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Apr 17, 2014
by Tom Richards  
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NORTH premiered recently at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival. It was received well by the audience who obviously appreciated a locally made bike film. It ended up wining the bronze award in the Steve Peat best bike films category. Now that the festival has finished, here is the full film to watch online.

North is an artistically shot mountain bike film by Tom Richards/Furnival Media, in collaboration with Override Cycleworks. From classic cross country riding in the Peak District to downhill in the famous Wharncliffe Woods, North explores the diverse range of riding in and around Sheffield. Whilst primarily being a mountain bike film, North also exposes the audience to the incredible landscape that lies on the doorstep of the city.

Taking the Bronze prize at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2014 North is an artistically shot mountain bike film by Tom Richards Furnival Media in collaboration with Override Cycleworks

Filmed over a period of 3 months in between work and bad weather, North is my first longer length film. The combination of the cinematography, sound and music will take you on a journey through some of the best riding spots around Sheffield, leaving you longing to get out on your bike and explore.

-Tom Richards

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 Proper mountain bike film. Average guys out having fun, doing all the usual things and taking joy out of the ride. I like that the riders didn't get introduced or named during the segments- It's like spotting somebody else out on the trails having a blast, you don't need to know all about them to appreciate how they're feeling while they're riding. We don't need to watch super heroes sending massive hits or WC speed to share the love of riding. Please shoot more like this.
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 Sick. I'm in the film. Its great to hear supportive comments like this from someone who is passionate about riding for ridings sake not just to show off. Cheers
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Sweet, Cheers! Glad you liked it
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 I think this sums up riding a bike perfectly. There are grins and there are grimaces. There is rain, wind, snow and even sunshine. There are bad days, good days and great days, but you come out of the other side with some cracking good memories.
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 I love a vid like this , beautiful film , minimum slow mo and unapologetically British
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 It could've carried on for hours for me. A really good vibe to it, and the riding was good because it was ordinary. I love seeing full on pro shredding with massive gaps etc. but every now and then something like this is perfect! Well done fellas and viva la north!!!!
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 Like most of thr other comments its a really enjoyable film . Gratefull to see a lack of wheel flicking ever loose bit of dirt in the direction of the camera. Great stuff.
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 An epic and beautiful film combined, great job guys. Haha so much emotion from it! Watching this, happy to be a northern and call Sheffield home Wink
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 Superb film, all my local areas!!!!! for those asking, ascent out of Sheffield via the parks starting at endcliife?, houndlirk and stanage XC, I think a bit of ladybower.. Very brief, and a " cough" special descent back into west side of Sheffield, then really good section featuring fask track, nemba, peaty's, probably varsity, jump spot and a few others at wharncliffe, then the Monks hit greno, Eckington tracks featured were in the main D line and lady Idas... Disappointed the jumps look so small Wink great great film.. Probably missed some tracks out!!
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 Cheers dude! You are correct on all other than ladybower, we only ventured as far as Stanage to film the xc bike sections. But your right about that bit of special singletrack back into Sheffield....one of my favourites
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 Unbelievable filming!! music fitted so well too! top job guys!!
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 cracking film but i only recognize wharncliffe where are the other spots? im only an hour away i need to ride them
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 Cheers! First section I filmed on the climb out of endcliffe park, then on to stanage edge. Second section was wharncliffe as you recognized. Third section was grenoside just the other side of the hill to wharny. final section was a bit of singletrack back towards endciffe park/clough lane and then the freeride section was Eckington woods
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 Good work, well filmed and really liked the soundtrack and the Alan Watts quote. More please.
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 This is Mountain Biking in it's purest form, god this film makes me feel good, would've watched it 20 times by now Smile Well done!
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 Brilliant video more so from the hometown.well done
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 ps. except the sweties last comment. think he forgot his brain in his haggis.
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 Showing people riding sensitive footpaths is not on! Trails are now being blocked etc by walkers after this has made them really popular.
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 There are now footpaths in this film apart from stanage, which is part of a bridleway. The section of trail at the end of the film is completely separate to the established and sign posted footpath.
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 That's not what the definitive map shows for the area! And it's certainly not legal and sensitive so was pretty daft to use!
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 That was grand!!!
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 Im sat here with a broken collarbone and this encapsulated every urge Ive got to get out and ride!! Strong film and beautiful tunes....defo too short
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 all the above x10
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 I got the music vibe
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 Very good video and always good to hear a bit of Alan Watts.
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 Over ride cycles?? They went bust. Lol

Mint vid though :-)
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 Is that dave camus riding the dh bits?
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 Beautiful film. Perfect soundtrack. Good job!
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 Those hands!
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 I can see a lot of work went into this but unfortunately got a bit bored, too much slo mo. Sorry guys
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 Hi, thanks and no worries, I appreciate that it wont appeal to everyone. But too much slow-mo? Theres only about 8 slow mo shots in the entire film. I purposely steered clear of slow-mo because I shot it for the big cinema screen for the sheffield adventure film festival, and on digital slr's to do slowmo you have to reduce the quality to 720p
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