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Nico Vouilloz and Friends Shred the Maritime Alps - Video

Jan 4, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  
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Nicolas Vouilloz, Olivier Giordanengo, Florian Nicolaï, Dimitri Tordo, Rémy Métailler and Greg Germain all share more than just their love for mountain biking or the fact that are all pro riders. Another common bond that unites these 6 is their homeland; the stunning Maritime Alps. It shouldn't come as a surprise that so many fast and capable riders come from one location when you consider how awesome the trails are. But more than that, it is the sheer volume of trails on offer in the region...

R my M tailler coming back to his home place Maritime Alps to ride with 1001sentiers.fr for the video Decade gt http www.pinkbike.com video 433292

The legendary 10 times world champion Nicolas Vouilloz riding above the vacuum with 1001sentiers.fr for the video Decade gt http www.pinkbike.com video 433292

Dimitri Tordo shredding the winter dust of Maritime Alps with 1001sentiers.fr for the video Decade gt http www.pinkbike.com video 433292

For more on what awaits visiting riders in this unique part of southern France, check out what 1001sentiers has to offer.

MENTIONS: @genepifilm / @greg1001sentiers

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 That is just the dream! Having all your buddies riding down a sick trail in a train.
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 So I'm sitting in my small cold office in January in north London watching this. I think I'm going to have a little cry
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 Ha Ha! More than our 25 mtb world champion titles and all the stunning skills of those legends, that's why Maritime Alps are such an amazing place to ride... 300 sunny days a year and top quality trails ridable 12 months a year, from 0 to 1500m in the deeper part of winter, and from 1000 to 2500m in summer when it's too hot and has too much tourists on the sea side! Come one when you get bored of mud and cold, it's less than 2h of flight for you, and we organise adventures from january to december > www.1001sentiers.fr/stages
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 @greg1001sentiers product placement 101 xD
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 You can say what you want about the guy but damn he knows to find his ways around wheels! Actually amazed by how many mountain bike champs this small part of France has produced over 2 decades. They have rocky and gnarly and dusty trails like nowhere else.
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 That was a rad video. Thanks for making it. I would, however, really like to see more photos of the riders, their gear, and the bikes themselves. Just looked like a rad collection of kit and bikes!
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 They have 140-160mm dually ride. Rocking some big biffy tyres. That's pretty much everything bro, nothing special. Tough as rims if possible and reinforced rubbers. Nico's ride is always nice to look at, always with a little something special.
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 "Nico's ride is always nice to look at, always with a little something special." ^^^ that's why we want photos.
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 I was in Finale Ligure and San Remo in November, wanted to go ride Shuttle in south of France but could not find anythinh. Now I know where to find
  • 1 0
 Greg guided my wife and I for a couple days a few years ago. He is a great guy and the trails were awesome. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to do a bike trip!
  • 1 0
 Oh yeah, my 2 Canadians who wanted to experience the coastal country trails mid of june, not matter the waaaaarm temperatures... How to forget ???? Hopefully we moved to backcountry after for smooth trails and fresh air... Great memory! How are you?
  • 1 0
 we are Great, let me know if you ever come to Canada, and I'll be happy to show you around!
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 In few years I'll come 3-4 weeks in North America to visit all yours 1001 trails in Utah, Colorado and Canada!
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 I can't believe these guys aren't on 27.5+! C'mon bike industry, you missed a chance to shove the new "standard" down our throats. Haha!
Seriously though, these guys ride bikes like I dream of riding bikes. Rad!
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 Well to be honest almost all those guys are racing enduro -don't forget they both come from the same place, I mean Enduro and those racers-. I guess they can't really afford the added weight of 27.5+ tyres. The most impressive thing is the average level in terms of handling skill and strength. It's really demanding over there, you quit or you get better basically ... Even some 60+ guys will amaze you by the way they clear some rock garden.
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 Remmy quite missed the idea of the enduro style with single crown fork, shades and a trendy helmet.
  • 2 0
 He came back home only with his downhill bike and kit, that's why ;-)
  • 2 0
 The French connexxxion. Voia! Awesome trails and riding.
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 Anyone point me in the direction of the song? I tried searching for the title on google with no luck
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 Wondering this as well...
  • 2 0
 @dxdc93 has been faster than me
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 Appreciate it! Thank you guys
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 époustouflant !
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 Master Jedi-E.T

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