned, the conditions got worse but the man who won on the day may well have won regardless so lets all just be happy for a cool result and pissed off the UCI and RBTV for not showing us enough of his run.
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 @extremedhracer: I find threads on PB quite amusing or is it disrespectful or is it just typical of a generation looking for a reason, I mean excuse.

If Gwin had won then everyone would say he is back, but the fact that someone who post injury has out performed Gwin in reality won, has people looking for a reason/excuse.

The rider who was riding the best and not complaining and moping about difficult conditions got on with it, was supremely confident and put that into a run. Shame we could not see his creative lines on a drier track, remember Reece has podiumed FB in the past pre shoulder injury at Hardline.

The mud was more peanut butter for the later riders, but it wasnt for the riders before Reece or just after Reece. But that was the woods, many crashed out before even getting to the woods, so the woods and deteriorating track reason is just an excuse.

I know that if its minging like that that I am screwed when racing, full spikes or cut spikes, its not my thing/doesnt suit my style, we know if vets that Wakey will have a great weekend as its his thing.
I do know if its dry at Fort Bill then I am confident and results show that Smile

Different riders can ride different types of track better than others. Last weekend the best rider at riding mud, cold etc came to the fore.

Watch the replay again, and look at how those with the modern stiff setup suffered... I called most riders performance through the first 10s of the track. Call it lucky guesses. Smile
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 @betsie: I think you missed my point. I'm not saying it as a reason for him winning or excuse for others to undermine his performance. I'm just stating that the conditions were changing slightly and it looks like that may have potentially played in to his hands slightly, but that's part of the sport. I think to blindly deny it is equally disrespectful as for someone else on a forum who may say he only won for that reason.

You've got enough experience to know that a mud bog like that bottom section improves with rain and gets worse without. Look at the juniors as how much speed could be carried through the left/ lower line after the wooden bridge when the track was wetter and then in became almost unrideable throughout the day as it was too gloopy.

He had the ability, the attitude and a little bit of good fortune on his side. He is entirely deserving of the win which i think we are both in agreement of. My initial response was to your sarcastic and slightly condescending response to the original poster who never actually said anything wrong. It just appears that you just weren't happy that he mentioned being disappointed for Gwin and Finn because it's not team Scotland...
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 @extremedhracer: need to go full on hater/sarcasm mode when a simple assertion is being made. Thanks mate.
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 @extremedhracer: I did say that the mud was more peanut butter for the later riders.
Some admitted that clipping out was a mistake as they put their front wheel into a hole and that was the end of their run too.
It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if Reece did a run later in the field. He was on form on that track and didn't have a super stiff setup by the looks of it which cost so many in the mud. This weekend will be different on track 1 as it looks like its back to the high speed which favours other riders and not the brits so much.

GM crashed before the woods, Bruni made a mistake before the woods too (and had a mechanical) as did many others on the slippery roots on the hard pack, dont think the woods played too much into their outcomes.

We know that when riding slop that once below a certain speed the tyres fill up and become like lead weight skis and your day is over.

I would not have wanted to race it even when the juniors came down, fair weather racer me, slightly damp... spikes on haha Smile
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