Commencal Announces New Meta Power TR

Dec 10, 2020
by COMMENCAL bicycles  


New Meta Power TR: Power to the Trail

TR is for TRAIL. Trail riding, trail centres, homemade trails… We certainly use the word in many contexts! Here is our Meta Power TR. Quite simply, our version of what Trail means; up, down, jump, play and repeat, again and again.

This is the lively, responsive and impulsive power that we wanted! It’s the perfect bike to get the most fun out of on the majority of trails around the world! With 150mm travel on the front and 140mm on the back, it's made for those who believe that having a playful bike whatever the terrain is the most important thing.

2021 Commencal Meta AM

2021 Commencal Meta AM

Like all new generations of Meta Power, the Meta Power TR is equipped with the latest Shimano motor, the EP8. It’s quieter, more powerful and more energy efficient. And when we talk about the new Shimano EP8, we mean a new 630Wh battery too. For an all-day adventure or just a few laps at your local trail centre, whatever you please.

This Meta Power TR has been designed to be very different to the Meta Power. For example, the geometry has been specifically worked upon for the intended use of the bike. The seat tube angle (77.5°) and the head tube angle (64.5°) are relatively straight for optimal pedalling position when tackling the most technical climbs.

A new kinematic has been calculated for this one. It’s built around the "Contact System 4bar Linkage," which is a system designed to bring both more dynamism and efficiency to pedalling.

In addition, two positions are available on the rocker extension thanks to the "flip chip" and are therefore easily modifiable. This change affects the height of the bottom bracket and the head tube and seat tube angles, therefore completely changing the behaviour of the bike. You then have the choice between a lively and reactive bike, or a stable bike optimized for the most demanding descents. Whatever position is chosen, the kinematics have been designed to enable excellent grip on small impacts and comfort during the suspension travel.

As always, the finishing details have also occupied the time of our engineers. The engine mount has been designed to use one of the advantages of the EP8 - its reduced size. The engine guard has high impact resistance. It’s better integrated into the general line of the bike thanks to a right-side engine cover specific to Meta Power.

The charging plug is located on the engine mount for easy access. The new, more compact chain guide is also attached directly to the engine mount. Finally, the routing on the chain stays has been worked on to avoid friction with the frame paint. All of these details make the difference.

In our offices in Andorra, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Chile, many staff have already decided to make the Meta Power TR their bike for 2021!

Let's give POWER to the TRAIL!


The bike is available for pre-order now. Prices from $4,999 up to $7,199

All specs & prices on COMMENCAL Websites :

