Video: 3976 Meters Down With Fabien Barel

May 7, 2014
by Julbo Eyewear  
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Ten days of riding in Guatemala, going up and down the 3,976m of Acatenango volcano with a triple world champion - this was the trip of a lifetime for Rodolphe, the lucky winner of the Julbo Ride Session. Doing runs in these spectacular landscapes with all their technical and varied terrain...this was a fantastic trip that will give you itchy feet!

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 You know why everyone loves Barel? Including me. Because he has and shows something that is not so common in professional riders. He´s Happy.

Heal Well Fabien!
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 Fabien Barel and Cedric Gracia have the same funny child ridding on a bike.
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flag thunder13 (May 7, 2014 at 15:51) (Below Threshold)
 what pro rider isn't happy?
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 Maybe there are a lot of pro riders that are happy. But there are only a few that show it, like Barel or Gracia. Barel is always laughing. Always making funny videos. Always kind with everyone, journalist, photographers and fans. Alwayshas time for a picture with a big smile. Believe, there are not so many pro riders with that "carisma"
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 @thunder13: gee atherton, for example. apart from the little chat he had with a guy during the training at cairns, he seems to be quite a prick.
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 @pyromaniac,I guess he takes his job really seriously, some people are like that. I know i sound like a fan boy (I am for Brook haha), but calling people a prick based off a few articles and videos is a bit harsh.
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 Yeh, Josh Bryceland is the only one who is not happy as a pro rider i guess. As for the rest who doesnt like being paid to do what you love (any job) it sure has its ups and down. @allier cm'n man.
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 Yeah, I'm sure lots of other riders are happy and love riding like Barel, but he definitely seems to have a great vibe and charisma that lots of riders don't (at least in their videos).
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 Gee gets way to much hate. I am sure he is super happy with being a pro, some people are just not the giddy goofy types.
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 I agree with most of you. That´s why i posted that Barel "shows" his happiness. The same with Gracia. Maybe Gee, Josh, Graves, Clementz or Minnaar are extremely happy, but they barely show it. And again, if you show that "happiness" when you ride or making videos, will certainly bring people to admire you. I was at the EWS in Chillán, and Gracia was the only one that gave a show for the public, and still being competitive! Nico Quere too. Gracia did a "manual" right in front of our noses going downhill at 50km/hr. You gotta love that! Cheers
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 @allier 100% with you man. That racy feeling on a bike we should have too.
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 I really think this is a bit ridiculous. Everyone is the way he is, and that's fine, some people are more outgoing than others. you may like it or not, but you cant change so.
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 did someone actually say ratboy isn't a happy guy?
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 The 'Ratboy isn't happy' comment has to be a typo. The boy's insanely happy all the time!
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 Obviously i was making a joke about ratboy, he is the most happy, so they are all. Otherwise they would have had other jobs now!
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 @RitzKrakerz13 Peat and RatBoy are insanely happy like the guys of that tv program "JackAss" but MTB version.
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 Awesome edit! One of the best ever on PB, IMO! This is the real spirit of mountain bike: riding all day long, exploring new places, making great encounters and enjoying life! Plus, Fabien is such a nice guy -- I had the chance to meet him at Mont-Sainte-Anne, Qc, when he was still racing and he's very personable and humble… VOTM stuff for me.
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 Climbing to the top and going down at full speed. This is mountain biking. Is there anything better?
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flag Extremmist (May 7, 2014 at 14:11) (Below Threshold)
 "Is there anything better?"

Yes, a helicopter. I hate uphill climbs.
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 As opposed to downhill climbs?
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 But the downhill feels so much better when you earned it by grinding up to the top!
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 downhill is only half the mountain, it is mtb after all
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 @WhatsEnduro -- It's a pretty good half, you'd have to admit. I get it though -- earning your turns makes the downhill all the more special.
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 first things first, if you want to down you must up, unless you call Saul, lawyer and helicopter pilot.
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 Rodolphe looks like he could hang on the EWS scene himself, he certainly had no trouble following Fabien.
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 The shots at night looked incredible and same with the descent. I can't imagine how epic that trip must have been.
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 Fabien,gotta be the coolest man in mountainbiking?Cool edit also,that place looks amazing.
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 Super good. The current lot of web-vids coming out should definitely take a page from this one: no (more!!!) need for super slo-mo drivetrain intros or gratuitous dirty-shots of a power slide around a berm (cool, you can skid - that's awesome :-))...

