Official Video: Slopestyle Crankworx Rotorua

Mar 29, 2015
by Red Bull Bike  

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 @sexley, Semenuk was reported to have blurred vision after his crash on the last jump during his 1st run. Do any of the armchair commenters think they could ride the course at all? Never mind with blurred vision? Props to him for even trying a 2nd time. Awesome contest though and AMAZING course I thought.
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flag poah (Mar 29, 2015 at 12:50) (Below Threshold)
 if he had blurred vision and he tried again - moron if you ask me, should have been at hospital
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 Most people would be at the hospital with a broken collar bone, spine damage AND a concussion. Amazing that Semenuk was able to stand up after that!
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flag AndyMandura (Mar 29, 2015 at 13:05) (Below Threshold)
 He broke his collar bone?!?!
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flag scott-townes (Mar 29, 2015 at 13:23) (Below Threshold)
 Pft, blurred vision? I could do it blindfolded.
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 If he had blurred vision I would have questioned taking a second run. Even though it had a short end, it could have ended horribly, don't know if it was the best of ideas but I am glad he's ok. He probably only dislodged one of his optical circuits.
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 @scott-townes you could probably ride the course on a giant penis rocketship too?
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 Easy to condemn Sem' when you're a bunch of shit turds that can't ride & never had the potential to be anywhere near the position he's in. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a guy that can win all 3 C-Worx events (& is expected to by almost everyone because he's that formidable of an opponent), the Diamond Series & the FMB World Tour overall title because he's a straight up winning machine. Imagine having the first win on the way to all that being down to the last jump of nine & pushing a little too hard, maybe a little harder than necessary & then NOT try to take the 2nd run if you think you might be able to do the same run again but without that end of run mistake. The win was right there with the same run clean & a definite 2nd or even still maybe the win if he had left out the bar on that 7.

You pussy cvnts might do the same if you were staring the same situation in the face. I know I would.
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flag scottyrides5 (Mar 29, 2015 at 18:30) (Below Threshold)
 I am actually a big fan of Semenuk but I DGAF about your caliber or anything else, still looks to me like he threw a bitch-fit and left. Sure, everyone has their off days and crashes and whatnot, but don't act like a poon at a huge international event. Suck it up, put your big boy pants on and walk off with smile for the cameras, and be a poon on your own time. I get this feeling that some of these top riders feel like they are there for everyone and it's suuch a hard job (yeah it's not easy, I get it). Instead it's really like everyone is there for them though, and they should be grateful for their skills and a huge slopestyle scene catering to them and not having to be a trash collector or something instead. Anyways.. that's just my opinion, take it or leave it, still huge props to all those guys cus it ain't no joke out there!
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 As Wink Grant said on twitter "If you can throw your bike in excitement, you can certainly throw your bike in disappointment. It goes both ways."
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 bookieboy- Of course not, its not a giant penis rocket ship slope comp.
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 The other thing to think about is that Semenuk seems like the type of person who holds himself to such a high standard that if he doesn't win he considers himself a failure. (The whole, if you're not first you're last mentality) He's just serious about his job. Can't really blame him.
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 Maarrk - Definitely agree about Semenuk holding himself to such high standards. Seems that many of the top guys out there pushing the boundaries are just soo passionate and it truly is their whole life, so I do understand the whole being super disappointed with yourself when you know you could have done better. Can't win them all though! Just gotta go out there and give her all you got and try to make the most of it! Of course that's easier said than done though hah.
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 I thought the hissy fit was awesome. But it probably was because he had blurred vision or just not feeling right. I bet most of us thought it was a re-aggravated collar bone. Either way, let us not forget how quick his second run came up. Maybe if someone got injured ahead of him, giving him some more time. He would have been able to pull it off. Or maybe it would have just been more whip-lash setting in.
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flag BullseyeXer (Mar 30, 2015 at 10:07) (Below Threshold)
 lol Brandon Semenuk is a noob Haha but i think he is going to the the Crankworx in whistler! xD
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 I love Söderströms casual everyday-clothing. Go Martin!!

