Nukeproof Releases Urchin Range of Kids' Components

Oct 28, 2020
by Nukeproof  

Press Release: Nukeproof

The new Urchin range stems for the demand from the next generation of tiny human trail slayers (in particular to meet the recent growth from our own staff and athletes’ families). Using our very own in house test pilots, the Urchin range has been optimised to offer trail/ track ready upgrades for the kid’s market.

Urchin Flat pedals:

Heading the new Urchin range is the flat pedal. Designed for the next generation of foot out, flat out Sam Hill youths, these pedals are based on our award-winning Sam Hill Horizon flat pedals. Using an alloy CNC 94x76.5x17mm body, they have 10 pin replaceable pins per side and use the same proven dual sealed bearing internals as the adult pedals. Should the Urchin pedals require, a full rebuild kit and replacement axles are available.  

-Alloy body with CNC finishing
-Axle: 9/16” Cro-Mo
-Removable pins
-Dimensions: 94mm x 76.5mm x 17mm
-Weight: 330g
-Colours Available: Black, blue, red or purple
-£60 GBP (SRP)

Urchin Grips:

The single lock Urchin moto style grips are ergonomically designed for small human paws. Using super soft, yet durable A15 durometer compound, they are 115mm long with internal flange is there for ultimate comfort and protection.   

-Material: A15 Kraton Soft Rubber Compound
-Single clamp grip
-Low profile
-Rubber outer edge
-Flange at clamp for extra comfort
-Length: 115mm
-Outer Diameter: 30.8mm
-Colours Available: Black, blue, red or purple
-£20 GBP (UK SRP)

Urchin Handlebars:

Based on our Horizon bars, this high-grade 7050 aluminium handlebar is designed to not only look good but perform well. The acid dipped, shot peened finishing process, gives a durable and quality finish. The Alloy material and handlebar shape are designed to offer compliance on the trails, helping to cause fatigue from trail buzz. Offered in 700mm width they can be cut down safely to 640mm. All bars are supplied with safety caps too to which fit under the grips and help protect the rider.  

-Material: 7050 Aluminium
-Finish: Acid dipped micro shot peened
-Bar Diameter: 31.8mm
-Back-sweep: 9°
-Up-sweep: 5°
-Rise: 25mm
-Width: 700mm with markings to cut down to 640mm
-Supplied with safety caps for the bar ends which should be fitted before the grips
-Built for: Trail, All Mountain, Enduro, Downhill, Freeride
-Grip: Fits standard 22.2mm grips
-Weight: Est. 260g
-Colours Available: grey, blue, red or purple
-£20 GBP (SRP) 

Urchin Saddle:

Little known fact, the original Sam Hill DH saddles were based on a kid’s saddle size. The Urchin Saddle is designed with Nukeproof’s in house test urchins, to ensure that it’s the correct shape and comfortable for proper trail riding.  With a weatherproof hard-wearing cover over lightweight, high-density foam the saddle is light, durable and comfortable.   

-Rail Size: 7mm
-Base Foam: Light, high density foam
-Width: 137 mm
-Length: 258mm
-Weight: Est. 291g
-Colours Available: Black, blue, red or purple
-£20 GBP (SRP) 

On Sale and available through all good Nukeproof retailers from 29th October 2020


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 The fact this has literally one comment says a lot about PB readership. Not a bad thing, just interesting. For the record, these are amazing! Thank you Nukeproof! My kid is gonna love these and now I have new rewards for half decent behavior.
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 Well, it does look like it was just published Smile

I'd be interested in those pedals for my daughter's bike since the pedals that came with it are about dead. But I'd be even more interested in a composite version with replaceable pins--I won't spend for alloy platforms on my bike, and I'm even less willing to for a kid's bike.
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 And what does it say exactly?...
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 @facelessghost: yep, pedals for kids are kinda missing link, also not that much cranks inn 150/155 size;
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 @coadymacmillan: That they don't have kids.
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 @facelessghost: Um but some of the staff do...
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 Thats a weird way of saying "FIRST!!!"
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 @nickmalysh: my daughter has been running the origin8 Al kid pedal starting with her 12” spawn banshee and now on her 26” ht. They have been and continue to be outstanding pedals but good to see another option.
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 @nickmalysh: yup. I clicked this hoping there'd be a crankset.
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 @nickmalysh: From my own experience, I think 155 is too big for kids and would probably be a better "standard" length for adults than 175.
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 @TimTucker: agree, length numbers where given out of the shortest possible options;