New Zealand
Reunion Island


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 That's one sexy ebike, take note Pivot...
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 Commencal are killing it in racing and bike design at the moment. Only thing that really hurts to see is a pretty terrible spec on the entry level despite it costing almost a $1000 more than my 2018 edition mid-range model.
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 So. Much. Dynamism
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 Cant upvote enough
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 @Mugen: the power of inflation, our money is worth less and less:/
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 @Mugen: At the moment...? : )
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flag 5afety3rd (Dec 10, 2020 at 11:52) (Below Threshold)
 No such thing as a sexy ebike
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 @5afety3rd: how did you even wind up on this page?
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 @Forgetcomputers: This clown goes out of his way to say stupid shit about ebikes at every opportunity. Claims to work at a shop yet has no comprehension of the new revenue stream these things bring to LBS everywhere. Total f*cking dummy.
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 The dentist in me, thinks it would look even better in carbon.
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 453mm chainstays?
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 I love how Commencal waited til Pivot released their e bike so they could one up them. lol
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 Appears anybody with a crayon may well one up the Pivot, and I've seen dolphins and elephants draw!
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 @Waldon83: Brutal! but yeah, good point.
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 While the balance of the design appears reasonable, taller riders simply must protest. Any manufacturer that produces an XL size with reach of 510 and a stack of ONLY 613, with all due respect, has no clue of real world human body proportions. The error in design is in trying to size (per Commencal website) an XL to a height range from 188cm to 210cm. I am a 193cm rider, and I guarantee you I'd require 3" of spacers to even begin to get the bars near the right height. That is an absurd stack spec for an XL size.
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 @drdualie Gazillion +++++;
this insane, majority of new bikes assume that should be in horizontal position stretched btw saddle and handle bar with insane long reach and relatively low stack;
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 Well I'd love an e bike in the near future and I'm 6"4. Are you going to step up, design and manufacture a better fitting one? Note there is a limited market for big bikes so even with a design that fine for smaller riders you might have trouble making your money back. I'm thinking I might as well get a custome Nicolai when it's time for an e bike for me.
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 I wasn’t sure I agreed until I realized the XL bike that I ride has a reach of 505 and a stack of 670. The same bike in a *small* had a 621 stack. I guess the Meta is gonna need some BMX handlebars.
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 @tall-martin: Well, a Nicolai XL has a stack of just 627mm, just 14mm more, dont know if it will be enough...
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 The pro taper 76mm bar is your friend. I run them on all my bikes.
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 100% agree and this appears to be true of all Commencal bikes. I won't consider a XL with less than 640 stack.
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 So the question is, which e-bikes have the best geometry for us giants?
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Privateer E-161 will probably have a 650 stack.
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 @tall-martin: all snark aside, my point is that the reach/stack relationship is interdependent by nature. As reach gets extended, stack must rise. In this case, and in my opinion, I would have expected a stack in the 630mm range to span the XL size. If this where the case, a188mm rider might need no spacers and a low rise bar, and at the other extreme, the taller guys might have a 1" spacer and maybe a 30mm rise bar It would appear Commencal's default stack fit is to the shortest XL sized rider and all others are left to pile up spacers. I think Commencal could have refined this part of the geometry better. It begins to look hacked when to achieve fit one has to add too many spacers or resort to bars with more than 40mm of rise. Bear in mind also, this bike is intended to be a great descender which usually prompts one to place your hands slightly higher as a rule to begin with.
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 High rise bars are your solution. I'm 188cm and building up a Furious frame that also has a short stack. I'll be running 60mm rise bars to maintain my effective reach. I use 50mm bars on my other bike which helped me get the most reach out of that frame. I personally preffer the look of high rise bars over a big stack of spacers, but i know many don't.
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 @drdualie: I find the seat angle has the biggest impact on stack for me - as seat angles get steeper, if you're keeping the same leg extension, you're getting higher up. Old school geometry I was fine on a sub 620 stack, but seats going up and forward needs reach and stack to grow.
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 @psyguy: Agreed! If I'd purchased this bike, my procedure would be to dial in my hands with the stock bar and spacers first. Then purchase a bar with a rise that would require no more than a 10mm spacer. Done.
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 @GeorgeHayduke: That is my take from experience as well.
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 @psyguy: agreed, high rise bars look so good imo. Flat bars look xc.
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 @drdualie: yep. I agree with all your points. It's just that they are probably not going to sell that many xl's to folk over 6"3. There just aren't that many in the population. My g13 has a 637 stack and one spacer. My hardtail has a 650 stack and 3 spacers. Both on 30mm bars. So it's a Nikolai G1 while for me. When I can afford one : ) ....
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 @tall-martin: Santacruz Heckler XXL - 515mm reach and 655mm stack ????
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 Cut your feet off at the ankles and ride with stumps?
Snicker snicker.
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 @tall-martin: "It's just that they are probably not going to sell that many xl's".
Just wish they'd done the job right no matter the size. Glad you your happy with your current stable. :-)
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flag EricHarger (Dec 10, 2020 at 17:42) (Below Threshold)
 Tall people sure whine a lot.
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 @ben-cathro: Well there you go. An engineering staff who actually figured it out. Kudos Santa Cruz!
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 @ben-cathro: Sounds perfect! Looks at price, opens actual wallet and watched the moths fly out : ) pop me a line if you know if any second hand "one careful owner" XXL bikes. I was tempted by your ex race bike when it was up for sale, if you couldn't break it I had no chance!
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 After witnessing the monstrosity that is Pivot's eBike, this is a palette cleanser.
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 I have a Pivot and love it, but I have to say that the new e-bike doesn't seem to sit well with the rest of their line up
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 Commencals top of the line model is $3800US less than the Pivot. You can another pretty nice bike for that.
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 So I can get a Commencal non-eBike as well for the price of the Pivot? Sweet
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 And not carbon and buyer direct. That’s mom and pops staying alive money plus customers service. I’m not sure why people hate that so much. you don’t want it till you need it....
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 You would have to be a Melon Farmer to think that this doesn't looks better than the Pivot Shuttle.
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 Really liking the trend of shorter travel ebikes. I think the general thought in the past few years was "it's an ebike, so we can give it monstrous travel and it not matter", but shorter travel, more playful ebikes are so fun. Bikes like this will certainly help the "ebike deniers" (people who say it's too heavy, not playful, ect.) enjoy them more.
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 I think more 40# EMTB will do that, not more short travel 53# Ebikes. I do agree most of these Ebikes have way to much travel for your average rider who’s riding them and 140mm makes more sense in some cases.