just film people riding... smiling helps too.
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 I want Fabien Barel's life! Hands down. Great video, trip and edit.
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 I hiked Acatanengo a couple of years ago and was treated to one of the most spectacular sunsets of my life. I've never seen clouds move like I did up there. I didn't have a bike to get back down on — that looked like way more fun than walking.
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 What a week for videos! This video and This is Peaty are so good! Makes the wait for the next WC DH a bit more bearable. Heal fast and well Fabien! We're looking forward to seeing you ride and race a lot more.
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 Alagrán ya me robaron el sueño este par, pero gracias! Porque en la distancia me trajeron a mi tierra haciendo lo que mas me gusta. Yo solo he bajado uno, y creo que este video va a movernos. Un saludo a todos los que hemos recorrido las veredas chapinas y a los que día a día encuentran nuevos senderos haciendo de este deporte el mejor de todos!
Wosh these guys stole my dream, but thanks! At ghe distance brings me my country doing my favorite activity. I just downhill one, but I know it's gonna move us. My Hi! to all bikers wich runs our millenium tracks and those who day by day find new roads making this the best sport.
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 Barel is a fantastic Ambassador for what we do, always great to watch, hope hes around forever.
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 So sick.
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 I Wonder how many times I'd crash trying to keep up with Fab. Many no doubt.
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 Man... Fabien Barel knows how to make a fun trip! One of the best mountain biker spirit to me!
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 Vids like this are reminding me why I love to mountain bike so much. Beautiful edit, great times...thanks for posting.
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 I've been in Guatemala, not for riding, just visiting, and it is truly amazing. Thanks for sharing this with us guys! Your rock!
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 Ridden all these trails—didn't have to win a trip to do it.

Bought a plane ticket and moved to Guatemala and got a job and rode every day.
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 Is there any chance to be a Fabien Barel in my next life?Great video,Fabien heal up soon!!!
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 So the person who wins just happens to have the same brand of clothing, protection and bike as barel? Is this really set up or did he get kitted out for this? :/
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 stoked for that dude, that looks like the trip of a lifetime.
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 Coolest vid so far !
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 everything is easy when you're sponsored. all the less fortunate average person can do is work his ass off and pay full price for the bikes and the way there, and hope there is enough left to survive when he gets back home.
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 What do you mean by "fortunate"? He didn't win the sponsorship deal in a lottery. And there are a few sponsored riders in CZ too, so become one of them.
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 By "fortunate" i mean those who had access to the sport from the very beginning of their lives. I was crazy about riding when i was 13, and was able to sort of fix my bike and get it running with very little help. Back then i had a second hand standard steel frame mountain bike with corroded tires and vbrakes that would only work occasionally. My parents didn't invest in that because "it was stupid". I could only afford a real bike when i got my own wage later on - after several years of working here and there once i turned 18 (legal age for getting a job in Romania) However, not all of us have the comfort of being able to ride, as bills gather up and so on. Now, you try going 12 hours a day, 5 days a week to work, take care of the house living on your own and make the most out of the very little time you have left for riding when you're 20 and your blood is pumping through your veins like molten lava. Only now at 26 am i able to invest more time and effort and only now am i able to hang out here and sort of manage riding, work and home, with my girlfriend helping me. Becoming a sponsored rider is not an easy task, and i know most have had their struggles with it through life, but don't let your general view on life be distorted by watching other people's luck unfold in front of them. Lets not forget that this is one of the tricky ways the media uses to make all these things seem possible, while most guys here struggle to get a second hand mechanical disk brake on their bikes. Cash does not grow on trees for some of us, and without help you get nowhere fast. It's nice to watch, very motivating, but on the other hand it's an exclusive reality for those who have had the means at an early age. No means to insult or piss off anyone, but sometimes all this seems like a fairy tale and people tend to forget how hard it really is to get that cash to pay full price for your parts if you're part of the
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 You see all those bikes in my gallery ? guess who had the time to ride them. NO ONE ! they were eventually sold as finished builds to people with more time and cash for maintenance.
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 Best video in the series.! Excellent!
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 That must be so nice, after going so far, just to mob it downhill...
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 more inspiration to keep on going great video.
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 Digitally induced glaucoma.
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 lucky winner!!!
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 Love the catalan flag on his tee
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 hey my friend the wanker. long time no see on here. guess you even jerk off with the flag round your prick
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 que te follen independista hijo de perra, la proxima vez diles que te hagan una bandera para ti cabronazo!!!!! Si quieres independencia vete a la puta que lo pario, no a pinkbike inutil!!!!

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