New Pumps, GPS Units From Lezyne - Interbike 2016

Sep 20, 2016
by Mike Kazimer  
Interbike 2016

Lezyne s pint-sized GPS units have been a hit with riders in part due to their relatively inexpensive prices. The smallest one the Mini GPS 100 has 10 hours of recording time along with Bluetooth Smart compatibility that allows it to be connected with power meters and heart rate monitors. There s also a model with a color screen the Micro C GPS 160 that has an integrated barometer accelerometer and ANT compatibility.

Lezyne's pint-sized GPS units have been a hit with riders, in part due to their relatively inexpensive prices, and for the company's 10th anniversary they've expanded the number of options. The smallest device, the Mini GPS ($100) has 10 hours of recording time, along with Bluetooth Smart compatibility that allows it to be connected with power meters and heart rate monitors. There's also a model with a color screen, the Micro C GPS ($160) that has an integrated barometer, accelerometer, and ANT+ compatibility.

When used with Leyzne's Ally app, riders can have e-mail, text, and incoming calls displayed on the screen, and there's even a way for selected individuals to be able to view your current location, speed, and the information from any other gadgets you've connected to the device, all from the comfort of their own computer. That way your buddies can laugh at the sufferfest you decided to embark on while they stayed home to eat pizza and drink beer.

Lezyne s new Digital Pressure Drive 70 sees the addition of a digital gauge to their popular mini-pump. The hose unthreads and is stored in the body when not in use and at 133 grams it s light enough to eliminate any excuses for leaving it at home.

Lezyne's new Digital Pressure Drive ($70) sees the addition of a digital gauge to their popular mini-pump. The hose unthreads and is stored in the body when not in use, and at 133 grams it's light enough to eliminate any excuses for leaving it at home.

Leyzyne also added a digital shock pump to their lineup. The 70 Digital Shock Drive will register pressures up to 350 psi and uses Lezyne s zero-loss chuck design to help keep air in the shock where it belongs when the pump is removed.

A digital shock pump has also been added to the lineup; the $70 Digital Shock Drive will register pressures up to 350 psi, and uses Lezyne's zero-loss chuck design to help keep air in the shock (where it belongs) when the pump is removed.


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 Nice! Will the digital gauge warn me before it unthreads my valve core and completely deflates my tire?
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 Most people say they'd use time-travel abilities to go back and kill Hitler. I'd like to go back to that day a few years ago I bought a Lezyne hand pump. It absolutely does decide to remove valves, usually about one every 20. It works well enough that I won't abandon it, but cot dayum! I'm reluctant to lend it to people on the trail, knowing this pump will probably make their situation even worse. I usually end up operating the thing myself. Lezyne and Interbike are a perfect match though.
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 Haha I thought I was the only one
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 i have had the same issue. Apparently if you take out the valve core and grease the thread before putting it back together firmly then you wont have any more issues.
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 So I'm not the only one that's had that annoying instance of limping a bike out of the trails because I can't pump air and leave the valve core in the stem. Got myself a Stan's valve core tool and problem solved, I can screw those cores in so tight now.
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 Touch the pressure release button before unthreading the pump head from the valve
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 Loctite is your friend. Once I did that, no more issues.
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 @Creg: no man you are not alone
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 I started this mass start XC enduro style race. Sprinted through the qualifier and started 3rd in the big group. On our first rough patch of trail I flatted a tire. No biggie, I had a tube. Pulled over switched a new tube in, spent a few minutes doing this, getting passed constantly by slower riders, pump up the tire and then BLAMO my valve core comes out. Tighten that thing back in as tight as I can, get passed by more riders, pumped up and successful release, still getting passed, then finally back on trail. That race went from a lead group ride to passing people for 6 hours. Stupidly I kept that pump and it wasnt until about my 15th time pulling out a valve core that I tossed it. Lezyne has some great products. But the guy in charge of the threaded air chuck deserves a swift punch in the nuts.
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 @gonecoastal: amazing when you remove operator error from equation
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 @gonecoastal: lol yup. That and after seeing people break valve stems, I've always preferred lezyne's hose setup than the direct connection of other hand pumps.
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 I love my Lenzyne pump, but they need to work on their customer service. I emailed them when my pump broke asking about replacement parts and where I can buy it. Never got a reply back.
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 I've had good luck with customer service. The zipper broke on their saddle bag. I emailed them, never got a response other than a new saddle bag in the mail. I originally just asked of how to get mine warrantied. So, could be hit/miss with them depending on how busy they are.
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 I lost the clip to my Lezyne pump, and they mailed me one, with a dry sack for a wallet or phone thrown in, all for free.
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 I had the hose rip on my Lezyne pump and within 48 hours of emailing them they had sent me a new hose and 2 seal kits for the pump, all for free. Pretty awesome customer service in my book.
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 They were great for me. Sent me new parts, quickly, and free, for a pump with defective head. No complaints.
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 I'm pumped for lezyne
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flag bikeordie2772 (Sep 20, 2016 at 11:58) (Below Threshold)
 I'm gunna be watching out for a sale on those computers
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 they just increased the pressure on the competition
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 @bikeordie2772: Have in mind that final pricing is still to be adjusted to the current rate of inflation
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 This thread needs punped up a bit
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 I'm definitely going to be tracking these products
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 Can you replace the batteries on these digital pumps? My buddy's Fox digital pump was a door stop when the battery died.
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 Yes, they take a watch-style battery that shouldn't be too hard to find.
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 @mikekazimer: Thank you for your quick reply.
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flag pinnityafairy (Sep 20, 2016 at 12:52) (Below Threshold)
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 I was going to ask the same question. Haha. I do think the new model of the digital fox pump does have interchangeable batteries though.
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 I have their digital pump . Works great , gauge is all over the place tho. Use my Topeak digital gauge to finalize pressure .
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flag Marcusthefarkus (Sep 20, 2016 at 14:04) (Below Threshold)
 I'm shocked anyone actually uses a gauge to set tire pressure. With a rider's varying weight based on clothing and gear, as well as varying altitude and terrain for different trails, it's impossible to set pressure off of a gauge. Do you just not ride hard?
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 It doesn't sound like it works great if the gauge is all over the map.....
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 @Marcusthefarkus: what're you smoking? I know what pressure I like for my normal kit and a given tire on a given rim. I make adjustments as I change gear and terrain, but who doesn't have a baseline? Ride hard? Yeah, those world cup riders just air up by feel, "put about this much in, Ralph *makes finger squeezing motion to mechanic*"... cuz they ride hard.....

