Online Deals - May 2018

May 4, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  

$77.49 USD
Was: $174.49 USD (55% off)
Funn Mamba One Side Clip MTB Pedals

Sold by Chain Reaction Cycles

$2,599.99 USD
Was: $3,399.99 USD (24% off)
Vitus Sommet CRS Carbon FS Bike GX Eagle 1x12 2018
Sold by Chain Reaction Cycles

$78.99 USD
Was: $181.99 USD (56% off)
Troy Lee Designs Terrain Shorts 2017

Sold by Chain Reaction Cycles

$28.49 USD
Was: $72.99 USD (60% off)
Continental Race King MTB Tyre - RaceSport
Sold by Chain Reaction Cycles

Jenson USA Logo

Was: $85.00(60% off)
Sold by Jenson USA

Was: $199.00 (60% off)
Sold by Jenson USA

Was: $2,500.00 (50% off)
Sold by Jenson USA

Was: $5,499.00 (37% off)
Sold by Jenson USA

Was: $100.00 (50% off)
Sold by Jenson USA

Was: $120.00 (55% off)

Sold by Jenson USA

Was: $139.00 (50% OFF)
Sold by evo

Was: $4,949.00 (30% OFF)
Sold by evo

Was: $85.00 (75% OFF)
Sold by evo

Was: $72.00 (25% OFF)

Sold by evo

$119.95 CAD
Was: $134.95 CAD (11% OFF)
Specialized Demo Pro Short
Sold by Dunbar

$199.95 CAD
Was: Starting at $214.95 CAD (7% OFF and Up)
Crank Brothers Mallet
Sold by Dunbar

$199.95 CAD
Was: $214.95 CAD (7% OFF)
Five Ten Impact VXi
Sold by Dunbar

Images for December 2016 s Online Deals.

Starting from $55.00 CAD
Was: $114.95 CAD (Up to 52% OFF)
Maxxis High Roller II 27.5 x 2.4 3C MaxxTerra EXO TR Tire
TBS Bike Parts

Starting from $55.00 CAD
Was: $119.95 CAD CAD (Up to 55% OFF)
Maxxis Minion DHF 27.5 x 2.5" WT 3C MaxxGrip EXO TR Tire
Sold by TBS Bike Parts

$799.00 CAD
Was: $1,454.95 CAD (45% OFF)
RockShox Pike RCT3 27.5 Dual Position 160mm Fork (Stealth Decals)
Sold by TBS Bike Parts

Images for December 2016 s Online Deals.

All 40% off

TLD Full Face Helmet Sale
Sold by Cambria Bike

Was: $1,099.00 (27% OFF)
Fox 40 Float 203 Perf Elite Fork
Sold by Cambria Bike

30% Off
Santa Cruz Sale Bikes
Sold by Cambria Bike

Up to 50% off
DH & Freeride Short Sale
Sold by Cambria Bike

$5,499.99 CAD
Was: $6,149.00 CAD (10% OFF)
Juliana Furtado C 2.0 PERF S-AM 2017
Sold by Calgary Cycles

$114.99 CAD
Was: $229.99 CAD (50% OFF)
Evoc Explorer Bag
Sold by Calgary Cycles

$149.99 CAD
Was: $209.99 CAD (33% OFF)
Evoc Terminal Bag
Sold by Calgary Cycles

$2,499.99 CAD
Was: $2,799.99 CAD (10% OFF)
Salsa Warbird Apex 1 2018
Sold by Calgary Cycles

