New Clothing From Dainese - Pond Beaver 2021

Apr 13, 2021
by Henry Quinney  
Dainese HGL Shorts and Jerseys


New from Dainese, the HGL range is incredibly light trail clothing.

The HGL Aokigharaa shorts are remarkably lightweight and are really going to suit those that demand a flexible short that prioritises breathability and comfort above protection. They have a Ripstop nylon structure to prevent the garment from ripping or tearing, should you come off the bike or abrase the material whilst riding. The material has an elastic quality in four directions and a fastener I haven't encountered before. It works like velcro, and even sounds and has an action similar to velcro... only it isn't in fact velcro. It's called HookFit and offers a secure system that won't diminish over time.

The sizing is typically Italian and I would say fits true to size as long as you're aware that European companies can often size their clothing ever so slightly smaller than their American or UK counterparts. I'm normally a 32" waist and mistakenly ordered the medium. My friend, who is pictured, would typically order a 30" waist and found them to be a good fit and in the middle of the waist adjustment.

The sheer lack of weight and thin material definitely translates to a fit that feels uninhibited and they breathe very well. The colour of the shorts, black or sand, are understated and subtle and I think they look great. I don't really like glitz and glam so, for me, they're perfect.

The shorts work well with Dainese's similarly lightweight Trails Skins Air knee pads.

The pockets aren't that big. You can fit a phone sideways also but it's still tight.
The HookFit system works very similar to Velcro.

To complement the shorts, the HGL range also consists of both long and short sleeve jerseys. There is the short sleeve HGL Baciu and the long sleeve HGL Moss jersey. Again, they continue on the theme of lightweight and breathable. The jerseys use a polyamide/polypropylene hybrid yarn. Technical terminology aside, I can tell you the jersey is incredibly soft to the touch and is very thin. The construction, using the aforementioned hybrid, allows the jersey to have hydrophilic properties on its inner side and hydrophobic on its outer. What this essentially means is that moisture will be drawn from the inside and vented outwards. The knit isn't uniform throughout, though, and it becomes slightly less dense around the sleeve armpit and stomach to ensure greater levels of wicking.

The structure of the jersey is very elastic and figure-hugging and could happily double up as a spare base layer on colder days.

HGL Short Sleeve Baciu Jersey: RRP - $59.95 USD
HGL Long Sleeve Moss Jersey: RRP - $69.95 USD
HGL Aokigharaa Shorts: RRP - $99.95 USD

HG Caddo Gloves


The HG Caddo gloves are a thin-to-medium thickness glove that offers a nice blend of breathability and protection. In that area, these gloves seem to strike a nice balance and manage to offer an uninterrupted sensation on the bars while also feeling like they're not so thin that they'll come apart like tissue paper. The gloves have silicone inserts on the thumb, index and middle fingers to aid grip and feel. They also come with a HookButton mechanism on the top side of their outer edge to latch on to compatible HG GRYFINO and HG IPANEMA shorts. I quite like this idea and if I was somewhere with climbs of over an hour or two I can imagine myself using this quite a bit, even it looks perhaps a little dorky. The fit is true to size and multiple colours are available.

HG Caddo Gloves: RRP - $34.95

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 Pinkbike- Damn I really wish manufacturers would make basic, high quality gear without brand names or flashy designs Dainese- ok, here you go Pinkbike- lame, this looks like a shirt I can buy at Wal Mart Fwiw, Dainese motorcycle kit is top notch. This looks great, interested in trying it out.
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 Yup. Good plan! I also wish they would put rear pockets on mountain bike jerseys like roadies have but are not skin tight like roadie jerseys.
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 @bbeak: It doesn't work if it's not tight fit. Everything that's heavier than an ID card would pull the t-shirt on one side
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 Needs Factory > *
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 The thing is these look pretty sloppy. Like the neckband in the first picture. I mean, how big is the models head? looks like it was stretched over a watermelon.
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 @bbeak: cargo bib shorts are the way. Then you can run decent looking shirts/jerseys without the roadie look.
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 Put on these clothes. Okay, now stand like a weirdo.
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 I honestly thought those were mannequins until I read your comment, went back up to the pics and noticed the tattoo!! Broken robot pose for the win.
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 @Stoaks: i think that's just the mannequin's serial number
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 I love that these are the exact opposite of the crazy snake print suits we just saw from TLD
  • 2 0
 agreed, TLD really sets the standard for gaudy billboard clothing.
  • 1 0
 @huckschwinn: careful or they'll set their PR department on you with a flaming nozzle like that helmet review meltdown they had.
  • 3 0
 TLD clothing is getting uglier and more expensive year by year!
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 @demo7jumper: it's true, I really wanted their pants. But I only cover myself in bill boards when I'm on a motocross track, and I don't go to motocross tracks, so...
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 Might have been worth a Google before these folks decided to name their shorts.