I was a little shocked when the Specialized SL at 40.5# rode pretty similar to my 27# Ripley on a demo I did a few weeks ago.
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 Cool looking bike. But I still love the sub 40 pound weight of the Levo SL. Plenty of power for me to make sure I don't get "too lazy" on the e-bike Smile
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 Ebikes are missing the core N. American mtb market by pursuing more power/watts rather than being about a good balance. That Levo SL and the Orbea are great examples of building ebikes for mountain bikers.
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flag ACree (Dec 10, 2020 at 9:45) (Below Threshold)
 @photodog: Nah. More power/watts is where it will go, until they are morphed into mini motorcycles. If seeing people get excited about how a little power is fun, they'll get really excited when there's more of it.

My objection is calling it mountain biking, and more specifically, nonmotorized.
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 Having never ridden an e-mtb, I'm not 100% sure what I'd want. But this is exactly where I'd start personally.

A lighter weight ebike that basically feels like a normal bike on the descents (my current normal bike is 37lbs...), and yet gives me some extra help to get another lap in, or get over that last techy bit of the climb without dabbing... that does sound more interesting to me than riding some 60lb bike that is like a mini-dirt bike.

The blockers for me are:

1) Ebikes aren't legal on ANY mtb trails in my state (exception of 1 trail system, that allows shuttling as well)
2) They cost sooooooooo much. Right now there is no way I'd ever own one. But in another 5-10 years, when costs have come down (and I'm into my 40's), it may be a different ballgame (assuming they're legal).
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 @ocnlogan: Do you live in SoCal? Not many Ebike legal trails here, but I see them on every ride. I demoed a Specialized SL at 40.5 pounds and it rode similar to my 27# Ripley. Then again I’m 46 with 2 bad knees and it took the edge off steep climbs enough to peak my interest, but still kicked my butt on a 26 mile ride. This Meta is times zones away from the Spec. SL at 52#, but looks nice/normal.
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 Ditto that
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 @ocnlogan: I hated on ebikes until I rode my dads turbo Levo comp. Uphills are way more technical going 2 times the speed. I was sold and bought one. If you want a mountain bike experience don’t buy a sl. Ebikes are a totally different experience. I love my mountain bike and love my ebike. They are. Not the same experience.
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To be clear, I’m not hating on ebikes. Just want to state that.

I think that’s kind of the whole point of low powered ebikes though.

So that they DO feel (mostly) like a normal mountain bike, they just take a few percent off of how steep the grade feels.

I grew up riding dirt bikes, and appreciate them still as well. But I enjoy mountain biking at least partially because it’s good cardio, and keeps me in shape (well, at least better than average dad bod shape Razz ). So I’m not sure I’d want to rocket up the climbs on a beefy bike.

But getting a “bit” of extra push to keep me out longer on the few times a month I can get out to ride? That does sound somewhat appealing.

Maybe by the time I can afford them, they will be legal here, and I’ll be able to test them out more. Until then it’s mostly just theorycrafting for me though.
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 You can go as hard cardio as you want if you live anywhere where it’s not flat.
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 @Kramerjchristensen: Yes! The idea of not gettin worthwhile cardio on an ebike is absurd for me in CO as well. Go burn 1000wh with me on an ebike and then tell me you didn't get an amazing workout.
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My reference about cardio was more stating one of the reasons I like mountain biking compared to dirt biking.

