Video: Nicholi Rogatkin’s Rookie Year

Oct 30, 2014
by rasoulution  
The eighteen year old shredder from Boston, USA, Nicholi Rogatkin has firmly stamped his name in amongst the best freeride athletes on the FMB World Tour this season. The mountain bike pro has brought a bag full of technical tricks to the table, which have placed him on podiums worldwide. Starting from zero, he finished the year sitting in 6th place on the FMB Diamond Series standings. If you are into countless tailwhips, the biggest lawn dart front flips ever and of course, the cashroll, then Nicholi’s season highlights are right up your alley. Check it out here:

Starting early, he took 2nd place at White Style in Leogang in February, then returned later in the warmer months for 26TRIX and this time, took the win. 26TRIX was an incredible experience – both riders and spectators were blown away by the trick level. For Nicholi to overcome the very best that the scene top athletes could throw at him was an incredible achievement. Nicholi was then invited to compete in FMB Diamond Series – the highest competitive level on the FMB World Tour.

by Bartek Wolinski

It started very well, just missing the podium at Crankworx Les 2 Alpes. Then, at Red Bull Joyride he was looking strong again but the day was not his for the taking. A crash ended his solid run and he finished in 11th position. Nicholi later landed top 10 results at the Bearclaw Invitational and Red Bull District Ride. Last on the list was Red Bull Rampage. Despite feeling slightly out of his comfort zone on a bigger bike, he quickly adapted and began carving sick lines and utilizing his slopestyle skills to throw down epic tricks. The overall result was not competitive, but he left his first ever Red Bull Rampage healthy and eager for more. You can see the full FMB Diamond Series ranking here: DiamondSeriesStandings

by Ale Di Lullo

In between the Diamond events, Nicholi also achieved an impressive 3rd place at the Colorado Freeride Festival (Gold) as well as 2nd at CITY8 in Quebec (Gold). The off season for Nicholi will be about tuning in the tricks and working on taking it to the next level. Keep an eye out for this young gun – he has the title gleaming behind his eyes.

Nicholi Rogatkin front flips during Red Bull Rampage in Virgin Utah USA on 24 September 2014. Christian Pondella Red Bull Content Pool P-20140925-00009 Usage for editorial use only Please go to for further information.

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 I think we all should thank Martin and Geoff for getting him into MTB because he is just amazing to watch.
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 Thank you Mortin and Gruff!!!
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 I got to watch/meet him in person at the BearClaw and I have to say, the kid is very approachable and seemed to always have a smile on his face.

Way fun to watch as well, he threw down some amazing tricks during the practice when many of the riders were playing it safe/cool/smart/whatever...
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 I met him at Highland this year, and you are right. He even gave me some tips while practicing on the airbag. I hope good things come to him in the world of mountain biking.
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 He is an amazing rider bringing a lot of new tricks and innovation to our sport.
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 My favorite new rider.. such an impressive bag of tricks and a great personality, I hope to see him winning comps In the future.
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 Boston, represent! Also, his front flip style makes my stomach drop
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 I bet even his grand grand grandmother felt that crash.. But seriously that guy is amazing he's got a bright future ahead of him..
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 I watched him take a HARD hit at bearclaw, like KO'd, for a short time. The kid has some serious skills and is as tough as they come. I think he is going to be a top contender in the near future
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 kid shreds

love the shit talk on his style and/or riding/helmet??? lets see your edits fuccbois
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 I really respected him when he went and re did the triple in Munich after the contest and when he hit the canyon gap at rampage. He's a cocky young bmx scrapper who's shakin shit up. Well done on a killer year.
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 Came to the comments before watching the video. People have strong opinions about Nicholi Rogatkin for some reason. At least right now, you have to unhide the hater comments to read them.
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 I'll never get bored of those lawn dart fronts!
  • 6 2
 Cant believe he didn't try to triple whip the canyon gap
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 That would be pretty impressive with a dual crown fork...
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 awesome to see a local rider from the northeast killing it! The squid lid still kills me though, but hey, I can't do any of the stuff he does so.. whatever
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 Good for him
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 Am I the only one that refers to him as "The guy with no visor"?
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 The guy with no visor who is a thousand times better than you
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 Sorry for the miscommunication but my intention wasn't to say I think I am better than him or I don't think he is an amazing rider, thats just how I know him haha
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 I'm sure that a lot of you will want to hit me,but i still don't like watching Rogatkin riding,he surely has a huge bag of tricks and he is an amazing rider,above 18 yo!
But he's missing some style and flow,it's hard to explain,he's missing the ''thing'' that Semenuk,Soderstrom,Mc Caul,Lacondeguy,Steenbergen,Peat or Reboul have!Maybe because he was a BMX rider before,and not a MTB rider...
Anyway,now you can hit me!Big Grin
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 He hands down has the most stylish front flips in the game.
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 Seams like a really nice guy; I saw him at highland in the middle of July with what looked to be his little brother.
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flag bOObdesign (Oct 30, 2014 at 15:54) (Below Threshold)
 i know exactly what you mean, black rider
my words havent been as kind as yours... thats why i got to many negprops Big Grin
but long hair dont care
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 awesome !
  • 4 4
 Hes what I expect from a sick
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 good point
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 He's got the tricks he just doesn't have the style that guys like semenuk and Rheeder have
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 good but not like brandon or brett
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 less experience I think, I think he could be every bit as good. and has some tricks that no other riders are even attempting to do. give him some time to find his flow and he will be un stoppable
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 unique flavor with those tricks!
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