Race Report: NW Cup Round 4, Silver Mountain

Jun 29, 2018
by Casey & Scott  

Silver Mountain Bike Park, home to almost 40 trails that include wide double-track and mellow single-track to full-on expert level downhill trails and jump lines. Every rider can find a trail that fits there style and skill. As the Northwest Cup took over Kellogg, Idaho, the riders became filled with excitement because to some, it is even "better than Whistler". Throughout every race weekend, the weather is always questionable. Riders and spectators have learned to prepare for everything from cold rain to burning sunshine. Silver was no different. From thunderstorms or rain in the evening to sun and partial clouds during the day, the dirt conditions remained the same throughout the weekend, good and loamy. However, no matter how good the conditions remained, the crashes did not stop.

From Cat 3 to Pro Men, riders faced rough berms and shredder corners.

Damon Sedivy put down solid a run with a 00:02:21.32 in both placing him in seventh in both his race and seeding runs. (Pro Men)

Looking ahead to the corner Henri Vergara-Grindell drifted outside before continuing down the run. (Cat 2 Men 15-18.)

Pro riders Kasper Dean and Demetri Traintfillou share their mixed feelings about heading out for one last practice lap. (Pro Men)

Jenna Norris faced struggles during her race run giving her a 00:04:06.85, nearly a minute behind her competition. (Cat 2 Women 19-39)

Halvor Norris sends it over the log drop during practice. (Cat 1 Men 19-29)

After taking countless practice laps throughout the weekend, Carson Domen struggled to put it together for his race run. (Cat 2 Men 15-18.)

Pro Women rider, Sarah Olsen, found her place in the number one spot for the second race in a row with a time of 00:02:54.74. Olsen was one of the only women to finish under 3 minutes.

Jeremy Sodorff took the inside line as he dropped into FrankenBeans during his race run and finished with a 00:02:47.55. (Cat 2 Men 30-39)

After getting the number 2 spot in seeding, Carson Eiswald made up time and put down a nearly perfect run. Eiswald put down the fastest time on the mountain over the weekend during his race run, 00:02:14.06, putting him in first place. (Pro Men)

Autumn Parham dominated her category with 00:02:53.95 which would have put her in first place in Pro Women. Olsen was one of the two women riders that finished their race run under 3 minutes. (Junior Ex Women)

The practice paid off for Kyle Morden when he finished with a 00:02:37.80 and took the number 2 spot on the podium. (Cat 2 Men 30-39)

Coming off of a podium spot at Mt. Hood, Spencer Ervin took his first win in Junior Ex with a 00:02:27.83, nearly 4 seconds faster than the competition. (Junior Ex Men)

The Cat 1 and Pro riders began preparing to race down the trail favorite, FrankenBeans. When the trail preview videos were released, they were surprised with a new trail, a rebuilt Snake Pit. Some riders entered the weekend with a disappointment. Cat 2 was given the opportunity to race Frank and Beans while Cat 1 and Pro had to learn a new trail. It was said that the new trail was incredibly technical which forced riders to ride with full control or else mistakes would occur. Between fast sections and difficult corners, Cat 1 and Pro riders were put to the test.

When the riders are given a new trail, they take time to study and discuss each part.

Liam Gillikin tested out the wood drop on Frankenbeans during practice. Racing in the biggest category of the race led to tight competition on race day. There were nearly 10 seconds between first place and where Gillikin placed, eighth. (Cat 2 Men 15-18.)

Riley Plummer put down quick practice laps and a solid seeding run but unfortunately missed a podium spot by a mere 4 seconds. (Junior Ex Men)

Carson Eiswald and Damon Sedivy take time to talk about the new trail during practice on Sunday morning.

Waiting for his dad, Braden Delzer, sat on his bike before going on for another practice run. Both Braden, and his dad Brad placed second in their categories. (Cat 2 Men 0-14)

Branson Deutsche had an unfortunate race run putting him in 11th out of the 15 in his category with a time of 00:02:47.25. (Cat 3 Men 15-18.)

