Nicholi Rogatkin's 2017 Highlights Video

Jan 12, 2018
by Nicholi Rogatkin  
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bigquotesThe 2017 slopestyle season was full of some seriously unexpected levels of heavy, heavy progression. I was really stoked to contribute to that progression and to compete for the win in some of the most insane mountain bike events in history. The whole season, especially the highlights, will stay with me for a lifetime.Nicholi Rogatkin

District Ride 2017

Rogatkin thanks the big guy who was no doubt watching down from above today.

Nicholi Rogatkins famous and dreaded Twister

Rogatkin took his second win of the season followed by Rheeder and Lemoine

Winner Nicholi Rogatkin of the United States posing for a photograph during the best trick contest of the Red Bull District Ride 2017 in Nuremberg Germany on September 1st 2017 Marc M ller Red Bull Content Pool P-20170901-11731 Usage for editorial use only Please go to for further information.


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 Weird comment thread here. It’s like people arguing over musical tastes. All of the riders out there on the SS and big mountain stage are incredibly talented. Rogatkin is amazing. I literally sit on the edge of my seat during his runs just to see what he’s gonna try to pull off next and if he can actually land it. I watch Semenuk with my jaw hanging open at how any one human can be that graceful in the air with a bike. I watch Aggy and Zink to see how “big,” big can actually get. One rider doesn’t invalidate another’s abilities. They’re all amazing. I’d be happy if I could ride at half the skill level of any one of them.
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 Spot on. It's pretty subjective when it comes to style and pretty objective when we talk about level of difficulty. Then again it can be difficult to be "stylish", but that also depends on body shape and size. It's complicated, which makes clashing over the topic a waste of time.
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 they're all great ambassadores that improved the sport with high progression, and exploring the limits. Josh Bender was also partly unpopular for dull hucking, but he helped etablish Rampage and big lines and did a lot for the sport.
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 I can fully get behind anyone who is as passionate about being on a bike, as pumped at his runs and has as much time for the fans coming to watch events as Rogatkin
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 "I'd like to thank my friends, family, and food blender for giving me the inspiration needed for my biggest tricks"
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 Dudes a pioneer for the sport, doing unbelievable tricks. Feel sorry for all the sheep jumping on the "got no style" bandwagon.....
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 LOL its Pinkbike. 95% of the members are fanboy sheep.
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 I know I will get neg propped for this, but just look at 1:37: He catches the pedal after the bike touches the ground
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 @shr3d: You won't because that was insane. I'm not sure how someone would catch the pedals in that trick but then again he was the only one to toss that.
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 What a boss! How the f*ck does he land that shit?
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 In some of those tricks he doesn't seem to even see his landing but lands it like a boss. Unbelievable.
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 Guy needs to consider a name change to Nicolai Rotateking.
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 He is the progression in slopestyle!
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 Rogatkin is a class act when it comes to sportsmanship and competition.
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 This guy is confidently leading trick progression in one of the gnarliest sports in the world. Respect!
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 He brings the hype to slopestyle! Some of the sickest runs in history!!
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 This guy has had to proove so much, Im glad it's al clicking for him. He is crazy, and so talented and is no doubt pushing the sport. Awesome.
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 The guy pulls off the kind of unimaginable stuff that you'd only previously seen as a triple-bonus trick score in a video game.
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 This year s goal is obviously to land a 1800
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 He already landed a 1260..
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 @JBSDesigns: 1440 Wink 1260 would mean landing backwards (at least on a jump, Not a half pipe of course)
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 I'm not a freestyle/slopestyle rider, but I love watching this guy. I don't understand the hate he gets. The guy is pure energy. Just straight up electricity.
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 Craziest rider I've seen. My 5 and 3yr old kids love watching him. Ooo ahh whoaaa! How did he do that!? I tell them a lot of practice but I'm thinking big ass nuts.
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 Remember when people were being so petty they were criticizing him for wearing a full face lid without a visor because it "looked stupid"? Seems the world has moved on.
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 Seems to me there is a guy who so many claimed had no style...just tricks. He ended up being (for many) the face of action sports...Tony Hawk. Keep doing your thing Nicholi!
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 And not an invited rider to Ramapge??????????????????
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 @savage47 for the same reason you wouldnt invite an XC rider to rampage. Batshitspin is not big mountain freeride
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 @nojzilla: to be fair you could say the same for Rheeder, Bizet and Tommy G. Their progression has come from competing in Rampage more than any large amount of time spent big mountain freeriding.
Not arguing for Rotations inclusion, but his I'll fated debut was much more impressive than Tommy G's who just rode a mellow line down the mountain throwing a few no handers. A few Rampages later and he is a solid top 10.
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flag nojzilla (Jan 12, 2018 at 2:34) (Below Threshold)
 @catweasel: yeah but as said elsewhere in this thread. That's the difference between style over tricks
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 Though I do think 'that year' of rampage was a bit messy. Too many riders invited an some scary crashes in that comp could've gone against Batshitspin getting a call back
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 @nojzilla: I was there when he fell 30 ft off cliff got back on bike and finished run. And you think he shouldnt be in but guys that wont even take runs should be over him? He can handle big mountain. What about Semenek the crankworks winner shouldnt be in? Cuz hes a slope rider?
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 Bet if I said Aggy you would have nothing to say.
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flag nojzilla (Jan 12, 2018 at 3:40) (Below Threshold)
 @savage47: your right if Aggy had a season ender video I would have nothing to say.. Don't really see your point there... Aggy is a big mountain rider
Semenuk, a rampage winner with style to spare that can handle big mountain, slope trail.. Pretty much everything..

NB can handle big mountain? He fell off
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 An other riders that don't take second runs because of dangerous winds or they feel they can't improve on their first runs.. Yep
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 @savage47: Ever considered the fact that he might have gotten invited but turned it down to focus more on slopestyle? We'll honestly never know, but it could be.
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 He was a back up and was there And guys like Bizett wanna coast.!!@RichardJBos:
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 Dude is rad!
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 I rate Emil will stay consistent for a very long time and keep his world title for many years to come
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 the freakin' MAN
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 I'm dizzy
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 молодец земеля )!
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 OK, time to learn the special flip or bike flip!! Or dub backie combos.
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 That duel between him an Rheeder in Innsbruck though...
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 Nicholi Rotation
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 the machine
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