OneUp Components Announces New V3 Remote

Jul 25, 2022
by OneUp Components  
OneUp Components V3 Remote

PRESS RELEASE: OneUp Components


Introducing the V3 Remote, a new lighter action remote with a replaceable thumb pad and integrated cable port. Available in 7 colours, all major clamp standards and as a remote only option so you can reuse your existing clamp.

In stock and available now from $45.00 USD.

OneUp Components V3 Remote
Integrated cable port in the replaceable rubber thumb pad.


A grippy rubber thumb pad improves lever feel and can be colour matched to your bike. An integrated cable port includes cut marks that take the guess work out of cutting your cable and lets you tuck the cable away for a super clean look. Also fits cable ends. Thumb pads are easy to replace and available individually so you can change colours to match your new bike.

OneUp Components V3 Remote
New cammed actuator.


The new lever cam reduces the thumb force needed to actuate your dropper post. It requires 27% less actuation force than our V2 remote. Upgrading your remote is a quick and easy way to improve the feel of any mechanical dropper post for less than $50.

OneUp Components V3 Remote
Available in all major clamp standards and 7 colours.


Colours: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Turquoise
Clamp Options: 22.2, MMX, I-Spec-II, I-Spec-EV
Weight (with I-Spec-EV): 45g


Remotes: $45.00 USD / $55.00 CAD / £40.00 GBP / € 45.00 EU
Clamps: $14.50 USD / $17.00 CAD / £12.50 GBP / € 14.50 EU
Extra Thumb Pad: $6.00 USD / $7.00 CAD / £5.50 GBP / € 6.50 EU

OneUp Components V3 Remote

In stock and available now at
Orders ship from UK, EU and North America

OneUp Components, Squamish, BC

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 Love these guys... any company that supports trails builders gets a big thumbs up and my $
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flag hamncheez (Jul 25, 2022 at 9:24) (Below Threshold)
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 They are doing a pretty solid job across the product line, but what OneUp dropper owners desperately need is *not* remote or travel upgrades but an option to *upgrade dropper collar w/ better seals.* The current design gets sticky every couple weeks, b/c the upper seal burps all of its grease within a half dozen rides of application, and then gums up with dirt. Please, pretty please put 100% of your engineering focus on fixing the Achilles' heel of your design OneUp! My previous Reverbs only required service once or twice a year: my two OneUps require regreasing twice per month!
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 @powturn: I've only had issues with having to re-pressurize every few months. Are you perhaps thinking its greasing.... but really you are compensating for lower air pressure, or adding pressure during your service?
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 @powturn: Or just get a Bikeyoke Revive! I look up every year or two and think “I should probably service that, but its working great”. And I have friends that skipped that step… and all ours work flawless
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 @maestroman21: nah I get what powturn is saying. MyOneUp dropper does the same thing. I still think it's awesome and substantially better than my old reverb but it is a bit annoying to undo the collar every few weeks and apply new grease, on top of always wiping away the old grease on the upper part of the post. Not the end of the world but it would be nice if the seals were improved on the next version.
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 @maestroman21: I've had 3 of these posts over last 3 years and they all suffer from the exact same flaw. Have done full teardowns & air ups of both current posts this summer. Both have fresh bushing kits, seals, and the exact pin size they need to dial in smooth travel w/ no play when fully lubed. The problem is not with any other internal components, it is the seals: they do not properly retain grease, no matter how deep or judiciously it is applied. Once all grease has been burped onto stanchion, they begin to squeal, and then get sticky as they pick up progressively more dust & grit. The only remedy is to re-apply grease every 10 rides to keep them moving and lessen (but not completely stop) the noise.
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 @powturn: Yup. Love that the OneUp in the shortest design with the lowest stack but reliability isn't awesome....The regreasing needed and dropping air pressure are both annoying for sure. I've needed a new cartridge once a year too.
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 My OneUp dropper has been working great with RSP Slick Kick grease. Very minimal burping, and stays smooth for a few months. What I don't like is the amount of play. I just installed oversized pins, but there is still a lot of play. It has so much side to side play that it's noticeable when i'm climbing in the saddle and moving around a bit more.
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 @baxterbike: After two dead OneUps I swore no more and got a Revive. It's next-level good, for sure!

