NZ Mountain Biker Magazine Releases Free Digital Copy of Issue 98

May 1, 2020
by Cam Baker  

For us, mountain biking is more than a sport or hobby. It's our life, and I'm sure the same is true for most that read this. Covid-19 has limited, or even taken away, the ability for many of us to ride our bikes outdoors, and so we've made our latest issue of New Zealand Mountain Biker available for free digital download. Our magazine is typically only available in New Zealand and select Australian retailers (although we were working on making it internationally available right as Covid-19 struck), so I'm stoked to be able to share it with riders that wouldn't get their hands on our magazine!

Issue #98 ended up being a really balanced issue content-wise, and I'm excited to share it. Between our covers you'll find a photo-essay from Nepal, a story on our weekend aboard a Juliana Joplin at Jamie Nicoll's Nomadic weekend with Sven and Anka Martin, a feature on Hans Rey & Martin Maes' Trans Hong Kong adventure and so much more. We've got reviews, some photos from some of our favourite local photographers and you might even find a recipe hiding away somewhere...

I hope our magazine helps you escape the real-world for a few hours. To get your hands on a copy, hit the link below!

Download your copy of NZ Mountain Biker here

NZ Mountain Biker Magazine is produced and printed in New Zealand by Pedal Press Limited. Our goal is to showcase the best of mountain biking both in New Zealand and globally.


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 “Thanks for signing up! Your free issue will be arriving in your inbox any second. If you don't see it, please check your junk“. Urology dept. closed due to Covid. Self examinated, one thing led to another and now I need a free issue of playboy.
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 Nice Cam!

An unashamed plug: this has my review for the Craftworks ENR high pivot enduro frame in it. It's the most stoked I've been on a bike ever, so I kinda want people to check it out!
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 I"m old (school). Would love to subcribe to your beautiful print magazine, but looks like it's only for NZ Frown Any US distributors by any chance? Cheers!
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 Something we were working on right before Covid! Send me a message with the best email to get in touch with you on and I'll see what I can do. Glad you loved the mag!
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 @nzmountainbikermag: Thanks, PM sent
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 Is there any chance you will make your magazine available through the Apple App Store? I would like to subscribe but tend to read off an IPad as it suits my travel lifestyle.
Great reed, appreciate the freebie
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 Epic guys????keep up the great work
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 I'm on gmail. Not in inbox not in spam but in 'important'. AI is alive. Thanks guys
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 Didn't work for me. Entered my email, but didn't get sent a link to a copy.
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 Check the spam / junk mail folder, that's where it was for me.

ps. It's a 355 MB pdf Smile
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 @Jacquers: I did check junk/spam folder. No dice.
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 @tacklingdummy: Just messaged you a download link!
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 @nzmountainbikermag: FYI: I did get the email notification, but it was 2 days after. Usually automatic emails are instant.

The magazine is excellent. Thank you.
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 note, the price is agreeing to receive advertisement to your email (required checkbox)
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 Nice one.
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