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Updated: Noga Korem Extends Contract with GT Factory for 2 Years

Dec 28, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesOhhh yeahhhh!! I am so happy to announce that I signed 2 more years with this awesome team @gtfactoryracing.Noga Korem

Original story:

Noga Korem had her best season yet in 2019, finishing second overall in the Enduro World Series. She hinted today that she will be wearing new colours in 2020 and has not resigned with GT Factory Racing.

bigquotesThank you @gtfactoryracing for an awesome 2 years!!!
In 2017 did my first @world_enduro season as a privateer.
In 2018 I was lucky enough to sign my first professional contruct with this amazing team- GT Factory Racing.
The past 2 years with the GT crew has being a blast I learned a lot about bike setup, riding & racing, from the staff & teammates.
I had some up and downs... but in 2019 I had the best season in my career!
I really enjoyed to travel all over the world and to see so many beautiful places, I enjoyed to push my limits, enjoyed the races, the podiums and the team podiums ever more
Thank you @gtbicycles for the best support that I could have asked!
And thanks to the crew who made these two years #srslyfun
@markmaurissen @gt_coach @88gc@robinvangoubergen @bert.maleszka @teonati87 @martin_maes5 @wynmasters@rachelstrait1 @georgebrannigan
@joeyforesta @svenmartinphoto
@maddogborisI am already looking forward to be between the race types again!
Can you guess which Jersey I will wear in 2020?
Noga Korem

George Brannigan also said earlier this month that he will not be on the team next season.


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 Noga....Noga...Noggunna work for GT anymore.
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 We fixed the glitch.
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Um yeah uh...we're going to need you to come back to work for the next two years. It says so on this TPS report.
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 I'm starting to think all of these social posts are just clickbait. Many of them are thanking but not actually saying anything about leaving. The closest mountain biking has to the LeBron level of build up and suspense before he makes team announcements.
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 If only I cared who they actually rode for.
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 I'd like to thank my wife for all the great times. I feel like we've had some great ones over the years. I'm looking forward to a new ride in 2020 and really progressing my skills. Thanks!
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 @CentralVTMTB: If your wife is the team in this analogy can we assume that she's hiring a younger, more up-and-coming rider?
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 @TomCastellani: tryouts are currently underway
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 It's gonna be annoying is there is just a bunch of this garbage on 1/1/20
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 Most of you don't know Noga Korem, here in Israel she was participating in the amateur DH (its all we had, now there is none) following by cross country local race league.
She was always a downhill girl that rides with all the boys and kept in hammering to Enduro racing and getting into EWS, she is a row model for many aspiring riders.

Noga we wish you the best in any race and we got your back ???????????????????? waiting to see you in your A game in 2020!
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flag Nicotrias (Dec 28, 2019 at 4:44) (Below Threshold)
 but who asked you?
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 Seems crazy to be leaving having just had her best season, having done all the hard work alongside her team, they understand her and she understands them and what they expect from a rider, to start afresh with a new team and the learning curve associated with it it seems too soon to move rather than progress further with what you already have.
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 It’s like that with every company. Kate Kourtney did that after winning a world champ last year.

If you know your worth, even if you synergize with your co workers, you will leave for higher pay. And a contract end is the perfect time to ask for a raise or leave. In her case, an actual salary rather than free frames and parts.
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 @Happypanda1337: I think Kate was told prior to winning the worlds that Specialized wasn't renewing her contract... So, at that point she was already looking.. The worlds win just upped her price if she hadn't already signed with Scott by that point...
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 @lumpy873: Or, perhaps, Kate didn't want to resign with Specialized for some reason and she shopped herself around to another team (i.e., it wasn't Spec. choice).
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 It’s not personal. Strictly business baby, strictly business.
We all like to work well as part of a well oiled team but it doesn’t matter how good that team is. It doesn’t alter the fundamental reason of why we engage in paid work. In my opinion, only a crazy person would stay in a job when they could get more money elsewhere. I get it, we build relationships but we can also build new ones. The sentiment counts double for sports persons with a very short shelf life.
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 @Happypanda1337: she has earned an actual salary from GT. Not just a free bikes and parts.
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 coyly> Can you guess which mountain bike website I’ll be reading next year?
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 Hell yeah, Nogga you naild 2019. Hope 2020 will be even better. Wave Israel flag in proud.
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 Everyone is hinting these days.
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 She seems to be linked to some project, that's what I've made on her cryptic msgs and thank yous on Instagram. She deserves all the best!!
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 Could be a powerplay for riders.
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 She's awesome, great fit. Cheers noga
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 She will ride for Kona this time.
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 My money is on Koga (Miyata)
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 ...Blank Stare
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 She's resigned with GT
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 @pinkbikeoriginals time to update this post. #fakeout
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 Oh shπt!
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