Ninja Mount Launches a Range of Apple Airtag Mounts

Aug 9, 2021
by Daniel Blank  
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Press Release: Ninja Mount

Ninja Mount makes life difficult for bike thieves and introduces three mounts for Apple® Airtag! All products are made in Germany and all sets include safety screws.

biketag saddle: Airtag mount for saddle

Most inconspicuous attachment and fits all common bicycle saddles and is suitable for bicycles without a bottle holder or with limited space for the drinking bottle.

The set includes some extra safety screws for your saddle and seatpost as well.

Details / Name / Route Info:

• Universally mountable on bicycle saddle (not I-Beam system)
• Theft protection through safety screws, safety bits included
• Inconspicuous attachment
• Safety screws for saddle and seat post also included
• Easy assembly with the special tools supplied
• Made in Germany
• Price from € 19.99
• Patent pending

anytag: Universal Airtag mount.

Thanks to the 3M tape you may put this Airtag mount on any place, for example inside the glove box of your Camper, inside the helmet box of your Motorcycle or somewhere at your Motocross.

The anytag comes with the same adhesive pads that are used to attach your GoPro to your helmet.

Details / Name / Route Info:

• Flexible attachment to surfaces using high quality 3M tape
• Fits in the tool compartment on your bike, in the glove compartment of your camper or classic car, on your quad or your motocross…
• Theft protection through safety screws, suitable safety bits included
• Inconspicuous attachment, especially possible in areas that are hidden from view
• Easy assembly with the special tools supplied
• Made in Germany
• Price from € 19.99
• Patent pending

biketag bottle: Airtag holder for attachment to the bottle holder

Can be used universally on any bike with a bottle holder

The perfect Airtag mount not only for your Mountainbike!

Fits all common standard mountings with hole spacing between 65-75mm

Details / Name / Route Info:

• Theft protection with safety screws, matching safety bit included
• Inconspicuous and simple design
• Easy installation with the special tools supplied
• The biketag bottle is only 10 mm high, so there is still enough space for a drinking bottle
• Bottle holder can be mounted on top of biketag bottle
• Made in Germany
• Price from € 19.99

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Apple® Airtag is not included.


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 This is a catch-22 if ever there was one. Make article about GPS locator for your bike, thieves can read article and figure out how to spot the locator and remove it, but you can't get the word out about your product without an article like this one...
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 At least here in france most of the thieves for city bikes are junkies and loosers of all sorts, so I don't think we should overestimate their skills. Other thefts for high end bikes occurs in a rush when the owners are away in your house, airtags and trackers of all kinds takes time to spot and thieves are busy not making, noise, be fast, not leaving fingerprints, hiding their faces from cctv etc... they might spot it but chances are close to none it's a good product in my opinion.
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 Any thief with an iPhone or ears will know the bike has an airtag.

From apple:

“If someone else’s AirTag finds its way into your stuff, your iPhone will notice it’s traveling with you and send you an alert. After a while, if you still haven’t found it, the AirTag will start playing a sound to let you know it’s there… These alerts are triggered only when an AirTag is separated from its owner.”
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 I believe there’s a “grace” period before the “hey, looks like someone’s tracking you” alarm/notifications go off, so there is a short window (maybe 8 hours?) in which this could help you locate a just-pinched bike. The specifics of the timing may change…
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 @azureblue: Unless it's different on airtags compared to airpod pros then its not that long. I picked my girlfriend up from a night out with friends the other day and she had her friends airpods. I'd say we got 30 minutes of having the airpods with us before apple sent me a notification
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 Why would I want to know what dumpster my saddle was in if my entire bike was stolen
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 If your bike doesn’t have a bottle mount (ie dh bikes) and you want to mount an airtag, it’s a decent solution.
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 to all bike thieves!: this, this is most definitely, undoubtedly, irrefutably, a late april fools prank
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 Don't look in the place I tell you not to look.
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 People are 3d printing these, really cheap on ebay: "airtag mount". There are different kinds, I got some for £3 each.

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