Race Report Northwest Cup 2019 - Round 3

Jun 6, 2019
by Casey & Scott  

Northwest Cup round 3 was one for the books. Wind, rain, fog, snow, and the tiniest bit of sunshine made for a variety of conditions and events. With an unbelievable downpour on Friday, limiting riding or even sending riders away, the trails became a mud pit. Unfortunately, the rain did not let up on Saturday and even turned to snow. By seeding time, the Junior Experts and Pros were treated to just under an inch of snow before the last man dropped. It's safe to say it was a cold, wet weekend. That is until Sunday. The clouds burned off, the sun shined, and the blue sky popped. Although the clouds weren't gone entirely and the rain hit for a brief moment, the bottom of the trails was able to dry and the sunglasses were brought out.

Weston potter first race of the season first in seeding second in race 00 03 31.69
In his first race of the season, Weston Potter seeded first then finished second in his race run with a 00:03:31.69. (Pro Men)

Androckitis Jobe Cat 3 Men 15-18 00 07 17.08 first place
With his second win of the season, Jobe Androckitis finished with a 00:07:17.08. (Cat 3 Men 15-18.)

From heavy rain to fog, the vision was minimal.
ARTZ EMMA Cat 2 Women 0-18 00 05 49.86
Riding for Sweetlines Junior Racing, Emma Artz finished her race with a 00:05:49.86, putting her in fifth place. (Cat 2 Women 0-18.)

Ruth Justin Cat 2 Men 30-39 00 05 23.83
In only his third race ever, Justin Ruth finished in the top ten with a 00:05:23.83. (Cat 2 Men 30-39)

Nik clarke made up time moved from fifth to third time of 00 03 32.36
Although struggling with vision issues, Nikolas Clarke seeded fifth then made up time in his race run to put himself in third. He finished with a time of 00:03:32.36. (Pro Men)

Stegall Jake Cat 3 Men 0-10 00 04 38.62 10 seconds faster than next rider more in this category with 17 than pro men
This weekend, the Cat 3 Men 0-10 category had more riders than pro men with 17 riders total making for some stiff competition. Jake Stegall raced a 00:04:38.62, 10 seconds faster than the rider behind him! (Cat 3 Men 0-10)

With how much rain we had this weekend, washing the mud off the bike and gear was a necessity.

Guthrie Jacob JX 00 04 04.22
One of the few riders taking advantage of practice on Friday, Jacob Guthrie finished with a time of 00:04:04.22. (Cat 1 Men 0-18.)

7 Delzer Braden Cat 2 Men 0-14 00 04 55.62 25 people in his category
Taking after his dad, Braden Delzer put down a quick time of 00:04:55.62 which put him in the top ten. Cat 2 Men 0-14 was one of the biggest categories in the race with 25 riders in total. (Cat 2 Men 0-14)

Peter knew the quickest way to an emergency.

Mings Jeremy Cat 2 Men 19-29 DNS bad crash broken leg
Unfortunately, two turns after this, Jeremy Mings crashed on the rock drop and suffered a badly broken leg. (Cat 2 Men 19-29)

Once the injured rider was off the hill, the medics took the time to thank volunteers for the added support.

Bucy Jagger Cat 2 Men 0-14 00 11 15.23 5 minutes slower. possible crash
After struggling in his run, Jagger Bucy finished with a 00:11:15.23, nearly five minutes slower than the rider in front of him. (Cat 2 Men 0-14)

Jason Eiswald moved up from seeding won with a 00 03 28.57 3 seconds faster than next
After making up time from his seeding, Jason Eiswald won his first race of the season with the fastest time on the mountain, a 00:03:28.57. His time was just over three seconds faster than the rider behind him. (Pro Men)

Buchar Claire won both seeding and race. 00 04 12.29 30 seconds faster than second place
Absolutely dominating the Pro Women category in both seeding and the race, Claire Buchar finished 30 seconds ahead of her competitors with a 00:04:12.29. (Pro Women)

Miranda Sofia Cat 3 Women 11-18 00 09 01.41
Fighting the snow along the side of the course, Sofia Miranda finished in the middle of her category with a 00:09:01.41. (Cat 3 Women 11-18.)

Linder Kirk on personalized dvo fork finished with 00 05 22.97 Cat 2 Men 50
On his personalized DVO fork, Kirk Linder finished with a 00:05:22.97. (Cat 2 Men 50+)

Sydney Haberman first place only four people in category JX 00 04 40.17 won by 1 second
Finding time from her seeding run, Sydney Haberman finished with a 00:04:40.17, which put her in the number one spot, by just over a second. With only four Junior Ex girls at the race this weekend, the times were tight. (Cat 1 Women 0-18.)

Thompson Aaron Cat 3 Men 19-39 00 07 37.75 won by 2 seconds
Aaron Thompson was able to put down a clean run and come out on top by nearly 2 seconds. His time was 00:07:37.75. (Cat 2 Men 19-39)

Ryan Stern Cat 1 Men 40 00 04 19.29 right in the middle
Ryan Stern finished in the middle of the pack with a 00:04:19.29. (Cat 1 Men 40+)

Lell Shannon Cat 3 Women 40 00 09 31.07 first place by .5
Coming in first by only 0.5 seconds, Shannon Lell got her second win of the season with a 00:09:31.07. (Cat 3 Women 40+)

Ella Erickson first in seeding second in race 00 04 41.85
The rocks sure were slippery on Sunday. Unfortunately, Ella Erickson was unable to hold on to the top spot in her race run and finished in second with a time of 00:04:41.85. (Cat 1 Women 0-18.)