Although Pro Men rider Bob Stenson typically runs tubeless, Stenson clipped a rock and shredded his tire during Sunday practice causing him to buy a tube for the race. According to event coordinator, Casey Northern, the record for the most popped tires in one day over the weekend was 10 from one rider. Clearly, Bob was not the only one that faced a flat. (Pro Men)

While some enjoyed the open practice on Saturday, most riders were frustrated by the long line at the end of the run. Some even felt the need to push up rather than taking the lift.

Although Nate Connolly practised on Friday and Saturday, he was unable to start his race run on Sunday, leaving him with a DNS in the books. (Cat 2 Men 40-49)

Nikolas Clarke showed off his helmet designed for and by his new sponsor this season, Montuckey Cold Snacks.

Riders took time out of practice to throw down some laps and take pictures on Hammer.

Seth Fuller leads Trent Freeze into the first jump on Jackass. The two riders finished within 2 seconds of each other in their race run. (Cat 3 Men 11-14)

Brian Osborn leaned into the corner and finished his race run with a 00:02:41.63, only 0.6 seconds off of the podium (Cat 3 Men 40+)

The Klein siblings, Elliot and Nory, wait for there parent coaches before heading down for another lap.

Riders on each trail were given incredible views from the mountains to the town of Kellogg.

Kaeden Earsley bounced over the roots and weaved through the trees on Frakenbeans giving himself a 00:02:30.68. (Cat 2 Men 15-18.)

Coming out of retirement, Weston Potter pulled out a clean run and earned himself a podium spot with a time of 00:02:19.26. (Pro Men)

Sarah Olsen helps out fellow rider, Austin Lancaster by applying KT to his shoulder during practice.

Matt Johnston broke through the tight trees during practice but struggled to put it together during his race run. (Pro Men)

The best way to watch the races is with your best friend.

Fox Head generously donated a new helmet to the NW Cup once again. The winner was so happy to get rid of his ugly helmet, he couldn't hold back the toothless smile!

For facts from the weekend see below and for all results from the weekend, click HERE

• Round 4 of the NW Cup
• June 22, 2018 – June 24, 2018
• Silver Mountain Bike Park, Mt. Kellogg, Idaho
• 281 riders
• Cat 1 and Pro rode Snake Pit
• Cat 2 rode FrankenBeans
• Cat 3 rode Jackass

For more photos from the weekend click HERE.

Silver Mountain Resort mountain biking trails

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Junior Ex Women Podium Left to Right Ella Erickson Autumn Parham Sydney Haberman.
Junior Ex Women Podium: (Left to Right) Ella Erickson, Autumn Parham, Sydney Haberman.
Junior Ex Men Podium Louie Blair Zach McCracken Spencer Ervin Chris Wharton.
Junior Ex Men Podium: (Left to Right) Louie Blair, Zach McCracken, Spencer Ervin, Chris Wharton.

Pro Women Podium Left to Right Chelsea Kimball Sarah Olsen Alicia Leggett.
Pro Women Podium: (Left to Right) Chelsea Kimball, Sarah Olsen, Alicia Leggett.
Pro Men Podium Left to Right Weston Potter Rhys Ewing Carson Eiswald Demetri Traintfillou Kent Billingsley.
Pro Men Podium: (Left to Right) Weston Potter, Rhys Ewing, Carson Eiswald, Demetri Traintfillou, Kent Billingsley.


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 Demetri needs to change his last name to Simpson. It's easier to pronounce and as you can clearly see in the photo, he only has 3 fingers.
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 Yeah Carsdawg!
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 "Liam Gillikin tested out the wood drop on Frankenbeans during practice. Racing in the biggest category of the race led to tight competition on race day. There were nearly 10 seconds between first place and where Gillikin placed, eighth. (Cat 2 Men 15-18.)" Thats not Frankenbeans thats Baby Swiss.
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 Baby Swiss is a feature on Franken Beans. However Silver Mt names each section of trail, so I’m always confused what’s what.
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 @mattradical: Baby Swiss is a trail off of Frakenbeans, not just a feature since is a drop to step up. Baby Swiss is a spur trail, Frankenbeans runs to riders left of Baby Swiss.
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 Awesome write up and killer event. That’s my stunt double in the picture
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 Such an under used bike park too!
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