Norco Bicycles Announces Canadian E-commerce Platform with Plans to Expand

Apr 4, 2019
by Norco Bicycles  

PRESS RELEASE: Norco Bicycles

We are launching our online shopping platform to provide the ease of e-commerce while still supporting local bicycle dealers.

The online shopping platform is a milestone for us and a boon for bicycle enthusiasts across the country. Local bicycle retailers will benefit significantly from the initiative with the e-commerce platform providing an uptick in foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores as well. Moreover, retailers will benefit from the purchase of additional in-store bike-related items as well as earning margin dollars from fulfilling the initial bike sale. Statista estimates that online retail sales will top $47 billion (USD) in Canada by 2020, which is approximately 10 percent of all sales. However, despite online sales burgeoning, experts from the Retail Council of Canada say that online sales will not replace brick-and-mortar stores. With the public preferring a ‘click-and-collect’ model — to order online and then pick up their order in person.

bigquotesNorco is always striving to live up to its commitment to our independent bike dealers. By blending the ease of online ordering with exceptional in-store customer service offered by Authorized Norco Dealers, we are driving online to offline consumer relationships. The potential for dealers to set the bar for customer service is also an opportunity for them to encourage relationships that could potentially lead to further in-store sales.John Williams, President of Norco Bicycles

He explained that “the click-and-collect system is frictionless for both the public and the bicycle dealer. Providing high-quality service is at the root of our business so we have real-time tracking that allows the customer to know where their product is at all times. Dealers also benefit from bike sales of specific models that they don’t have in stock.”

After launching in Canada, we plan to expand our e-commerce platform to the US in 2019.

Visit for more details.

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 ^Holy f*ck, Negative Nancy.
It sounds like a good solution to some of the problems people have with online bike-shopping.
Some stuff needs a professional to get sorted out- win/win imo.
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 I think it's a great middle ground that works better than most options for buying a full bike online these days.

Poked around trying to see if my local shop comes up, but after going through FIVE different bikes trying to find one in stock I'm left a bit confused...did I really just have that kind of luck to pick the only bikes not in stock or what the heck?
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 I kinda like it. Plus presumably the shop will build the bike for you? Helps build a relationship with the local shop without the "but we can order one in your size!1!" crap that local bikes shops push all over the world.
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 Especially when the person who spoke with you on Saturday doesn't tell the order person to actually get it for you and when you call back on Tuesday for an update no one knows what you're talking about. So you go to another store and buy a different brand.
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 Seems like everything I hate about bike shops and everything I hate about online bundled into one.
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 So when you go to their site and check out the 2018 models, they are all priced at FULL MSRP! All shops have these models on clearance now. What incentive would a consumer have to purchase a 2018 at full price when Norco themselves are clearing them out to their dealers. You would think that clearance priced items are clearly the target-market for an e-commerce strategy to move the inventory that your traditional distribution channel couldn't move.

What this program does is provide bigger margins to Norco...

I bet you on this program, it is similar to the Trek program. Normally, if a dealer orders the bike for inventory as a booking order, let's say they get somewhere between 30-40% margin on a high end bike...but the shop doesn't want to sit on multiple $6,000 they only order one in large and one in medium. Well they sell those and tell customers they can order them one in (no test ride, special order, no refunds). So the customer orders online, and the shop probably is only getting a 15-20% margin on that on-line the shop loses out on margin (but doesn't have to inventory), and I bet that that sale doesn't count towards their booking order discount in re-orders.

The dealer makes less margin and doesn't have this count towards their booking order discounts. The customer loses out (pays full retail). Norco makes out like a bandit....
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 I'm sure the 2018 will be discounted to reflect the in store prices, Kona does it that way. 2018 bikes are discounted right on the site.
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 The shop isn't actually losing out on anything if they don't personally invest in bikes that will take up floor space until they're sold. Real vs imaginary economics
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 This seems like a halfway approach between online and bike shop sales that may not meet the needs of either shopper. All or nothing in my humble opinion.
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 Nothing really wrong with this model, using a shop as a delivery and setup point makes sense.

What should happen is the retail prices all drop by 15% and the shop gets a 20% margin for online sales or 25% if you have demos, which is plenty if you don't have to tie up capital in stock. The current model is unsustainable.

The sooner shops concentrate on service and small parts stocking instead of being greasy salesman the better.
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 With several manufactures doing this I have a few questions. 1. Usually you can get a discount or some swag by buying at your LBS, with this do you pay full msrp and get nothing. 2 If you don't like your LBS and want to buy online why would you let them build and deliver your bike? They will be getting the commission. 3 Who will have stock? Usually popular models sell out. Will Norco hold some back? In the past several manufactures, including Norco have canceled my order because one of their larger dealers needed more stock.
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 A day late and a dollar short Norco. Bike dealers are on the way out. A good bike shop with knowledgeable mechanics and a proper demo fleet aren't going anywhere. But these are pretty hard to find. Most bike dealers in my area won't even swap an air spring... They ship it out. I can send my fork to fox, thanks. So no thanks, I would rather assemble a bike myself rather then getting over charged for some under qualified "mechanic" to do it.
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 I would never order anything direct from Norco. Honestly I may never even buy another Norco bike for the sole reason you cant get ahold of them. They have no customer service info on their website. No phone number, no email...
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 I got a great price, about 20% off SRP, from my Norco auth LBS on a 2018 Sight. So if direct prices are better or comparable with this semi direct model, then great. It's not like my LBS had the bike in the size I wanted to buy on hand for me to try. All the other bikes I was looking at were going to be purchase sight unseen as well because of direct sales or no local LBS keeping stock. My LBS did assemble the bike correctly and backed me up on a minor issue. Every review on a new bike that suggests one should try before buying just makes me laugh, as if that were possible for non behemoth brand sold from non behemoth shop.
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 It’s frustrating walking into a shop and talking with a “professional” that is clueless about the bike they are a dealer for and that you have been researching online for the last month. Or getting incorrect information about a product. Or they just don’t have what you’re looking for. What’s even more of a bitch is paying sticker price for a bike that has been ridden on trail. Shops could act as demo and inventory centers where manufacturers utilize them to store unbuilt bikes. You order the bike you want online, pay for it and then it’s sent to the closest shop to you if that shop doesn’t already have it in stock to be built and serviced.
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 Meh, having to have a local Norco dealer is a pain in the ass, especially since the closest ones in the past three places that I've lived have been between 2-24 hours away.
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 LBS is like 26
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 lol at all the comments about norcos customer service, its ridiculously good, best i have experienced, i hope this makes it to the US soon, the new sight e bike is next for me
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 You will all be riding e bikes In a few years lol. Whenall the pros start using them.
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