And as far as I understand, the “point” of low powered ebike is to feel as close to a normal bike as possible.

I’ve seen the studies on mountain bike vs ebike ride intensity/workout effects/etc. Makes sense to me.
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This Commencal and the Orbea from a couple weeks back, great to see "normal" looking e-bikes
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 For sure, but those 2 bikes may look good, but that’s about their only similarities, unfortunately. Orbea weighs around 40#, Meta is a FF Ebike weighing 53#. When I first seen the Meta, I expected it (based on looks) to be another light weight Ebike added to the mix, but nope.
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 I hope their engineers are better than their marketing writers. It looks like they did a buzzword search and tried to combine the words into a sales blurb. They should have just said “You can pay $11,000 for fancy marketing, or $7,000 for a great bike with no marketing, you choose.”
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 I don't hate e-bikes, I'm an older dude now (50years young) I can definitely see me having one in the future if it's going to keep me goofing about in the woods until a ripe old age. What I don't like is how expensive they all seem to be ????
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 Cheaper ones are coming, there's a proper Decathlon one for £2.7K, or a base spec Meta with better wheels and a proper drivetrain.
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 I’m 3 years younger than you. After watching Scott Nicol ride at 65, there is still hope I can make it until after 60 without one.
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 Working hand in hand with their suppliers, Commencal has achieved the impossible, a heavier Commencal.
  • 3 2
 Seriously. Good looking bike. But with Levo SL and Orbea Rise in market, given this is a "trail bike" it's tanking in at what most enduro eMTB are weighing in at.
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 4k less than pivot, just as good of a build and doesn't look like a ugly piece of shit. Nice. Good work Commencal.
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 See.....You can make an Ebike out of the best material there is to make bikes out of....metal....and it doesn't look Meh!! I do love Commencal
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 Short travel 3 bikes? Guess the industry has truly run out of bullshit to sell to the yuppies. Why have 5" travel and e motor when you could have 8...
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 Every time I see that polished Commencal aluminum I think of Yoann's bike-check interview with an old AL Freeride rig owner who said he loved how long it lasted, and Yoann responded "YEESSS, we don't want any of dat plastic shit!"
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 I get that marketing people love using the word "dynamic" despite it being basically meaningless but saying that the "Contact System 4bar Linkage is a system designed to bring more dynamism", is really taking it to another level. Slow...clap
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 Plus it's not even a four-bar suspension, just a 'faux-bar' linkage-driven single pivot like the Meta or a Kona Process
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 I wish they had stuck with the split pivot. I'd been waiting for the clash to arrive with the new 38mm forks only to be disappointed with the old ldsp returning when it broke cover.
  • 3 2
 The bike looks right and the description sounds right too, but a “playful trail bike” should at least be mullet and have short chainstays. 453mm chainstays say and a 29” rear wheel say stable, not flickable or playful. I am still waiting for an evoke to have sub 435mm chainstays and 27.5 rear or both wheels. Norco is the closest so far but not quite there in other respects. I guess I’ll have to wait for Transition or Evil to come out with a real playful flickabke eBike.
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 Short chain stays don't really work on eBikes. They would make the bike loop out on climbs and be too tiring on your arms going down because it makes a heavy bike less stable
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 To each their own. My MetaPower29 climbs awesome and it's poppy and fun. I've just loaded the suspension with tokens and air Smile
It's nice to have some travel on reserve for the big hits.

They are heavy though but as a bigger dude it really doesn't bother me once I'm up to trail speed.
For a goof I just took it to a local trail that is a jump line ( more dirt jump than bike park) of over 20 different sized hits on a row and I was kinda shocked at how well that huge bike handled everything that I would normal hit on a regular bike.
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 I have an analogue Commencal, an old Meta trail, just 120 on the rear, and 140 upfront.It certainly is a playful, poppy bike. It will get me down most stuff, but on longer descents I would describe the ride, as "lively", "engaging", "interesting" and I am light rider. Is 140mm enough on an ebike, with all that extra mass on ebikes is it not easier to push through the travel quicker at lower speeds on smaller hits. Why not have more travel and big tyres, when you have a motor to move it around.
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 So much hate for eBikes in Merica , here is Oz we love em . We do not have the altitude so need to combine multiple trails to get a decent day so the E solution works so well here. I have a Meta power SX such a sturdy bike with great geo .
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 My view on e-bikes:

