Grubworks all new NWDC 3 - Endub Empire - Video Review and Premiere Details.

May 5, 2008
by Jordan Holmes  
The next addition to the North West Dirt Culture video series is being released on DVD May 16th. I recently had a chance to sit down with a beer, a bag of pop corn, and got to indulge my eyes upon this well compiled, excellently filmed video.

Here are my thoughts on it.North West Dirt Culture 3 - Endub Empire is a dirt jump, freeride, and downhill race orientated film. It features such events as the Clawworx, Crankworx, and races from such area's as Washington, and Vancouver Island.

The first thing I noticed about NWDC 3 is that it is a very clean film. A lot of video's now a days are sped up, slowed down, over saturated, or contain too many fancy transitions to aid your "viewing pleasure". Endub Empire features a limited amount of "video altering" enhancements, creating an eye pleasing video that utilizes resources that any average filmer could get a hold of. North West Dirt Culture 3 is not buffed up in any way, featuring no zip lines, or helicopter shots, which adds to the originality of the video, and its overall clean feel. The filmer of Endub Empire utilized what he had and he did a good job at capturing our sport in a budget friendly way. Also, he tied in his editing skills with a nice array of Punk, and Alternative music that adds a lively feel to the video.

I am going to be honest here, video's that are shot locally rule. To see a rider who I can put a name to the face, or a face to the name, allows me to have a better feel for what these guys are riding. Lets face it, we live in the wet, mucky, cold "Great White North". It doesn't have the same effect on me to see people riding Utah, or other hot dry places. However, Endub Empire covers local content, like Crankworx, and local races at Beacon Hill or Silveroxx. Conditions that I can relate to, in area's I could drive to. As well, Endub Empire features rider dedicated sections with Phil Sundbaum, Greg Wall's, and events like Jordie's Jumpathon. Not only is the riding well filmed, but it gives me a heads up for future events I may like to attend.

North West Dirt Culture is a very clean well edited film that is "made with 100% Real Footage". So if you're looking for an "enhancement free" evening, sit down and watch Endub Empire. I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

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Grubworks Media Productions Presents: Northwest Dirt Culture III - ENDUB EMPIRE World Premier and DVD release Party

Full Throttle Xtreme Restaurant and Sports Bar
3701 E. Valley Road, Renton, WA
All Ages Welcome --- BAR with ID
8:00pm $5door

ENDUB EMPIRE features segments from the Pacific Northwest including the "Jordtron Jumpathon" Parksville BC; "Bearclaw Invitational" Mt.Washington, BC; "Mt Hood Skibowl Race Series" OR; "Silveroxx" Kellogg ID; Greg Wall's Place, WA; park sessions with Phil Sundbaum, WA; "GHY Winter Chill Series" Renton, WA; "Wham Bam Thank You Jam" Portland, OR; "Beacon Blowout DH" WA; and "Crankworx" Whistler BC, plus other segments.....

The killer soundtrack features Northwest bands - 3 INCH MAX, STRAIT A STUDENTS, THE HOLLOWPOINTS, ALTAREGO and FREEBASE

It's all people you know... places you ride... you are probably in it.

Northwest Dirt Culture III - ENDUB EMPIRE is available for pre-sale at Pre-Orders will ship Friday morning, May 16.


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