Then the 240mm came out... ugh. First world tall people problems, suckered into another OneUp lol.

That said: have seen Sacki recommend you *really* should periodically service the revive even if it's not presenting issues to save worse headache later.
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 @LokiTheCat: Interesting, I have 5 in my household with the oldest being 3 years. never had to open it up yet.. All of them seeing all 4 seasons, all temperatures, and thousands of km's. I guess I got lucky.
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 @powturn: I had this and I sanded some material off the nylon shim that sits under the seal head between the post and housing. I took material off the inner circumference and ever since have had zero problems other than needing to re pressurise every 6 months.
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 @powturn: I’ve fond the latest ones are better.

Also tried a lot of lubricants, use RockShox Dynamic Sael Grease on the regular bike, a little Fox Blue Seal Oil on the fat bike (winter use only).
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 @LokiTheCat: I currently own two of these that have been transferred to 2 different bike’s each. I have ordered the rebuild kit but have yet to need them. They make no noise and move up and down perfectly . Maybe use different grease?
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 I can't say if it's the seals or the air pressure leaking but I have a OneUp droppers on my hardtail and my partner's and every ride they need special attention. I have BikeYoke on two full-sus bikes and they always work, no thought required. The OneUp also cannot be slammed cause the pressure from the clamp even at less than recommended torque causes the post to bind.
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This! Why I replaced all my OneUp droppers for PNW Loam droppers. Similar simple design with better sealing I have found. OneUp a smidge faster in actuation in comparison, but with Wolftooth light action lever, speed ends up about the same. Loam lever no good (slow) so hopefully the OneUp lever better actuation
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I had a similar clamping issue and it turned out to be a defective post with the guide bushings not aligning properly. One up asked for my serial number, and promptly sent me a new post free of charge.

To note it was a V1 post and now I’m hassle free on a V2 post.
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 @lone-ranger: they were both replaced (before V2 came out) and the issues persisted so it just seemed to be how they were. Good to know that V2 works better.
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 @powturn: My one up V1 does an ok job of staying smooth for maybe 4 months, but I pull out all the dirt out of the seal with a drop of oil after every ride.
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 @HollyBoni: This!
Click! Click! Click! Click!....
Super annoying.
Seals are super easy to lube. Not enough trouble to complain about, really.
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 @HollyBoni: Pull out the cartridge and apply 2 fresh layers of electrical tape 40mm from the end. That and the oversized pin kit made mine completely rattle / movement free.
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 The seal just blew on my new Oneup. I own two Fox posts that have required zero maintenance. One is six years old.
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 We are a fickle bunch of man children
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 But it matches my grips!
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flag cedric-eveleigh (Jul 25, 2022 at 12:19) (Below Threshold)
 is there a way to include ladies in this self-reflection? or is it only us dudes who qualify for this lowliness
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 @cedric-eveleigh: fickle womenchildren reporting. Sorely tempted to buy a black one to replace my old black one. It has a THUMB PAD! For my delicate thumb! Heck!!
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 Looks a lot like a PNW Components Loam lever to me
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 Looks like their entry level lever with a colorful thumb pad...
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 Beat me to it.
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 We really like that lever. The OneUp remote has a cable cut guide, cable port and is compatible with any MMX style clamp. A replaceable rubber thumb pad means you can update the colour whenever you want. It also makes it much easier for dealers to have all the remote colours in stock.
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Cool to give the loam lever the nod but still state the differences. Good reply
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 @Yody: probably very similar but OneUp is way cheaper. $55 vs $89 when I went online and PNW wanted $45 for shipping. OneUp also gives back to my local community (S2S).
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 @jaydawg69: I'm a one up fan myself
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 @jaydawg69: I think the price breakdown will definitely depend where you live. See below for California:

Shipping: $0
Taxes: $5 USD
Total: $74 USD

Add a Cushion: Orange + $6 USD
Add a Clamp: 22.2 HB Clamp + $14.50 USD
Shipping: $9.85 USD
Taxes: $5.09 USD
Total: $80.44 USD
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 @jessemeyers: good thing there are options... if you wanted just the black lever and without a clamp, OneUp would be way cheaper.
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 @jessemeyers: Something else to consider... the PWN Loam lever comes with a premium cable kit whereas the OneUp doesn't. Add another 15+ bucks to the OneUp.
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 That is a slick design for cable management.
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 More cushion for the pushing... Love it!
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 At this point I might be heading towards being a OneUp fanboy just because I have yet to buy anything from them that has caused me any issues. I have composite and aluminum pedals, 2 droppers on 2 diff bikes, Bikepump, EDC tool and Carbon bars. I am sure that this will be a nice addition to any new bike but for now I see no reason to replace my wolftooth ... yet
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 Same. I don’t think there’s another cycling brand that’s earned my trust like OneUp has. Started with a couple of the original 10s cassette extenders and since then I’ve bought four V2 droppers and levers, a handful of bash guards and chainguides, and a EDC tool and pump. All of it has just worked and when I’ve needed random small parts (lost a seatpost clamp nut, an extra dropper cable end cylinder) when buying something else they’ve hooked me up.

Hell, I’d even placed an order Sunday night for a new dropper lever and after I saw this launch announcement I emailed them and they cancelled my order so I could change it to a V3. Products that work and people who treat you like a fellow person. That’s how you earn brand loyalty.
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 There are going to match my yeti teal theme with my yeti shorts and teal shoes and make me so F’ing fast. Teal or purple to match my hubs? Choice choices.
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 going to cost more than £50 to swap my lever given I need to buy the clamp as well.
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 why its just matchmaker, I probably have like 10 matchmaker clamps laying around
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 Ya, I got excited, and was ordering one just now, but once you add the color you want and a clamp its over $75 USD. Bit steep when I paid $100 for my entire dropper setup.
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 @senorbanana: because I don't have a match maker.
  • 7 3
 @hamncheez: here in the North its a 100 bucks for a friggin lever..... My Brand X posts were 150 with the levers......this pricing is considered GOUGING
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 @madmon: The BrandX lever is completely worthless trash though.
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 @93EXCivic: That's the one that needs replaced on my daughters bike
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 @93EXCivic: Its not completely worthless. It will last a ride or two before it damages your cable housing so much it needs replacing, and just ignore that it requires you overtighten the clamp to keep it from spinning, voiding the warranty on your carbon bars.
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 @hamncheez: Mine somehow pulled the cable into the lever and completely jammed up.
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 @93EXCivic: i use their other remote that sells for 35 bucks it is just fine
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 Ive got about as much interest for my dropper lever as I do for my kettle switch. As long as it works I couldn't give a crap . Maybe if it broke you'd look what was around but come on as an upgrade??
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 Which lever do you use? Some are awful that come with cheaper posts or full bike builds.
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 I need this SWEET looking remote in my life right now! (heads to garage and destroys old RS Reverb - adds new dropper and remote to cart)