They are consistent with the direction our society is heading in general- the easy way out. Hard work and grit are concepts of the past, people nowadays demand instant gratification. That trail that tool a year to build by hand with blood, sweat and tears? Now can be lapped in a fraction of the time with minimal effort. Sure, e-bikes have their place, but it is likely they will soon become a normalcy in the mountain bike industry and diminish what it means to "earn your turns"
  • 122 32
 Do you take your bike to the trails on your horse-drawn carriage, or are you in with the group of people who have given up on hard work and grit, and gotten one of those new, fancy motorcars?
  • 54 34
 @ScandiumRider: E-bikes as a means of transportation? All for it. Recreation? Entirely different subject
  • 30 10
 Same thing all the old dudes said when people started riding full suspension bikes. No one will take away our non eBikes, different strokes my friend. Trail maintenance and building will get more sophisticated to handle it.
  • 50 36
 Hey grandpa, take your Calvinist work ethic tirades back to Facebook. Ebikes sell because they are fun, which is the entire point of hobbies/cycling. Work should not be tied to fun. Kill the boss in your head that tells you otherwise.
  • 44 5
 Soon they’ll be skipping the riding and hitting the crack pipe for that instant rush.
  • 24 9
 @askmeaboutmywheelsize: Transportation and recreation are indeed different subjects, and ebikes are applicable to both. Sorry.
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 I would choose e-bike over regular bike for local rides any time; You can do more downhill runs and have more fun for same amount effort;

people ditches horses in favor of the cars 100 ys ago, we everybody complaint about pedal assist?
People use heart rate assists, hearing assistance, any other type of devices that enhance human ability to accomplish some task
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 @askmeaboutmywheelsize: If only the definition of recreation wasn't completely personal. I like riding pedal bikes but I also like stuffing hot dogs in my face while binge watching Christmas rom-coms. Who are we to tell other people how to have their fun?

Some of this e-bike hate comes from people taking their riding to seriously. You don't always need to "earn" your fun through physical exercise. Maybe you "earned" it working two weeks of 12 hours shifts and just want to get outside. Or maybe you "earned" it by starting a lifestyle change and need some assistance to get outside more be able to enjoy it. Either way it's not stopping you from reveling in a good bit of pedaling for your own recreation.
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 @askmeaboutmywheelsize: So you're against bike parks and shuttle services too? I want to do twice the amount of descending in the same amount of time, and that's ok. I want to ride trails that have no shuttle access as if they did, and that's ok. You don't want to ride an ebike, and that's ok too!
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 I have a hard time completely dumping on e-bikes when I enjoy riding lifts from time to time and this entire rant could apply to resorts with just a word change. I really like not having to earn my turns sometimes. Same as most skiiers.
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flag Dogl0rd (Dec 10, 2020 at 10:06) (Below Threshold)
 Don't worry man, we pedallers will be healthy and confident fit and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with accomplishment and effort
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 as someone who is just starting to get my head round ebikes i can attest to previously being a puritan about the fact you have worked for every vertical foot of downhill that you enjoy. but i can't deny my recently switched colleagues when they tell me they 'just get 2.5-3x more runs in a day'.

e-bikes still don't turn my head, even the nice one, i only yearn after real pedal bikes.
they are 'stable' to ride, more like a crosser. they do achieve more runs. you CAN get fit on one.

but talk to me, should i get one?
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 Maybe if you'd stop crying while building trails, you wouldn't be so salty about what bikes other people ride.
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 When the wife says I have an hour. You bet I’m taking the e-bike!
  • 27 5
 I don't think e-bikes are bringing out laziness in people, I think its just exposing the riders with ego issues. If you're not racing, who cares if another rider is faster or putting in less effort than yourself? Worry about yourself and your own ride.

