Video: One Industries Mini Enduro Round 2

Apr 29, 2014
by Taylor Smith  
It may not be Italy or France but here in Britain was Round 2 of the One Industries Mini Enduro series, and the riders were out in force. With around over 300 riders making their way to the Forest of Dean.

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This weekend had some of the most erratic weather I have seen in a long time, one minute you’ll be in beautiful sunshine, the next is more like monsoon season, anymore rain and we would have had a Cairns on our hands. The day started well with many riders heading out to take advantage of the trails the forest has to offer. The event consisted of 4 stages, Stage 1 being used again for Stage 4, so as you can imagine by the time 300 riders have had their run... twice, the track left a lot to be desired. I think the women, having their runs right at the end of the pack, had a bit of a raw deal there.

I have to say, this being my first Enduro event I have filmed I didn't know what to expect with the heckling, but they would definitely give some of the downhill crowds a run for their money. The heckling started gather around the last 100 metres of the track where the choice of the day seemed to be 'rubber side up, do it on foot' as to many riders this appeared impossible. The race finished with only a few DNF's and worn out riders started to empty the car park taking half the forest's mud with them. Roll on Round 3!


Pro Am
1. Christopher Keeble-Smith 6:46.1
2. Rowan Sorrel 6:47.1
3. Oli Carter 6:57.1

1. Tracey Mosely 8:02.5
2. Rachel Gurney 11:14.1
3. Liz Simmons 12:30.7

13 to 17
1. Ben Jones 8:14.1
2. Mason Pritchard 8:16.3
3. Oliver Hooper 8:47.1

1. Paul Mackie 8:25.0
2. Garrick Thomas 8:56.2
3. David Mcdonald 9:23.1

Super Veteran
1. Kevan Sherry 9:08.4
2. Tony Hicks 9:13.3
3. Dion Thomas 9:54.7

1. Sam Jones 7:26.9
2. Andy Sadler 7:47.4
3. Jim Buchanan 7:48.7

1. Andy Titley 7:04.2
2. Gareth Hopkins 7:12.3
3. Joe Finney 7:12.6

1. Joe Taylor 6:52.1
2. Paul Pickup 7:10.0
3. Rob Newman 7:20.2

Full results here.. The next race is on 15th June 2014 - venue TBC - more information on the series can be found on the website.

Video by Taylor Smith


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 Awesome day - but some of the worst conditions I've ever ridden in only added to the fun
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 Those titles at the start were awesome! I know first hand how hard it is to cover these races as the distances involved between stages are pretty much impossible to cover alone with camera gear so fair play!
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 I think i ended up doing about 25 miles in the end, glad i was editing the day after because i legs were like jelly.
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 It was all worth it!
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 Must. Get. Fit. Enough. For. This. Nonsense. Looks like a right laugh. Dry trails are great but there's nothing more funny and unpredictable than mud.
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 Slippiest day of my life... also one of the most fun! Smile
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 Awesome video, shows about 1% of the slippage that went down :-p
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 Every crash seemed to happen 10ft away from me in the opposite direction to where i was pointing the camera. Managed to get a few in the end though.
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 Sick footage though, cheers
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 Their is a bit of footage of me on my yeti just before I snapped the frame lol The conditions were tough but it was a blast
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 Looks like it was seriously hard work staying upright.
Also is that someone riding on a Rockshox RS-1 @ 2:36??!?
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 Whoa, Tracey Mosely.
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 Great video,,, horrendous song tho!!
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 That looked like hard work but so much fun!
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 You're no funn jim.
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 Great Video!
  • 3 1
 great video I hit neg prop by accident sorry
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 I've done this before, really wanted to prop someone and just ended up stealing one from them by accident because of big fingers. 'Dear Pinkbike, please put them further apart. Or failing that, just scrap the neg prop thing.. It's naff. Thanks'
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