also, your pump registers RELATIVE PRESSURE. That means 30 psi is 30 psi at sea level and here on the high desert and at the bottom of the ocean. So, unless you run a tube from your pump on Bellingham bay up to your tire on Mt. Baker, you shouldn't have any issues.
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 @Squamishboz: correct , pumps air well .
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 @Marcusthefarkus: wtf haha do you guys just not ride hard?
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 proper tyre pressure =Harder than an orange,softer than an apple.simple
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 got it hahahahaha
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 I'm so done with Lezyne threading the core out on my valves. After the second time I dumped all the air out of my tire in the Virginia backcountry I moved the Lezyne to the road bike. I suppose I could carry around a tubeless chuck... or I could carry a sensible pump.
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 I never found a pump that didn't lose air do Lezynes work for high pressure low volume shocks? I bought a DT Swiss shock that supposedly had an anti airloss coupler but I couldn't pump up a normal shock with it let alone my low volume ancillary shock. I used to have the same problem getting the bottom out resistance portion of a DHX Air pumped up. I've had the best luck with Marzochi and Bontrager pumps but I still want the best pump ever.
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 Is there an advantage to have a digital gauge instead of analog? Is it just because it is more compact or do people actually need the additional accuracy (provided it displays the pressure more accurate than I can make out from an analog dial)? I'm happy running my forks somewhere between 6 or 7 bar (recommended pressure for my weight is 4.5 bar) and this is a level of accuracy I can easily get with the analog gauge.
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 Got nothing but good things to say about their mini pumps. Awesome bit of kit and when I had an issue with the rubber hose splitting they sent out a new one almost immediately and it's been sweet ever since! Keep that shit up yo!
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 I bought the Lezyne Dual Pump Head to retrofit fit onto my 12 volt car accessory Pump , it is a POS. The Presta side does not open wide enough to fit over all brands of presta stems. Same issue on the shrader valve side being too tight. Could have just donated money to a good cause because I will not be using this.
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 Ah a flow sensor. Finally I can quantify just how poorly I am riding.
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 Was so relieved to see the digital gauges at their stand at EB, tired of all the sticky gauges on their current stuff! Finally a (hopefully) good gauge to match their build quality
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 That pump with the digital gauge will be in my pack very soon
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 I'm really pumped up about all these new products
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 Yes!! No more guess work on the trail. This will be sweet in between stages during a race
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 soooooooooo exciting!
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 @LENZYNE Do any of these record elevation gain or loss?
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 They all do
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 I need to investigate their GPS modes more. The micro C looks to be the ticket. Especially if it's Shapeshifter, bar/stem/wristwatch-able
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 I've got the Power GPS and like it for the most part. Easy to setup. You can choose what it displays, basically any metric related to time, distance, speed, elevation, heart rate or power. Pairs by Bluetooth to phone, HR monitor & power meters. Uploads data to their Ally App and posts to your Strava account. Battery stays charged forever unlike others (I'm looking at you Garmin!).

The problem for me is it takes about 10 tries to upload a ride using Bluetooth on my iphone 6, it'll just stop somewhere in the middle. Annoying AF. Not sure if the issue is w/ the GPS or the iphone, but Lezyne support had no answers.
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 @relsby22: thanks for the response!
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 Now...if they can only pump for them selves.
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 and the future is time for DIGITAL Big Grin
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 Anyone else notice the first pic that the micro c is in the wrong place?
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 Are these waterproof?

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