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 You don’t need to destroy a Reverb. They do that themselves.
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 I really like that it has 3 holes for for adjustment. I like my cockpit compact without a bunch of bar clamps but I feel like you stuck compromising.
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 The V1 lever was my favorite but the V2 is very good as well. The only problem I’ve experienced is that while tightening the cable screw, it pulls the cable out of the lever slightly, leaving a bit of a slack dead spot in the lever actuation before the tension on the cable catches up. Does this new design address this?
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 just turn the barrel adjuster?
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 @senorbanana: i've used the barrel adjuster but sometimes it causes the post to actuate without any pressure. Probably just an issue finding the perfect balance (it isn't really a big deal) but it seems like the screw should be on the opposite side of the cable to avoid the problem in the first place. It also tries to un-twist the cable as a result, which is not ideal.
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 @twonsarelli: I know what you mean, the screw is not on the self-tightening side. But I've found it works pretty well if you keep firm tension on the cable while tightening the cable screw. Or starting with the barrel adjuster loose and taking up any slack
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 @grahamar: yeah for sure. Like I said, it’s a minor issue but seems like it could be easily solved. I run oneup droppers in both bikes and double checked after senorbanana mentioned that. One of them I had wound the barrel adjuster enough to catch up to the slack but for some reason I hadn’t done that on the newer post. Just gave it a couple turns and problem solved. Almost like that’s what the barrel is for… haha
I guess it is one of those brain fart moments
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 I got the V2, am I the only one that misses a bit of ajustment to angle it forward/backwards? No matter what I do I always get a bit weird line, so much that I broke the barrel adjuster, ieven broken works fine but looks like it would be great the option to twist it a bit. Compared to my break line it runs more parallel to the bars.
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 Wish they came in cement grey to match my pnw grips.
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I loved my V1 remote but it had a silly bolt arrangement and only Wolftooth seemed to make adaptors to fit Shimano, I changed to Hope brakes and the adaptor wouldn't fit. Sold the adaptor and remote and bought a Shimano XTR dropper lever which is actually really nice but would have a OneUp again...
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 But does the I-Spec-EV mount actually work with anything but the XTR levers? That's the problem third parties have been running into. The channel is shorter on the clamp and thus can't rotate very far. The Shimano lever is designed differently and isn't as difficult to position.
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 We got stung with that early on. The current EV clamp has excellent range of motion.
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 @OneUpComponents: awesome! I have a OneUp post, but now I may have to take another look at your lever Smile
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 @snokarver: I had the same concern and got in touch with OneUp about it because the website only showed photos of a version that clearly wouldn’t work with my SLX levers. They assured me that they had a new version and updated the website. I have a couple now, on Deore and SLX brakes, and they work perfectly.
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 Am I the only one regularly smashing my knee into the remote? Be nice if they didn't stick down below the bars so much, I can get my thumb right up next to the bars easily enough and it doesn't take THAT much force to trigger the post so please tuck it in and make it a bit less knee mangling.
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 Get a bike with more reach/top tube length
  • 8 0
 Either your bike is hella short or you’re waaaaaay too far forward.

