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Off. Season. What? - Video

Dec 13, 2016
by Dustin Carlson  
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If you are a bike mechanic in Moab, these are the days that you dream of. Very few tourists and tons of free time to get out riding. Glover, Rat bait, and Cam are bike mechanics in Moab, Utah. Their off-season starts December 1st. This is how they celebrate!

Moab mountain biking trails

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 We met a tweeker in all camo at a bar on Main Street with a barbershop theme/chairs(?) and we spent the night in his trailer down toward the NW? part of town, by a sewage plant I think. Bought some Cinnamon Schnapps at the government store the next morning and rode Slickrock and it was cold AF. Stairway to Heavin for real. I asked my dude driving me back down towards Four Corners to stop at highway 666 so i could steal a sign (this is the 90s) but I was too hurt in the backseat to uncurl. The 5$ "Navajo Tacos" weren't Tacos and didn't help. Never been back. Love that place though.....
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 I read this in Ed Abbey's voice.
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 @beerdrinker: Hayduke Lives!
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 See if those guys can pick up my skin for me while they're at it. I've left a lot of forearm and shin meat on that trail. Pretty epic spot. Tough to beat back-to-back-to-back days on Amasa/Ahab, The Whole E, and Mag7. Must-do three-day trip.
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 So glad to be able to say, ‘been there, done that.’

...and bring back the Whole Enchilada Enduro Race!!!! What happened? I got to ride the inaugural in 2012 and now it’s gone!?!?!? Just wrong.
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 I'm so sad I missed that a couple years back... what an epic race.
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 Great video. The song is a little like getting a BJ w/ braces.
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 At least there won't be endless comments asking who did the soundtrack. Awful audio, awesome video.
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 Too much slow motion for me, I had to fast-forward it to watch it in normal speed.
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 Music is the hardest thing to get right with these videos! You either get free tunes from YouTube, which are never good, or start paying big bucks for something slightly better. kind of like getting a BJ with braces... :^)
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 this is the same song as www.pinkbike.com/news/roll-the-dice-khs-video-2016.html, posted on the same day. weird.
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 It seems like that goddamn song is in every other mountain bike video. >. Great video none the less. Cheers.
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 Reading the replies makes me realize how lucky we are to live in Colorado (where the biking doesn't suck either) and having Moab as a great weekend getaway.. I can't even begin to count how many times I have been there, 4 times this year.. maybe 50 times in my life? Such a fun place..
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 That ain't enduro there eeeasy rider... - that's ol' school all mountain ridin'. They had to climb some tech to get there. Up Hymasa, down Ahab is one of my favorite all time runs, anywhere. Excellent video!!!
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 Agreed, rode it in Oct. Such a fun trail, then they show the drop at the end on the old amasa back jeep trail, classic.
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 Pretty sure eeeasy was referring to the Specialized Enduro one of the dudes is riding in this clip and not the discipline of mtb itself. Why do folks have such a hard time with the term anyway? Sheesh, just ride people.
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 @elsinore: Ah, I see.

Had to watch that vid again - so gooooood !!!
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 I've been lucky enough to ride a lot of great places. Before I had a chance to check it out, I thought Moab might be over-rated but once I started riding there, I think it's one of the best places to ride in the US
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 Oh no! Not overrated in the least. I remember the first time I went there, I thought to myself, "Why did I drive five hours to ride when I can ride some pretty good trails in mere minutes from my home? Is it worth it?" The answer: yes. Worth every bit of it.
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 Thanks for taking care of my bike when I was in Moab in Oct. Smile
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 Any time!
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 Well, let's see. I counted twenty one endo's if that was me riding. When I watch these videos, it shows how far I have to go to become that skilled. Geesh!
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 Wicked place, good to see local rippers rippin on trails overwhelmed by us touri.
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 That would be, dream trip to Moab off season... some day.
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 ...and when you celebrate in slow motion there's a lot more fun!... and longer videos
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 Who should I submit my resume to?
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 Man, I got to check Porcupine Rim off the bucket list, but I think I need a new bucket list.
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 Make sure Porcupine Rim stays on the list!
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 Well done boys! Reppin MC for life!
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 Very cool! Glad to see you guys enjoying the paradise you reside in!
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 Chingon video... awesome video. Been there once and defo will be again sometime soon.
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 Great video, great riding, great editing! Really nice work, keep it up. I am already dreaming of my yearly weekend pilgrimage to Moab this Spring.
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 I just drooled all over myself.
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 what was flapping around on the underside of the dude on the white Spesh's bike?
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 cables, or his chain?
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 Longer cable loop so when going DEEP into travel it doesn't pull 'em. Very serious video analysis!
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 That looks pretty damn rad.
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 such a rad edit, best one i've see in a long time!
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 MOAR rowdy trail riding videos like this!
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 Looked like cables but why have a loop like an extra 3 inches below the bike?
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 Enduro dude rips!
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 Lose the song and the slow mo and you got a decent video.
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 Moab is legandary

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