Official Video: EWS Rd 2 Teaser, Emerald Enduro, Wicklow, Ireland

May 19, 2015
by Enduro World Series  
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The season started with characteristic variety at a new venue in Rotorua, New Zealand alongside the Crankworx festival. For the second round, the Enduro World Series heads to Ireland to experience another new venue.

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 Yeow! Bring it on! I'll be hillside with as many noisy items I can find!
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It's a repost I know, but DAMN I GET STOKED EVERY TIME I WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
...and I'm a 50 year old high school teacher.

Don't be hatin'
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 55 here and much stokage! Love all things MTB. Enduro, WC Downhill and dare I say it XC.........wait for it.
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 I live 20mins riding away it's my local,I can't wait!!!
If you see anybody on a grey/orange hardtail hillside say hi.
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 Racing in the Masters and currently bricking it. Wish me luck getting back to the top for 6 & 7 ! PS #safefastsmooth......................
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 Good luck man the course is tough and the climbs are steep ✌️
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 IRELAND= Awesome, the biz, balls out all he way, class, give it soaks, milk butter potatoes, mud, muck, rain sun rain, having the craic, will ya dance....... sha willll. divil a bit. friend for life. sure will ya get on your bike ta Fook. me hole im not jumping that. pints, meet ya under the clock at clearys. sweet as a nut, sound as a pound crispy as a fiver(I'm doing Ok). its green, I'm off to drain the spuds (having a wee). cheers. jasus its mighty. tea. its cold when the sun gos in

welcome one and all. its going to be epic so it is, i hope you like my little counrty i love it, were only 4.5 million strong. we love hugs
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 Ha ha...never go full Leprechaun man!
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 what are leprechauns
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 To SeanFionn: that's the best paddywhackery and shamrockery I've ever seen. You're right to be excited though, forget your Rugby World Cup 1991, Special Olympics 2003, Ryder Cup 2006, this is the biggest thing to hit our shores. We just don't know it yet.
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 lol sure they love that sh1t
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 The climb up carrick mountain is an absolute killer. Doing it 7 times no thanks
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 Went there a few months ago, great country, great people. Thank you for your warm welcome Ireland. First time I feel a little sad on my way back home. Wicklow is a nice place, they're going to have a sh... load of fun, can't wait to see the videos. Hope the sun will show up, the hills are so beautiful when the sun shines.
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 Did anyone notice but for the preview of The 2nd round of the EWS in Ireland they used clips from last years Tweedlove EWS in Scotland?
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 Ai, all the footage was from golfy etc!!!
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 Why do people say Potatoes when they see Ireland or anything Irish?? I thought Canadians were nice people, or they not? I think they are. I also think the 'Potato' thing that people say is an attempt to be funny. Its not funny, its stupid. Makes no sense.
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 Its kinda funny, I laugh when I see it, Sure its only a bit of banter
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 tis only a bit of banter EH
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 Maple Syrup!
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 @rolandpoland it refers to the 'potato famine' in Ireland during the 1800's
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 Maybe they are thinking of Idaho
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 Call a spade a spade and a spud a spud. Sure 'tis only a bit of craic!
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 I cannot believe that this is happening just this weekend, soooooo excited!!
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 I'll be marshalling on raceday Smile For climbing, the fireroad isn't that steep so it's not bad at all, just goes on for a while....
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 Agreed the climbs are long but not steep at all really.
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 Cool my family is from Kildare not far from Wicklow,wish I could be back to check this one out.
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 just a nice casual edit
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 come back Graves!
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 Excited to see how this will turn out, assuming it will be much wetter than Rotorua!
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 6 hours on the saddle .. Now I'm nervous
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 Ha ha good one
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 Walked trails 7,6,4 and 5 today, they look mint, fuuking big rock section near the top 7!!!! Should be interesting when your knackered
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 Been here a week so far, loving the place but then all my family are from here, I'm looking forward to race day.
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 Dang, that video makes it sound pretty dammmed exciting!
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 Will this event be shown 'live' online anywhere ?
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 Can't wait!
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