Nukeproof Shows Off Nigel Pages' Custom Giga 290 EWS Race Bike

Jun 23, 2021
by Nukeproof  

In what feels like a lifetime ago in 2017, we organised a little surprise for Nigel, a hand painted Mega in the colours of his childhood hero; Barry Sheene.

However 2017 was a pretty busy year for us and the Mega we painted was soon superseded by the Mega Carbon. So, With the launch of the new Giga and with Nige’s involvement in this, we just had to do another one. This time he can ride/ race it all year.

Tribute to Barry Sheene
Barry #1 2017 Mega 275

Barry's Return: 2021 Giga 290

Prior to leaving for the first Enduro World Series, we dropped him a little present round to get built. This time on a Giga 290c frame we chose the iconic Sheene livery of the 1978 Suzuki RG500 (click on the link to see the original bike). Just to finish it off we also printed Nige a custom jersey based on our Blackline Race kit which compliments the bike perfectly! The Bike looks insane built up. A huge thank you once again to Jonny at Elite Refinish, Belfast for the insane paint work and detail and also Steven Mooney, our youthful Graphic designer for his design skills on this one.

Nigel just letting you know this is Barry #2


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 Good looking bike. Maybe think about offering similar paintjobs to the customer with extra cash, build a reputation for equally great looking and riding bikes
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 I can't imagine how long that took to paint like that though. It would probably be a good amount of extra cash.
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 Anyone willing to pay for that kind of paint job likely doesn't have the patience to wait for that kind of paint job.
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 Just FYI... In Australia to have a 'Barry' is to have a terrible run / crash / incident. One of our famous singers of a few decades ago is Barry Crocker. Through the rhyming slang introduced by our Cockney cousins who came to our continent by the boatload and in chains, Barry Crocker was rhyming slang for 'shocker', e.g. Question: How was your race run? Answer: I had an absolute Barry and ended up mid-pack.
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 Although I liked Sheene, I was so excited when King Kenny came on the scene and started the wave of great GP riders from the USA (Spencer, Lawson, Mamola, Rainey, Schwantz, KR jr., and Hayden). I had a Roberts replica RZ in high school.
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 Great days and great battles Roberts vs Sheene, Roberts vs Spencer, Spencer vs Lawson, Lawson vs Gardner, Rainey vs Schwantz and Mamola sideways everywhere.
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 @kona83coxy: Long live Mamola, the clown prince of GP racing. Rossi picked up a thing or two from him.

The Anglo American match races at Brands Hatch were always fun to watch.
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 Amazing looking bike for a great human! Cheers Pagey, good luck this season.
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 "I thought this is not racing, it's a suicide mission"
A quote from Barry Sheene's campaign to remove the Isle of Man TT races from the world championships in the 70's
Thankfully the TT didn't end completely after this and thrives as the greatest road race.

Other than that, bike looks sick!
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 Breaking News: Nigel Page's Custom Giga 290 STOLEN.
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 Wicked, Barry would love that if he were still with us.
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 I bumped into Barry many years ago (around 1999/2000ish. A group of us had ridden from Sydney to the Gold Coast on our road bikes to celebrate a mates 21st and also his wedding. We were all parked along the esplanade, bikes lined up, helmets and jackets on the seats. "Bazza" was walking past with his kids and he was saying something along the lines of "I remember when this model bike came out, absolutely terrible ride, all cramped up and that hot exhaust under you bum, but shit they are quick" (talking about a Ducati 916 that a mate ride up). We recognised him and struck up a chat. Fan boy moments for a few of us that followed the GPs and knew of Barry's legendary status, a few pics (before mobile phones etc) and then the question "so, whuch of you geezers owns this piece of shite?" (talking of the already mentioned 916) my mate pipes up "yeah, ummmm, that what be mine". Barry asked if he bought it new, mate said no, bought it 2nd hand off a bloke in Wollongong. Joke was made about the bloke being Troy Corser (1996 WSB Champion) and cue me butsting out in laughter. Barry asked whats so funny, quipping "no way Troy would ever part with any of his bikes, they are his babies". Barry was shicked when my mate turned and said, absolutely deadpan in his tone and goes, "yeah, actually mate, this was one of Troy's old bikes. One of the first 916s in Oz". Nearly had to call 000 to come revive Bazza there and then! Many laughs were had that afternoon and we bumped into him a few times as we rode around the hinterland for the week. Absolutely champion bloke, was great for a laugh when we bumped into him over the next year or so afterwards.
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 'And Barry Sheene appears to be waving at Kenny Roberts' - so said Murray Walker as Sheene was actually giving Roberts 2 fingers! Legend!
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 Can imagine Barry’s voice of excitement seeing that bad boy
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 Yeah, "this Pagey blokes got sum taste innee, ee might be a norvener but that bike looks proper guvna"
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 Giving the fingers Looking back at king Kenny, nice.
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 #refurbmybike is in Belfast:
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( Santa Cruz, where you at !? )
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 Is this the official German Flag paint job ?
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 No, the forbidden Alberta bike was.
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 Paint job looks Intense.
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 So many Barry jokes....

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