Video: Olivier Cuvet Shreds His New Banshee Rune V.3

Sep 23, 2019
by Olivier Cuvet  

Olivier got one of the very first Banshee Rune V.3s, and headed to his home trails and see what it could do.

Rune V3
Loam and moss, this bike eat it all!

Rune V3
Charging through the woods

Rune V3


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 Is banshee gonna make a new Darkside?
  • 7 0
 It should, longer reach options.
  • 3 0
 yessss, please!
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 What is that strange grey container in the middle of the front triangle?
  • 13 0
 Legend has it that it is some kind of device that possibly contains drinkable liquids.
  • 7 7
 It‘s a device that gets compressed every time the rear axle moves upwards. Some people call it dampener
  • 17 6
 @vhdh666: i know what a shock is. I’m not stupid.
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 @hackjobber: Swiss sense of humor. Undskyld ham ;-)
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 @vhdh666: If a bottle gets compressed, it does become a dampener.
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 PB, could you please review the SR fork and shock?
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 @ bok-CZ : I don`t know about their shocks, but I can tell you that their forks are good. I ride a 160mm Auron RC2 for one year and I`m super happy with it. And beside its good behavior on the terrain, it is a maintenance-friendly gear compared to some others. Also the support team is super responsive when I need some advices.
Then I don`t know how long that gear can last compared to the others - bushings, cartridge, seals, etc - but I think it`s worth.
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 I rode this shock for just under a month and was amazed by good it felt. Very very good product for the price.
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 @Franzzz: I know, I´ve tried few of the nowadays line-up and I have to agree

@myfriendgoose: I can believe that, just would like to know more
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 Weird: on the video he rides a Onza Aquila front - and an Ibex rear if I`m not wrong - whereas on the static picture the bike wears a pair of Onza Citius.
Aaron Gwin`s witchcraft? Smile

Nice edit BTW, and listenable-fitting music for once.
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 Liking the Hawaii 5-0 looks ok too
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 I am glad to see that I am not the only one who rides with shirts like that. Columbia fishing shirts are great. They wick, they have UPF resistance baked in, you can open or close them as much as you want, and they have built in vents. Plus, they have ridiculous prints
  • 5 2
 Anyone else enjoying seeing more SR forks on screen these days?
  • 2 0
 Yes: me Smile
Minus the 2 or 3 pompous geeks that downvoted your comment and who certainly prefer pricey glittering stuffs.
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 It might be filmed behind Thonon-Les-Bains, I worked in Lausanne for 3 months, was taking the boat every day. I think I recognise some trails over there.
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 I don't care who you have "shred" the bike I still think it is a very viable solution.
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 No 26” wheels were hurt during this video shoot.
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 OK, checks all the boxes......
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 Really looking forward to a Spitfire V3, IF they're being made.
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 Ya lets hope it has NO internal cable routing and a Trunnion shock!
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 Yes Banshee, nice x-up))))
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 And the french distributor of Banshee (LOAM) is located in Thonon-Les-Bains as well. BTW I own a Rune V2 from 2014, I was so disappointed to see "made in Taiwan" while they sell you the designed in "Canada" flag...
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 DESIGNED in Canada... It'd be different if they were touted as being MADE in Canada.
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 Looks like a Iron Horse Sunday with less suspension travel
  • 1 0
 Man, I am really jonesin for a Banshee.
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 Looks like the older Giant with the pierce downtube....
  • 38 1
 You look like an old giant with a pierced downtube
  • 7 1
 LoL, that's what I tell the ladies! Picked up a few charges too, but w/e.
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 Bahahahah best comment I've read in a while
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  • 2 2
 Banshee, make a 140F/120R rampant and we'll talk.
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 They already make a 130R Spitfire, so a 120R Rampant doesn't really have a place in the line up(and not just in Banshee's line up, but most brands' line up). Even when it was available as a 100R slope bike(as much fun as it was to own), it didn't really make sense to produce. Most slope riders seem to choose a hardtail over a full suspension.
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 @muyguapa: they make a 140R spitfire that takes 140-160F.

There is no 130R Spitfire.
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 Looks like a glory
  • 1 1
 iron horse lookin'
  • 1 0
 I still ride my IH ARS 7.0. Such a great bike

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