Ostgaard Aletha Cat 2 Women 0-18 00 05 19.41 seconds faster than anyone in her cat
Getting her first win in Cat 2 after a clean sweep of Cat 3, Aletha Ostgaard finished three seconds faster than the next with a 00:05:19.41. (Cat 2 Women 0-18.)

Kemp Scott Cat 1 Men 40 rounded out top 3 with 00 04 09.37
Rounding out the top 3, Scott Kemp crossed the line with a 00:04:09.37. (Cat 1 Men 40+)

Tangalin Anthony Cat 3 Men 40-59 00 08 17.93 just missed the podium came in fourth
Coming in fourth place and just missing the podium, Anthony Tangalin finished his first ever race with a 00:08:17.93. (Cat 3 Men 40-59)

The only glimpse of the mountain we got till the very end of the weekend.

Stanton Gavin Mckenzie Wyatt Cat 2 Men 0-14 wyatt didnt finish gavin got 11th with 00 05 13.06
While Wyatt Mckenzie didn't finish his race run, Gavin Stanton made it down in 00:05:13.06. Stanton just missed the top ten but with 25 riders in the category, 11th is still impressive. (Cat 2 Men 0-14)

Ethan Leib 00 03 44.58 won by 6 seconds
After an error in his seeding run, Ethan Lieb took on with his eyes on the prize. With a time of 00:03:44.58, Lieb was 6 seconds faster than the rider behind him. HIs time would have put him in 8th place in Pro Men. (Cat 1 Men 0-18.)

Whittaker Ethan second place Cat 3 Men 15-18 00 07 45.27
In only his second NW Cup, Ethan Whittaker found himself on the podium and in the number two spot with a time of 00:07:45.27. (Cat 3 Men 15-18.)

Seefeld Heidi Cat 2 Women 19-39 00 07 16.59 last place
Although unable to put a perfect run together, Heidi Seefeld got down the hill in one piece and with a time of 00:07:16.59. (Cat 2 Women 19-39)

Scholz Erika Cat 2 Women 40 00 06 31.32
With a 00:06:31.32, Erika Scholz scored herself a spot on the podium and went home with the bronze. (Cat 2 Women 40+)

7 Dixon Owen Cat 3 Men 11-14 00 08 09.27 top ten
After aging out of Cat 3 0-10, Dixon Owen was able to hold his own and get himself in the top ten. His time, 00:08:09.27, was good enough for seventh place. (Cat 3 Men 11-14)

When it has already rained all weekend, you give up on trying to avoid it.

Brinkerhoff Jonah 00 04 00.08 missed podium by 2 seconds JX
In his first year of Junior Ex, Jonah Brinkerhoff just missed the podium by 2 seconds. His time was 00:04:00.08. (Cat 1 Men 0-18.)

West Steve Cat 2 Men 30-39 00 05 52.94 last place
With a possible crash in his race run, Steve West was unable;e to make up the time and found himself at the bottom of his category with a 00:05:52.94. (Cat 2 Men 30-39).

Quick Facts:
> Round 3 of the Northwest Cup
> Mt. Hood, Oregon
> May 24-26, 2019
> 292 total racers
> Cat 1 and Pro rode Top of Upper Bowl to Ridge Trail to Canon Ball to High Road to Pro Line Trail to Bottom Fire Hydrant to the finish.
> Cat 2 rode op of Upper Bowl to Fireball to Canon Ball to High Road to Upper Gnar Gnar to Fire Hydrant to finish or Cat II Trail to Bottom Fire Hydrant to finish.
> Cat 3 rode Top of Upper Bowl to Sunrise Trail to Sunset Trail to Upper Gnar Gnar to Fire Hydrant to finish.
> Cat 3 10 and under rode Top of Lower Bowl to Sunset Trail to entire Gnar Gnar to finish.

Skibowl Bike Park mountain biking trails

Junior Ex Girls Podium Left to Right Taylor Ostgaard Sydney Haberman Ella Erickson.
Junior Ex Girls Podium (Left to Right): Taylor Ostgaard, Sydney Haberman, Ella Erickson, (Not Pictured: Rebecca Sasten).
Junior Ex Boys Podium Left to Right West Palmer Blake Rausch Ethan Lieb Jacob Smith Riley Plummer.
Junior Ex Boys Podium (Left to Right): West Palmer, Blake Rausch, Ethan Lieb, Jacob Smith, Riley Plummer.

Pro Women Podium Left to Right Claire Buchar Jamie Rees.
Pro Women Podium (Left to Right): Claire Buchar, Jamie Rees, (Not Pictured: Autumn Parham).
Pro Men Podium Left to Right Torsenn Brown Nikolas Clarke Jason Eiswald Weston Potter.
Pro Men Podium (Left to Right): Torsenn Brown, Nikolas Clarke, Jason Eiswald, Weston Potter, (Not Pictured: Mitch Ropaleto).

West Coast Racing took home the award for best rain cover this weekend.

For more photos from the race click HERE

Special thanks to the sponsors of the Northwest Cup: Specialized, Shimano, Dialed MTB, Icicle Brewing, LIB Tech, FSA, Evil Bikes, Fox Head, Transition, Northwest Riders, Schwalbe, Pinkbike and Nuun!

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Love to see you and the others out there tearing it up and setting a good example!
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 Miss riding Skibowl. Such a rad place to ride.
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 Just gonna point out that my buddy Coleton Bailey won Cat 2 and Aaron Thompson won Cat 3 Smile
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 Lets get a bike check on Kirk"s polished and painted bike!!??!!
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 That bike is so dope!!! When the sun hit it it was like it was sent from heaven!
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