Next Best Thing: Rewatch the Highlights Video from EWS Lo Barnechea 2018

Apr 4, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

There won't be any live updates from Lo Barnechea, Chile this weekend, but the 2018 event was absolutely incredible. Two days of racing in the high Andes turned into a war of attrition, with riders battling to keep bike and body together on that famous anti-grip.


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 HELL Yeah!!!! Seeing those guys past 60 km/h when I almost shit myself at 35 km/h...
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 Don't go 40km/h then!
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 @MOBrules: Excelent advice!!! hahaha
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 the best thing: currywurst
the next best thing: microwave a hot dog you found in the fridge
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 sausage in curry sauce and curry powder.
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 Am I the only one with zero desire to rewatch old races?
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 It’s not the worst thing to do if you’re stuck on an indoor trainer.
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 I love watching this stuff again. 2018 and 27.5 was still a thing! How quickly things change.
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 It'd be cool if Rude, Hill, and Martin we're still on 27.5 and still crushing everyone. I can't imagine anyone in the second tier of riders could still even threaten on 29ers.
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 Only thing worse than being locked up in your house for 2 weeks, is a rerun of an EWS event.
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 Amazing contest. Would be a dream to ride there!

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