Some of you e-bike grouchers should really stick to road biking...
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 Ah, yes. The great past! Everything was better and the fun was pure! Everyone worked hard and were gritty, no one had any fun! But alas! Some ancient greek philosophers, like Aristippos, argued for hedonism, so not everyone was all about the grind back in those rose tainted days...
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 Ok boomer.
  • 8 2
 "Hard work and grit are concepts of the past" This statement is ignorant enough on it's face. I thought the zeitgeist had moved past the participation trophy whining of the 90's, how everyone needs a therapist and all the kids are on drugs because we don't hit them with a belt enough. I guess there are still pockets of it around... You should find a brick wall to do a standup set in front of about e-bikes.
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 @ianmp: he wasn't personally stating that 'hard work and grit are concepts of the past', i don't think. as far as i can tell, he was speaking of the common culture.
  • 10 3
 If you don't think E-biking counts as "earning your turns" maybe you're doing it wrong. One of the hardest 15 minute efforts I've ever done was on an E-bike. Let's say I ride uphill at my max heart rate for 30 minutes on an E-bike and then ride 600m of vertical back down, and you ride uphill at your max heart rate for 30 minutes on a regular bike and ride 400m of vertical back down. I reckon you've missed 200m of downhill training for the arms...I hope you do 100 push-ups when you get back home from your ride to make up for the turns you missed!
  • 1 2
 @SimbaandHiggins: uhh yeah that's what the downhill is? I don't think anyone here is arguing that they only like to go uphill
  • 2 1
 @tobiusmaximum: Just demo one. You'll either think they are cool and not for you, or you'll walk out with an ebike the same day. It's not like we have any restrictions where we can use them anyway.
  • 1 0
 @GilesSTurner: i have ridden one before (albeit a size too small for me)
  • 6 7
  • 3 0
That’s sarcasm, right? Management of them is an absolute mess in the US right now.
  • 4 2
  • 7 2
 Your statement is also consistent with the direction of society. Involving yourself needlessly in what is a personal choice matter. Just do you and stop whingeing on about what you cannot control.
  • 5 2
 @ScandiumRider: I pedal up to the trails, I enjoy both the warm up and the workout...I dont need a horse or fancy motorcar to get up there....

Not to bash on Ebikes as I completely see the point for some people...They can be a lot of fun for them.That said, it’s becoming more apparent that the typical buyer is generally speaking on the lazy side of thing or at the very least never enjoyed the work out before we had Ebikes.

Back on topic, Id like to know why they fitted such tiny shock on a 55 pounds bike?Surely they favour weight saving over the performance on long descents?Im not sure I understand the reasoning, according to the ebike propaganda, its exactly what these things are designed for...Go wayyyy further up the mountain and enjoy a longer ride down...I can guarantee that tiny shock would fade very quickly on a 20 minutes + descent
  • 3 2
 @hogfish: No one complained about full suspension bikes.
  • 6 3
 I saw some e-bikes on the trail today... they were lost, going the wrong direction, and one was missing a helmet. The future looks bright.
  • 2 1
 @EricHarger: You joking, or you high?
  • 13 1
 My view on e-bikes at age 59 : I get to do every lap with my 16 year old at Sky Park, all day.
I get to ride with younger faster riders and they don't need to wait for me.
I can function the next day after 3000ft of climbing
My skill level has gone up on my bike. I started on MTB bikes in the mid 80's with no suspension.
Riding an e-bike has not diminished my work ethic.

Still have an enduro bike for the non e areas in SoCal. Still hitting Summit with a DH bike.
But e is a great way for me to have FUN.
Which is why I ride.
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 @ianmp: Please refer to @tobiusmaximum's translation. Evidently you're skull is as thick as the brick wall you referenced. And speaking of being hit with a belt, you're headed straight for a smacked red bottom mister
  • 9 1
 @GeneralGroovus: This. I wish I could give you 1000 upvotes.

I'm younger but the reasons are similar...

I can hang with my pro/ semi pro ride buddies on the climbs and then can drop into tech trails and not be absolutely spent by trying to keep up with them to get there.

I can get in a decent ride in ( by pedaling just as hard as I would on a regular bike) in half the time and then go back to my hectic life as a dad to a toddler, husband, caretaker to my parents and small business owner.

