Video: Nicholi Rogatkin, David Lieb, Reed Boggs, Ethan Nell, & Matt Macduff in Freeride Documentary 'Passion'

Jan 21, 2019
by Peter Jamison  

David Lieb,
Reed Boggs,
Ethan Nell,
Matt Macduff,
and Nicholi Rogatkin

Directed by: Peter Jamison
Principal Cinematography: Peter Jamison
Additional Cinematography: Kent Johnson
Edited by: Peter Jamison

Still photography of Passion a documentary by Peter Jamison

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 I heard that Peter funded this video 100% on his own so I suggest we thank Peter for the free content. So with that I say THANK YOU PETER!

Great riding boys.
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 Thank you Peter. This video is rad!
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 Yeah, thank you!!! And thanks for all the passion!
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 double props! Thank you Peter and Riders!
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 Hyped to watch this later, thanks for the free content
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 I second that. All that hard work and giving it to us for free. Be grateful, people!
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 I was expecting a trailer, but got a full film. I was also supposed to do house work today, but watched a mtb movie instead. Thx for the content yall.
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 Thanks for the sick film!! Nice to see Rogatkins approach to the biggest contests in the sport. Obviously he trains hard but he really seems to enjoy the opportunity and the stoke of “riding with the boys” And putting on a show for the crowd.
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 Well filmed and great video. I think if there was a Passion 2....I would like to see more about riders like Lieb who are probably good enough to complete at pro levels but don’t get much coverage on social media or internet. The Nicholi story, for example, has been covered by several sponsorship videos, Redbull and is all over social media already. I realize it probably won’t happen cuz big names -get big view counts and that’s what social media is all about.
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 Thank you for posting the full video. Free Ride used to be riding down impossibly steep Gnar with some sick hucks on natural terrain. This is cool but its slope style and dirt jumping.
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 Super cool video! Congrats on all the hard work paying off in such a cool final product. Listened to you on the Hookit Podcast. Keep it up!!
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 You hero. Thanks for listening and glad you also enjoyed Pete's work!
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 Lieb rocks and is very underrated. Great footage!
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 Very awesome!! I honestly can't sit through a mtn bike video with just riding. This had just the right amount of commentary and info to keep it interesting. Good job
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 Thanks so much for this free content. No advertising just a great little documentary. Very well done and featuring some excellent riders. Thank you.
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 woooooo, what a great movie and fl*ck ! for FREEEEE !
thanks pinkbike.
keep making MTB great like this !
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 Your thanks should go to @peterjamo4, not Pinkbike, just saying
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 awesome riders - awesome editing - love it
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 Awesome video!

24:10 Is that Dan Foley?
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 i met Peter this summer at highland MTBpark, really cool dude living the van life! keep up the good work buddy !
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 I really enjoyed that, great camera work and story telling. Looking forward to what's next for you Peter!
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 Was plus/minus on riding dh snow trails tomorrow. After watching I'm +++ riding. Sick video. Thanks for the high quality, great story, and free content!!
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 Man the steeeeeeeeezzze these guys have. Very impressive and enjoyable to watch. Thanks PB
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 fires are now stoked,, now time to go riding.
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 Awesome video well done guys and congrats!!
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 Yaaaaww! Great work Peter!
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 awesome, great movie thanks for putting it up here for free for out enjoyment
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 Nicework dude. Killer rad
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 That was amazing! Rad as hell! Thank you, Peter!
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 That was amazing especially for something funded 100% by peter, thanks for the free content
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 feckin' epic!!!!
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 Awesome film! Thanks
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