“Aokigahara is sometimes referred to as the most popular site for suicide in Japan. ... In recent years, local officials have stopped publicizing the numbers in an attempt to decrease Aokigahara's association with suicide.”
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 Can I just have belt loops on my shorts? I'd rather wear a cotton/nylon belt that screw around with flippity flaps on my shorts.
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 they can make the shorts with a lace to tie tight like swim trunks. simple, cheap, and easy i have been using shoe laces as belts since i started skating in 90s.
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 "Typically Italian" sizing and "fits true to size" are contradictions.

I've got a few extra pounds, but I'm no fattie. But Castelli XXXL are tight on me. Yes, that's 3 Xes.
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 There's some global standardization and/or sizing specific to North American markets, but yeah, that can happen. I remember bringing two jerseys into a fitting room: one was a "relaxed" mountain jersey from a US brand, size Small, and the other was an "aero fit" road jersey from a Spanish brand, size XL. The Small was too large and the XL nearly required assistance to take it off.
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 Italians just do whatever they want to... they always have
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 Whenever I hear Italian tight fit... can't forget:
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 Flag checks out
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 @justwaki: Waki! Is that you???? You're back!!!
  • 1 0
 i once tried to buy a jacket while in france and i couldnt even get my forearm in the medium size.
i was fit but not "jacked"and would normally use a medium. only the xl would fit my arms and i looked like a toddler in dads clothes.
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 I've used some Dainese kit for moto and was always impressed with the quality. My commuting jacket (from when I used to actually use a moto to commute) had years of use without showing any degradation. The only thing other this I'll add is sizing related, I'm very broad shouldered and my Dainese jacket had to be an XXL to fit my shoulders, where I usually where an XL in most brands. But, it had a very tapered cut to the waist, so it worked for me. If I had a big-ol' gut, it wouldn't have worked.
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 imagine spending 100 dollars on bike shorts that have a phone pocket that barely fits a phone and doesnt even zip. I'll stick with my amazon Baleaf chinese brand cycling gear that's half the price, actually north american sized, AND has pocket zips. I'm not sure how these companies can get away with charging hundreds of dollars for some polyester shorts and jerseys
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 Hookfit looks like it might solve the issues that velcro causes clothing. All my jerseys are pulled/pilled from the velcro on my shorts
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 I love Dainese, the quality of motorcycle suits and jackets is amazing! Stylish, comfortable and durable. Never tried anything mtb related, but I ll check it out for sure
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 Shorts looks a little thin for what I usually like, but the shirts looks mint.
I really like the fact there's no big logo to be seen. When I pay for something i really like to not look like a walking (o riding) ad panel
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 usually people that buy this kind of thang is eausethey are slow as fuck.... i can buy that exact shirt for 4 dolars..... wake up peoples..... buy 100 dolllar golden chain but not this mates
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 Must have been dark when putting on socks.
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 Clean AF. Looks like Arcteryx for riding.
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 OK, Henry, if you say so. I gotta admit, your friend did look a lot like a mannequin though, and I too would be hard-pressed to tell those tops apart from the Walmart fare.
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 @henryquinney - why'd you leave GMBN?
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 Because he isnt simple enough for GMBN and went to work for a proper mtb media company Wink

Does Doddy really do anyone elses head in?
I used to read all his stuff back in the days he wrote for MBUK and he knows his onions but my god he's annoying on the Tech show. Is that really why you left Henry?
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 The plastic wannabe velcro simply does not work
  • 2 0
 I have some Costco jackets with the wannabe velcro wrist straps and they just flap around. Never stayed shut from day 1. Hope these work better.
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 What is the inseam/outseam on the shorts pls?
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 Have a look at DHARCO guys, way better than these options here!!
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  • 2 0
 Da is nice
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 Is that a pocket without a zipper and it doesn't even fully fit a phone?
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 Made for the iconic Nokia 3310
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 If it can’t hold a phone it’s not super practical.
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 Ooooh exciting colours!
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 Devil must be in the details, because it looks like a $10 top from Walmart.
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 Yeah, I can kind of see that, although I personally like how they look. To be honest, most of the time I just ride in t-shirts but, for whatever it's worth, I have to say I was duly impressed with the feel and fabric of the jerseys. I'm not saying it'll revolutionise your riding but I think it is far removed from your basic tech tee.
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 100% Agree, the Jersey looks like its a knackered old £10 top from Primark.

How can a company justify the price difference in clothing just because a "slightly" different weave of cotton is used?
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 Jersey is made in Italy, one of the most comfortable tops I've owned ever.
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 Id be more interested in deadstock fox racing from 2008 than this
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