Banging knees was common 20 years ago when the stems were 100+mm and the top tubes were correspondingly shorter. Can’t say I’ve done it (on the MTB) in years.
  • 3 0
 @wyorider: Sorry wasn't clear, I meant on small "crashes", you know just little stuff where you slip off or have to suddenly plant your leg forwards to save something. All the controls seem to have very little consideration of crash ergonomics in their design.
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 @G-Sport: me too.
  • 2 0
 its a nice upgrade but the PNW lever is still the winner IMO in terms of build quality, for the slot for your cable I would always be inclined to use a crimp, tucking it away is not going to prevent unraveling ...
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 Is that compatible with KS dropper which comes with a terrible lever?
  • 11 1
 Yes it is compatible KS and all other cable droppers.
  • 2 0
 KS South paw lever. What were they on when they decided the clamp design was good. Top post though.
  • 3 1
 @OneUpComponents: Glad to read this as I've just ordered one for the wife's KS as I figured I could make it work!

Ordered one for my OneUp while I was at it. A grey rubber to match my Spire would be nice Wink
  • 3 0
 Lighter action is where it’s at.
Ordered and looking forward to trying it out.
  • 2 0
 Love my one-up post! My only qualm before was the lack of a place to hide the end of the cable on the trigger. Love the updated version.
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 Does this one have a spring in the lever? I have v2 lever and a couple of others and the one up always feels a little sluggish compared to ones with springs in them like the command post srl le
  • 2 1
 If it's made out of plastic (composite) no thanks. I had a previous model and it broke on the first ride, they sent me a new one and it broke on the second ride, bought a wolftooth and never looked back.
  • 2 0
 Same here, but the v2 and now this one has an aluminum body. Far superior to the first gen in every way.
  • 1 0
 @maestroman21: Good to know thanks.
  • 3 0
 Says out of stock UK already @oneupcomponents
  • 34 2
 Classic launch blunder. Try now.
  • 17 1
 @OneUpComponents: It's awesome to see a company staying on top of these things and responding to customers. "classic blunder." Honest and quick to fix. Props to the OneUp team.
  • 6 1
 @OneUpComponents: cheers, I've just ordered one. Well done for making stuff decent and not a rip too.
  • 3 0
 Let's go! big new lever energy!
  • 2 0
 Is the extra thumb pad for people with an extra thumb, or just a spare thumb pad? Just checking.
  • 1 0
 @OneUpComponents Can I just buy the V3 lever and install it on my current V2 22.2mm clamp or is the new one different? Thanks!
  • 4 0
 Yes you can. Thanks!
  • 6 3
 ZTTO remontes on all my bikes, 20eur for an alloy remote with bearings.
  • 1 0
 Yep. I’ve recently installed one on one of my bikes. Comments section recommended it, I have no regrets after buying it. It works perfectly with the bike yoke revive that I bought to replace the one up dropper that decided to give up mid ride. That was a long morning getting 20km back to my car standing up most of the way.
  • 3 0
 I really like this remote too, though the first one I bought came as a loose collection of parts in a bag because they couldn't assemble it at the factory due to someone forgetting to drill and tap the hole for the adjuster. Must have realised the mistake at assembly and just shoved it in the bag anyway...
  • 1 1
 Exactly, I have that one as well and it works perfectly fine while being 40 euros cheaper (including the clamp).
I'd never buy one of these overpriced ones
  • 1 0
 Mine came with a non round clamp that wouldn't fit a 22mm handlebar. Quality control seems absent. YMMV.
  • 1 0
 I bought two sets of ZTTO grips for like $4 each and I was shocked how decent they are. Especially considering the grips that came with my $3000 Scott were broken, falling apart and destined for the landfill after 2 months.

Scott has the audacity to charge $23 for them too and call them Syncros "Pro" model.
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 Yah i have two of these as well, bought one years ago and then another recently. No issues with them, one with a one up and one with a pnw dropper.
  • 1 0
 Most other levers are positioned like a downshift paddle... I love that the Oneup levers are short and located like an upshift trigger. It doesn't disturb your grip as much.
  • 1 0
 Very nice looking. Would absolutely love to see PNW make a matching shifter or even just shift levers for common SRAM and shimano shifters.
  • 2 0
 I really like the tactile feel of the metal lever
  • 4 2
 Be a lot cooler if the dropper worked for longer than 3 weeks.
  • 2 0
 Oneup don’t miss aye. Ordered
  • 1 0
 Skittle thug dropper levers……

Taste the rainbow bitches!!!
  • 1 0
 Would still buy the V1 ..just because it is Carbon
  • 1 0
 Why no I-Spec B ? There are plenty Shimano Saint M820 users..
  • 1 0
 Wolftooth ShiftMix or upgrade your Saints to the new Shimano levers.

I’ve heard the Saint/Zee calipers with SLX/XT/XTR levers is an amazing combo and provides more power than just using matching levers and calipers. Almost as much power as a Shigura setup.
  • 2 1
  • 1 1
 Got that NLE. New Lever Energy.
  • 2 1
 Goodbye $45.00!
  • 1 1
 Fits all cable actuated posts,no it doesn’t fit the KS dropper post.
  • 2 0
 My wife has the Lev Integra and the lever is indeed terrible. The cable nipple is at the lever end and a grub screw barrel at the post. I'm planning on either running the cable nipple at the post or just cutting the nipple off and clamping the cable at both ends. OneUp comment higher up that is does fit the KS so hopefully it'll work.
  • 2 0
 @diggery: the Lev really wants their grub screw barrel at the post. Your suggestion to cut off the cable end and clamp it at the lever also works perfectly.
  • 1 0
 @diggery: i had a raceface turbine that the screw was at the post. I ended up cutting the cable at both ends and grub screwed it in the post then at the lever too. Was a way better and easier install.
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 what if we put plastic where alloy was perfect ? huuuum fk u planet
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