North of Nightfall with The Claw, Carson Storch, Cam Zink & Tom Van Steenbergen - Teaser

Apr 11, 2018
by Red Bull Bike  

Darren Berrecloth, Carson Storch, Cam Zink and Tom Van Steenbergen embark on a mission within a few hundred miles of the North Pole to explore the vast and remote Axel Heiberg Island. Harsh temperatures, volatile weather, and 9-month winters have left the area void of human life. However, each summer, this frozen landscape flourishes under endless daylight, revealing mountain bike lines too incredible to ignore.

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 These places are pristine, ecologically fragile & isolated. Shouldn't we keep them that way? Is it right to send famous riders to these incredibly pristine places for the sake of entertainment? Just a couple of fair questions from a professional animal ecologist (and mountain biker as well)
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 Yes. It is right to send famous riders to incredibly pristine places for the sake of entertainment.
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 i suppose i wonder if the soil has much life to it? in western colorado and utah we have cryptobiotic soil and it is a liitle odd to me that people have no problem ripping through that stuff. i wonder if this place just cant sustain the same kind of organisms.
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 It's Redbull and they seem to be taking after their ski / snowboard movies. Professional athletes are advocating for POW (protect our winters) and then are being tempted to jet set around the world and travel in remote places all in the sake of entertainment and money. How environmentally friendly is that? Then your putting the idea out there for other riders to follow.
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 Those areas have been eroded by wind, water and other elements for millions of years. The surface supports very little life if any at all. I'm not sure how tires displacing small rocks into other piles of small rocks is ecologically damaging. I'd be willing to bet it won't take long for signs of their passage to disappear into the landscape.
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 A similar video came out this year with Bearclaw, Carson and two others, where they went to the North Yukon and they left everything the way they found it. They even took their f***ing poop
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 I agree with Weber, I love freeride and the spirit involved in it but for some reason this just doesn't sit well with me.
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 @webermtb: I personally don't see the problem. I'm all about sustainability and preservation, but when it comes to uncharted land that is remote, vast and mostly unoccupied (by humans and animals alike), what harm is being done by riding bikes on it? As an ecologist, can you explain the potential harm in what they're doing (both in the short and long term)? I'm not being rhetorical, I'm genuinely curious. Because I would think that after a few harsh rains and definitely after a long winter, they're tracks would be long gone and you'd never know that people were even there, let alone riding bikes.
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 @lobohusky: After watching the trailer, I noticed that there are muskox and wolves. Most likely there will be caribou, snowshoe hares, lemmings, lynx, wolverines and other wildlife from the tundra. Most of them are extremely sensitive to the human presence. Others (wolves for example) would not, precisely because they may have never seen a human being. So I am glad they are taking steps to reduce the impacts as @leopaul pointed out, but I am more concerned about the production crew with helicopters, ATVs, tons of gear and lots of people than on the effect of bicycles on the soil. Not that trampling on sensitive soil ecosystems is not important. It is. For example, there is a kind of "tundra pit bogs" (cannot remember the right name now, sorry) that are extremely rare and sensitive to human trampling by walking and vehicles. But my questions were more on the general overview kind: Is it OK to produce extreme sports documentaries for pure entertainment purposes in pristine, isolated and sensitive ecosystems? In my humble opinion, it is not. There is plenty of lands out there to practice and enjoy our sport without disturbing the few last pristine places we have on earth.

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 @webermtb: I hear what you'er saying and appreciate your explanation about the potential affects to this ecosystem. I can appreciate the want to keep these remote areas untouched and uninhabited, but I guess I just don't see the harm to the soil or wildlife if it's a temporary expedition. While I could understand the damaging affects of continued visits, hunting, or permanent habitation, i view these remote MTB excursions as unique explorations into areas that few others are willing or able to visit. I respect your opinion, but I love seeing God's creation on display in these and other videos (planet earth, nat geo, etc.)

Cheers and Salud!
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 High Arctic does indeed have fragile areas like desert soils, but also eroded areas where lots erodes when permafrost partially thaws. tracks can be there in someplces for 100's of years. Some heavy vehicles leave tundra marks for thousands. Hopefully they are experienced with alpine environments and chose good spots. Look at things like Chilean Enduro runinng over delicate moss growths.
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 @Bstoody: Yeah for thousands of years. All those heavies they were drivin' around thousands years ago.
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 Of all the fvckin' things to whine about. Not 'fair' questions, just whining disguised as completely fvcking stupid questions. "Pristine"? WTF does that even mean? :s Ecologically fragile? Hmm, no plants growing there, rocks & dirt don't care. Isolated? As in no one's there 'cuz it's a frozen shit hole most of the time. No one but the biggest weenies of weenies could fly a single fvck. So no, we shouldn't 'keep it that way' & yes we should send famous riders there to shred the fvckin' virginity out of it before the MX guys do. Why don't you go wave a protest sign at Elon for going to Mars? Or better yet, just go fvck a goat. :/
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 @AirBud: The reason is because you're a brainless wiener. :/
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 Feeding off each other
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 I'd suggest a two-day trip from a hospital is not the place to push the boundaries of your riding. #imstartingtosaystuffmymomsays
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 This looks fantastic.
I’m confused about ‘2,000 ft being the biggest lines in mountain biking’? Does that mean biggest lines that are Rampage comparable? Obviously 2,000ft isn’t the longest descent in MTB but what’s does he mean that I’m missing?
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 A line is a continuous commitment to descent. A 4,000ft downhill could be made up of several lines or even multiple trails.
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 @WrenchRy87: Thanks I had a feeling that’s what it meant. 2K ft is certainly a long line then.
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 "2,000 ft being the biggest lines in mountain biking" means just one thing: HYPE! And because you can't write hyperbole without it, I'm stoked for this film! Amazing terrain, amazing adventure, and amazing riding no doubt!
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 Next few months are looking good when it comes to video based inspiration, another film to add to the watch list!!! cant wait!
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 when you ride so much, that the next trail found past your local spots is a few km from Santa's backyard
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 amazing. This is really the beginning of a new era of mtb. Bigmountainbike is coming bigger all the time...
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 If Darren says it's the longest decent. . It' s the longest dissent...
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 I think this is the least riding I've seen in a trailer of that length... a solid 7 seconds
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 BikeBonner!!!! Can not wait
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 I was up on Axel and Ellesmere the past few summers. Heard about these guys but just missed them. Wish I could bring my bike...
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 these stuff isn't cool without the claw
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 Looks amazing!!! 24 hour daylight is insane
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 Going out in the middle of no where to do back flips on bikes. Craziness. Looks amazing.
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 the place looks awesome, but what gets me excited is the riding
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 Thought that was Aaron Gwinn for a sec.
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 what an amazing location, should be good!
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 Tom Van Steenbergen for president
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 No, He's ours. TVS for prime minister
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 wow...just wow. ????????????
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 Long live the claw! Picking up after "Where the trail ends" can't wait!
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 wow wonderful film. anyone knows the song? ty
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 No Canadian screenings?
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 Actually just saw on Instagram that they just haven't been announced yet, stoked!!
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 Take my money!
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 Can't wait for this!
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