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  • 89 15
 You call theses deals? These things cost money! I want them for free! No, wait -- these people should be paying me to use their products! Also, blah, blah, blah, something about Intense.
  • 14 1
 I honestly stopped looking at the "deals" when i saw the tld shorts at 50% off were still almost $90
  • 3 7
flag Kramz (May 5, 2018 at 0:10) (Below Threshold)
 Your inquiries aren't even that far fetched, life is very unfair. If you were good at bicycling, companies would pay you to use their products. How unfair is life!?
  • 7 1
 @UtahBikeMike: Yeah...or 7% off $215 shoes!
  • 2 1
 Was literally just about to comment that these deals weren’t as intense as usual. . .
  • 51 12
 It’s almost insulting that these are presented as deals. Minions starting at $55 then you go to the site and you have to buy 8 to get them at $55. Do we all look stupid? I’ll shop at the bike shop up the road thanks.
  • 66 12
 enjoy your $100 minions then
  • 15 0
 That is a bit ridiculous, but I regularly get tires in 3's or 4's from TBS. They're usually $60-70 CAD each at that qty, with free shipping. A year's worth of tires is just setting yourself up for success.
  • 3 0
 @arrowheadrush: 120 + tx here in QC (with dh casing..), it's crazy
  • 4 0
 @arrowheadrush: I just decided to buy the dual compound which go for $50 normally. A little less grip but they wont wear as fast.
  • 9 0
 @srghyc: i picked up a dual compound for my rear tire and the more expensive 3c for the front. Petty solid combo of awesome grip up front and long lasting durability in the rear.
  • 6 5
 Just bought a dhf for $70 and an aggressor for $60 from Jenson USA online. Free shipping as well. I wouldn't pay full retail from an LBS.
  • 7 4
 @Mtb4joe: Just bought myself a DHR for $63 Canadian, which is like $12 USD or something. "On sale" at LBS's for $109. Yikes.
  • 2 1
 It is only $8 more from Amazon and I do not have to wait for it to cross the border. $58.92 USD.
  • 3 5
 picked up 6 magic Mary's on Jenson a month or so ago for $24 each, Game over.
  • 2 1
 Theres high rollers on ebay for 46$ each shipped...thats a deal
  • 1 0
 @robaussie99: Wire casing non-tubless marys though.
  • 1 0
 @PinkStatus: yea but its not like a lil orange seal or stans wont seal them up fine. I got 2 magic mary 2.35 x 27.5 dh wire for about 75$ online a few weeks back
  • 1 0
 @robaussie99: yea 26ers though
  • 27 1
 7% off Mallets !!! What a deal. These monthly deals are a joke
  • 21 1
 Haven't really heard of Vitus but damn that thing looks like a pretty stellar deal in terms of specs/price.
  • 9 6
 theyve always seemed kind of discounty to me, and you dont really see many real world reviews on them (granted ive never gone out of my way to find them). anyone have some experience with vitus?
  • 10 0
 It's crc's house brand if I am not mistaken.
  • 6 0
 Can't fault mine at all. Low price, good spec and decent geo. Bikeradar and MBR are the place for reviews on them if you're interested.
  • 10 1
 I have a 2017 Vitus Sommet and it's outstanding. Nothing cheap or discount about it. A guy named Sam Hill races Cross Country for fun sometimes and he does so on a Vitus.
  • 4 1
 I have a 2017 aluminum version and love it. As others said, nothing cheap about it. Super fun trail bike. Things dialed for sure.
  • 7 2
 Nukeproof is considered CRCs preformance in-house brand while Vitus is much more budget oriented.
  • 2 0
 @cdmbmw: thank you! great review, very informative. I actually found more info on this one too
  • 2 0
 @srghyc: Who dat?
  • 7 0
 Vitus, Ragley and nukeproof are all designed in the same room under CRC. I would't discount them, they seem to be ripping up the Irish races.
  • 3 0
 Vitus are one of if not the best online bike deals going.
  • 1 0
 Is it just me or when you go to CRC the Somet is $3368?
  • 4 5
 Vitus makes a good bike. CRC is awesome. Until you have a problem. Not worth the savings to not buy from a real shop.
  • 1 3
 @srghyc: No he's always ridden for nukeproof.
  • 5 0
 @dirtmiester: he rides for crc nukeproof yes, but has raced xc on a vitus rapide recently. Basically nukeproof don't do an xc bike and seeing as vitus and nukeproof are owned by crc they gave him one.....
  • 2 1
 I loved mine till I got my jeffsy, If anyone is interested in one with the duty paid already check out my buysell. That is the one problem with vitus is they look like great deals but not after the import duties
  • 1 0
 Chainreaction almost always pays duty on complete bikes. They did with the last 2 bikes I bought anyway. @vtracer:
  • 1 0
 @vtracer: I thought CRC paid all the import duty on bikes. That's what they say on their website anyway..
  • 1 0
 @schwaaa31: @SeanC1 they didnt pay duties when I got mine
  • 7 2
 Good thing I loaded up on 26” parts and tires, they are now more expensive than 27.5 and 29ers! #26forever
  • 1 0
 There's some killer "red hot deals" on the CRC site right now, which are way better than what is listed above. I think because there are differences for what deals are available for certain countries. For example, the Bell Super DH helmet isn't listed as on sale if you search in USD, but it shows up if you change it to Canadian.
  • 2 0
 People give them shit for having "always on sale" items but they often do have some ridiculously good deals. I bought a 100% Aircraft from them last year for $200, can't beat that
  • 2 0
 I don't understand why those shorts would be 180 dollars retail MSRP. Not waterproof or made of fancy materials like neoshell, not kevlar reinforced like draggin Jean's, why are they so expensive?
  • 8 0
 troy lee designer shorts bruh... cant be seen at the craft biergarten post ride in anything else
  • 2 0
 Rode a Vitus hard tail in Northern Ireland at Castlewelland and was quite impressed with it. My usual bike at home is a Sight, if their full suss bikes are as nice as the hard tail I wouldn't hesitate to try one.
  • 1 0
 Man things are getting expensive! Original price of tld shorts nearly 200? Wow. Maxxis tires don't seem cheap in other parts of the world either. Most expensive dhf I've seen in Germany is 72 euros, but most other places have them going for 30-40 euros
  • 1 0
 Nice price on the Shimano shoes. I have what I think is the older version of those shoes and I like them quite a lot. I think I paid $100 for them, too, which I thought was a good deal.
  • 2 1
 The 134 Kona Process is the best bang for your buck bike on here. The whole process line is a decent value with unbelievable performance. Don't forget they have lifetime warranties on their AL.frames.
  • 5 4
 So does Devinci. And they are easier to deal with...
  • 2 1
 So does SC
  • 1 1
 I love my process but I’m not paying 3500 for a two year old “new” bike. For just 100 dollars more you could have the brand new 153 al/dL, which comes with a similar quality component spec and a better linkage. Oh, and did I mention that the warranty requires you to buy at a shop?
  • 1 0
 @NoahWeimann: buy from a shop what are you talking about? You can buy it mail order brand new if you have a receipt the bike comes with a warranty card. You mail in the warranty card or register online and get warranty. Just that simple.
  • 3 0
 Niner bar @ Jenson = "This item is discontinued and no longer available. "
  • 3 0
 wow $200 shoes that last 3 months! what a deal
  • 1 0
 why in the world would you go out of your way to buy the fargo pedals? I literally threw mine in the garbage the day after I bought my bike
  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 Maybe Fargo is an autocorrect from "Wellgo?"
  • 1 0
 i love how people complain even though most of the deals are cheaper than what bike shops buy them for through QBP/BTI. stop whining like babies
  • 3 0
 These deals aren't very Intense.
  • 1 0
 Every month these get posted it only serves to remind me just how much we are gouged.
  • 1 0
 That backpack is a nice red.
  • 1 0
 that seems like a good price on the high roller 2s. Are they any good?
  • 1 0
 Mallet at dunbar cycle 199$ was 214$. Are you serious or stupid ?
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