New Tricks - Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich

Jul 28, 2019
by Taj Mihelich  
I had the pleasure of making up a few tricks during my pro riding career. Now, at age 45 with a fused back and 30 extra pounds I have to accept that my part in the progression of bike riding is probably done. However, I can't help but dream up new tricks anyways. Here are a couple ideas for the next generation of brave and talented riders wanting to push the envelope of what's possible.

For your entertainment may I present:

A good contest trick is one that looks like you might not pull it.
Here's a spin on the ol' "Nothing to seat grab" thanks to some modern technology.

This trick requires some minor theft to procure the proper tray but could be really fun!

Incidentally, have you ever enjoyed the fun of a good tray slide? Throw one of these trays on the ground, bunny hop over it and land your back wheel on it with the brake locked. You'll have tons of fun sliding around!

MENTIONS: @Tajlucas


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 That McDonald’s tray works wonders if you want to Tokyo drift your FWD car!
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 Or grandma's wheel chair!
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 We demand video evidence Beer
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 @font style="vertical-align: inherit;">font style="vertical-align: inherit;">landscapeben /font>/font>:
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 PSA: we did this for a good half hour, burnt though our friends runflats and cost him a fortune in tyres..
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 Use cheap cutting boards under your back bike tire in the parking lot and put on the back break. Great fun, and actually helpful skills development.
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 How do I make it worth with my Subaru?
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 Also makes a great "hand plane" fro body surfing Smile
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 me and my friends once bought metal trays at Walmart and drifted around in the underground parking lot for a bit, you should have seen the sparks coming off it
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 Hahahaha you’re in for a surprise when trying to land that seat grab
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 Thank You Taj! Your work is much appreciated.
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 Brings back memories as a kid brake sliding trash can lids and any other crap laying in the street.
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 I think that's actually a thing. Tate roskelley and Matt Barringer
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 Get all body weight over the front wheel on that tray slide for extra control and distance.
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 next week in the news, McDonalds has record levels of tray theft... Smile
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 I'm still waiting to see someone pull a superman seatgrab to "kickflip".

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