Also, great event and great riding!
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 Du är från Sverige det är din plikt att heja på Martin haha
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 @amgoran me encanta cuando te embruteces
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 eh eh poutine igloo canuck zamboni!
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 @donpinpon29 I´m not that good at spanish sorry
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 @donpinpon29 but i am lol go to your skatepark bago!
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 @Amgoran I'm just jealous since I can't understand and I'm too lazy to google translate it haha
btw I meant I love it when you get rough hahaha
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 @Bullseyexer it's too far...
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 @donpinpon29 Well... I´m out of here hahaha
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 @donpinpon29 you said " I love when you get stupid" lol good bye bago! im out of here too!
cya fellas!
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 Kinda sad for semenuk but it's part of every sport you can't always be on top of podium. But everyone knows he still be the best.
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 Breet Rheeder seems like a really good guy.... great posterboy for the sport
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 i think he needs to forget about semenuk though and just do his thing. in one video he said he just wanted to stop "someone" from winning all 3 crankworx, he should just be more focused on trying to win all 3.
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 Good athletes set realistic goals. Slopestyle is a super unpredictable format, and the chance of Rheeder winning all 3 realistically is very small, although having won one it's that much closer. Beating Semenuk and the rest of the field once is a great feat, so now he might re-evaluate.
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 Such a good course. Nice to see rheeder win. Would be cool for the claw to team up with kelly mcgarry and build a course together
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 Ill be honest..... great vid. But i hate Red bull media player with a passion....
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 I do not understand, Söderströms's second run was totaly better than the first one! Why the judges gave him less score! Martin must to be in a podium position!
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 I was going crazy half way through the first run its insane how many near perfect runs were landed!
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 Such a crazy contest. Big ups to all the riders. CWX are really making a name for themselves as premiere , world class events in terms of extreme sports. These guys are athletes and the real deal. Proud to be a mountain biker!
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 Fvckin' "official video"? "Official video" &/or "highlight video" always needs top 3 runs, full stop! You left out so much killah in favor of fillah with people talking & boring backflips & shit. I'm no fan of Zink (as you all know) but the dude pulled out some pretty hefty surprises before he exploded on the 3rd jump both times. Where was that shit? McGazza's front? WTF? There was more viddy of Rheeder's glory run than Rogatkid's & Tom G's runs combined you incompetent fvckturds!

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 Take it easy mr cheesy
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 sounds like dk prior gr10
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 freeride-forever is maybe exagerating just a tiny little bit but he definitely speaks the truth
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 Song nane ???
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 Rotorua was a a big hit! Thanks to all who made it happen, it was truly impressive. Smile Ranking, don't really care, there were so many cool tricks from so many riders. On that note, tough job to judge this comp !
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 That backflip tail whip looked sooo good.
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 Congratulations Breet Rheeder!
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 Brett looked so happy he was ready to POP....
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 Brett - I dont do any DJ but that run gave me goose bumps. Full Props to all you guys for even attempting any of that stuff! That drop off the wood alone is ridiculous! I am amazed at what all these dudes can do on a bike.
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forgotten heroes of these events!!

The riders did good too Wink
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 The level of riding is so high!
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 Great presentation of the event! Good job crews!
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 Loved the forest setting for this course. Beautiful!
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 what did genon say at the end of the vid? translation please.
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 The last sentence is "I'm pretty sure everybody loved it too."
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 Its really cool that rheeder sad that about semenuk!!
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 What a show. What happened to McGazza's proto?
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 I think he worked out it was too small for him so he went back to his DB. I think Cam Zink was riding the YT Proto
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 Such a good job soderstrom! Would love to see his full run
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 RHEEDER, don't sell yourself short dude.
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 Rheeder definitely deserved the win, the dude is an animal.
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 For the riding side of the "official" video, that was sad.
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 Pubsey 3rd, sick!
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 Too bad the course was slow... caused a lot of havoc. They all looked to be pedaling their asses off.
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 Just a bit too wet still.
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