One Hot Day in One Minute: EWS Rd 6 Whistler, Canada - Video

Aug 14, 2016
by Enduro World Series  
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 That was gnarly. It looked more End-Euro than the Brexit. OK I'm off.
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 Seems like enduro crashes are some of the worst
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 Enduro is looking more rowdy than dh lately....
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 Spec tires seem to be holding up well!
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 And SRAM new Eagle as well! You gotta wonder how far those derailleur are sitting away from the ground.
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 @Jhou: they only sit closer to the ground when in the big rings. So no problem when descending. Unless u descend in granny gear!
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 That orange fork that Fox puts on its #1 rider looks like shiite on everyone's bike. But, you can sure see it - and that's what they want. And agree that Graves needs to be on Maxxis (and Yeti).
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 Graves doesn't need to be on Maxxixs, he just needs to use the same tires Brosnan does.
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 Ya, as soon as he gets sick of losing maybe he can go back to yeti. It's a toss up though.. big pay check and crappy bike or moderate pay and rad bike.
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 Yeti doesn't need Graves anymore,they have the current most "enduroer" rider.
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 @jclnv: Were the tires that different, or is it that Graves probably weighs 1/3 more than Brosnan? Troy always looks like he's floating, and compared to some of these guys he practically is!
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 @dwmetalfab: what about the last round in aspen? he just needs to stop being a weight weenie and run some dh casing like everyone else
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 That videois not long enough
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flag blast-off (Aug 15, 2016 at 7:28) (Below Threshold)
 right?! There would probably be a lot more EWS excitement if there was actually well saturated coverage.
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 @blast-off: Please check back Tuesday. We are refusing to sleep or eat till the main film is out.
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 @aspectmediauk: Would be cooler if you said you were out for a ride and grabbing brats and beers and would then be getting back to the edit.
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 @aspectmediauk: I couldn't imagine the amount of work it takes to get the footage, edit it down, and make it tight. And then we get to see it for FREE! Thanks for your hard work guys!
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 @aspectmediauk Just to clarify, it's not a long enough video because I wanted more. Not mad at ya like prom night cut off at the bar more.
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 @aspectmediauk: we want an hours worth! Moooooaaaaaarrrr!
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 This looks brutal!
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 Those clips of Jesse Melamed are flat loose! Congrats to him...maintaining a day of that on those trails is impressive .
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 Richie Rude is too damn good.
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 Gta wonder what he'd be doin at the world cups....
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 That crash at 35 secs looks a sore one!
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 Noticed that too. That was literaly head first!!
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 Damn Graves is cursed since leaving Yeti. Trek needs a top men's rider for EWS, sign him and put him on the new Slash 29!
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 Bro, put him on the slash/remedy 27 but let him run maxxis. I dont hate spec tyres- but this season has been too much.
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 @bknofx: who do you think makes Specialized tires? Also, they were even designed by former Maxxis folk who....designed the current Maxxis stuff.
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 to clarify...Maxxis made Specialized tire designs. Specialized at one point had Maxxis' tire designer on staff after he created the current crop of Speshy stuff. So just concede that his tire woes may be due to hauling too much arse for physics to restrain.
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 @bizutch: I was unaware of that. Didn't realise that Rude flatted on stage 1- before an epic comeback either.
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 That footage was so much better to watch than the "live stream" of the last 30 seconds of stage 5. Represent top-of-the-world and the parts of the course that seperate the good riders from the great ones! Thanks PB.
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 I just think they would be faster on dh fork. these guys are going sooo fast that I think the bike is holding them down
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 Wreckoning with a dual crown set at 180.
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 I've never ridden in Whistler and I've no idea how much pedalling these stages involve, but wouldn't a day's racing on these courses be faster on a DH bike?
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 3 of the 5 stages had up hill sections in the stage, and no lift access to two of them (though it was creekside gondola then a sort of traverse over for one) so there was enough climbing to rule out a DH bike, but parts of the stages were really wild as you can see!
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 And wtf is this?! Enduro...? Downhill race sometimes isn't better than this...
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 Can see why so many had issues out there looks absolutely brutal to man and bike
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 Gimme more of that
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 That crash at 0:31 looks like a headset fail. Yucky
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 That looks brutal
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 The Name of the Song?
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