Also drivetrain for small wheels and kids require sufficient improvement, since majority of the bikes specked with acera, rather then zee/ whatever alternative we have on the market
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 @TimTucker: Trailcraft cranks - game changer
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 @gb8561: thank you!
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 @nickmalysh: Thanks to Waki, we run those trail craft cranks on daughter bike, she went from 170 to 140, much better. Great cranks.
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 Doesn't 30.8mm OD still sound a bit large for a kid's grip? I like what Hayes did last year with the ProTaper JUnit line... 31.8mm bars with a smaller diameter in the control areas to allow for grips that are closer to 22mm OD. I know we don't want too many different standards, but I'm ok with making that a standard for kid's bikes
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 A number of kid focused brands like commencal and clearly bikes have embraced a 19mm grip surface so it seems to be the new standard in that area. Like you said with a standard adult bar you can only get the grips so small.
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 @CONomad: with lock ons it's basically impossible to make thin and soft drips for normal bars but with normal grips it's more ok
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 Check out the SDG Jr Pro Kit, it has a nice option for smaller pedals and a 19mm handlebar. Not super cheap either but another good option.
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 30.8 od grips? that's adult sized.
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 This stuff looks good. Grips thin enough for kids to actually grab the brakes too is definitely good (and not just because some kids are going too fast for us oldies Wink ). Nukeproof being Nukeproof, I can imagine this line will expand into a range including 26" and 24" rims (also cool for us oldies) and possibly a proper range of kids frames to challenge Commencal at that pricepoint.
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 Nukeproof has a sick line of kids of the few to challenge Commencal a bit (hardtails at least). They even use the kids-suspension by Manitou..which many boutique kids brands have yet to even spec. The grips aren't thin enough, they are similar to the long standing Spank Grom Grips that we have. Protaper's are tho and have two sizes (one is for 4-6yro, the other 27mm is for older kids). SDG's are nice too.

Agreed on the wheels, that's where there is opportunity for OEM wheels. Kids benefit immensely from something light like a Stans Crest Mk3 wheelset. Its MORE than enough wheel for literally everything (big freeride crashes and park laps) if built with 32h spokes/hubs, while being super light. If Nukeproof could copy/license those on their kids bikes...that would be a game changer. That being said, the Sunringle Duroc's are pretty sweet...tho a bit heavier than Stan's iirc.
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 @Svinyard: seconding Stans Crest Mk3 wheelset (32h Bitex hubs) - swapped 24in set from Norco Fluid fs to this custom-built set - big difference for an 8 y.o. 700gm weight difference.
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 GBP60 for 330gm pedals? check what German friends Vpace do: these are 200gm and kids love them. Ahh, sorry they are not red...
291gm kids saddle? Refer to Vpace again. Sorry, 200gm difference just on two components is a big difference for a kids bike. Going in the right direction, but you can do much better Nukeproof.
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 Yes, totally accept we can make them lighter, but then they wouldn't be the style of pedal we want for our little urchins. These are essentially scaled down Horizon/ Sam Hill pedals so designed to take abuse! If most kids are like ours, they are generally not too delicate with products!
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 For stability, I'd rather have my kids on a longer pedal -- the Vpace pedals take the common route of cutting weight by just making the pedal shorter.

Kactus 16T had a much lower weight with a longer platform, but the stock pins were garbage and they were far too "spinny" for my kids (made it a lot harder to get feet onto them more securely):

Currently they ride with Tioga Dazz Lites, which have somewhat aggressive pins (for nylon), a longer platform, and a little thicker grease so they don't spin by hand quite as freely.

Looking forward to trying out the Wellgo J345 once they become more widely available -- they look like they'll hit on just about everything most people want from a kids' pedal: decent grip / light weight / long platform / low cost. From translating a few Japanese sites with listings it sounds like they should be out in the spring:
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 Neat pedals but that shape is probably going to get the pedal hung up. Most kids pedals have rounded/angled outboard faces so they glance off strikes better.
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 You don't want to smash urchin into that handle bar and those pedals wont be nice to urshins either
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 Anyone able to recommend any brakes (non disc) or just V levers that are good for kid size (9 years old) paws? My boys next bike is ready to go, old Trek 8000 SLR frame so no disc mounts and the V levers i have are a bit beyond his reach. Literally, not figuratively. Smile
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 Look into the Hayes Dominion with the SFL lever? That's designed for people with smaller hands and is intended for Kids, small women.
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 @danimaniac: they sound a bit 'discy'...thanks though Smile
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 @w0dge: oh sorry mate.. i should try to read every word ;-)
On my daughters bike some sort of Tektro Brake is specced. Looks similar to the Tektro TS325A junior. That one can be found wiggle/CRC or ebay.
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 @danimaniac: thanks chap Smile
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 They should of name the components " Little Bastards!! " instead. Not after some bottom feeder....
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 Can I be a kid again?!?!
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 Nice work Nukeproof;

Nice Flat pedals for kids!
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 Brilliant. Having just bought my 12 year old an S Works enduro, I think small pedals would be brilliant fit him. Incoming Xmas present
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 Nice grips. Will definitely pick some up for my young bloke. Bars look nice too.
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 Midgets be liking this shit too.
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 It's too bad they didn't follow with SDG's kid sized handlebar and grip diameters.
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 Good stuff...
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 Nice work Nukeproof
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 no green! /imout my kid rebels against anything that isnt green haha
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 Stoked to be able to buy some proper flat pedals for my daughter!

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