I can take my toddler on awesome adventures with his MacRide seat.

I can tow-shuttle my pre-teen nephews who hate to pedal to the top of fun trails and share the stoke of mtb with them.

I can get to my dig zone fast and fresh to build stuff for everyone's benefit.

E-bikes only suck if you're ignorant and too closed minded to see other perspectives.
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 @Dustfarter: my only excuse is all my friends have bought them, so now I either ride alone or get one.
  • 1 0
 @tobiusmaximum: I wasn't making excuses really Smile
  • 1 0
 @Dustfarter: a wise man once said ‘a reason is just an excuse with a fake moustache’. Big Grin
  • 3 0
 @Dustfarter: Right on! Copy there are middle aged guys that are in amazing shape but e-mtb's give guys that may not be able or capable of being ultra fit the ability to ride with more fit folks. I'm sure there is a very small group of guys that once in their 50's can keep up with guys half their age, especially when the 25yr old is a fit accomplished rider.

Glad you're riding!
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 Sooo shiny...suck it Pivot!
  • 3 0
 The raw finish looks so good, and its is pretty slim. Makes it look even better after Pivot released theirs
  • 4 0
 That's one beautiful bike. Bravo Commencal.
  • 2 1
 I hope that more manufactures start paying attention to to the proper placement of the main mass(Battery)like just 1 of them(LaPierre)stop worrying so much about appearance and more on total performance!
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 damn, that's a good looking e-bike
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 a year ago: "e-bikes suck!! why are they on PB??"
now: "this looks waay better than that ugly pivot" "Al is the best e-bike material" "affordable!"

attitudes sure have changed towards earning your turns.
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 Should’ve called it the MetaWatt.

Wonder what the Power TRain warranty on that is?
  • 1 1
 i think an ebike may be the next one I buy. but I have alot of questions. what is the batter life over time, how much is a new battery, do batteies and motors get hot do motor parts wear out?? anyone?
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 Always wanted invisible shock
  • 2 0
 I only want to see Momo take this one into the wild.
  • 1 0
 @smoothmoose: I mean you pay to save weight. The Levo SL and the Rise are more expensive.
  • 1 1
 less batteries should mean less weight AND less dollars
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 What does it weigh? Seems like hidden bike information yet again.
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 Only 450mm seat tube on size XL??? (I'm only 191cm and that equates to 375mm of seat post sticking out!!!)
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 Hey, how do I unsubscribe from this ebike crap?
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 I don't know why more bike manufactures are using a less assist, lighter, (and maybe cheaper) approach - similar to the TURBO LEVO SL.
  • 1 1
 i meant to say aren't ....
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 i appreciate a "relatively straight" head tube.
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 So do most woman...
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 New oversized crown is here people. The question is, will stay only on e-bikes or will migrate to the endurbros?
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 More dynamism FTW!!!
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 Forget Kashima...I want my next shock to be clear.
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 Looks fantastic.
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 Darn it Commencal, why did you have to change my mind. I was happy ripping on she-bikes, now I respect you...
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 Black background almost hides the under belly
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 wonder what these weight...
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 Yeah there is more E-bikes than regular bikes on here now, but they're dope soooo...
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 burn it with fire
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 Looks SO FUN!
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 ME GUSTA Blank Stare
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 53# on top model= nothing Trail about this. Just another tank EMTB, but looks a little more normal.
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 The travel seems pretty Trail to me
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 @kokofosho: True, but the geo would tell you otherwise. Me anyway. 1279 WB and 453cs doesn’t scream trail and easy to maneuver tight switchbacks to me, but then maybe this is needed to keep a 53# beast stable at speed.
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 @chicane32: I think your assessment is spot on. I just expect EMTBs to not be crazy playful. But for a trail bike in general, I expect a pretty efficient machine, which could be achieved with the shorter travel version they have here. Tough to know for sure without swing a leg over one eh?
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 Hi ho silver! Charge!
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 Fuck that's a sexy ebike.
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 why can you freeze spinach but you can't freeze lettuce?
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 Order now and get it in six months
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