Online Deals - October 2018

Oct 5, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  

Jenson USA Logo

$4,999.99 USD
Was: $7,499.00 USD (33% off)
Kona Hei Hei Trail Supreme 27.5"
Sold by Jenson USA

$41.99 USD
Was: $84.95 USA (51% off)
Schwalbe Rocket Ron OE 27.5X2.6" TIRE
Sold by Jenson USA

$54.99 USD
Was: $87.00 USD (37% off)
Deity Holeshot 35 38MM Rise Handlebar
Sold by Jenson USA

$2,299.99 USD
Was: $3,299.00 USD (30% off)
Orbea Occam TR H20 2017
Sold by Jenson USA

$84.00 USD
Was: $129.99 USD (35% off)
Shimano ME3 SPD MTB Shoes 2018
Sold by Chain Reaction Cycles

$87.99 USD
Was: $108.00 USD (19% off)
Alpinestars Sequence Pro Shorts 2018
Sold by Chain Reaction Cycles

$114.08 USD
Was: $169.99 USD (33% off)
Crank Brothers Mallet E Pedals

Sold by Chain Reaction Cycles

$91.99 USD
Was: $229.49 USD (60% off)
Fulcrum Red Power 27.5" 6 Bolt MTB Wheelset

Sold by Chain Reaction Cycles

Up to $2,500 off
evo Exclusive Transition Builds
Sold by evo

Up to 70% off
Deep Deals on Helmets
Sold by evo

Up to 25% off
Sweet Protection Apparel & Accessories
Sold by evo

$39.95 USD
Was: $75.00 USD (47% off)
Dakine Hellion Knee Pads
Sold by evo

$94.95 CAD
Was: $119.95 CAD (21% off)
Maxxis High Roller II
Sold by Dunbar

$59.95 CAD
Was: $99.95 CAD (40% off)
Fox Ranger Jacket
Sold by Dunbar

$289.95 CAD
Was: $319.95 CAD (9% off)
Gemini Olympia
Sold by Dunbar

Images for December 2016 s Online Deals.

$65.00 CAD
Was: $119.95 CAD (46% off)
Maxxis Minion DHF 27.5 x 2.5" WT 3C MaxxTerra EXO TR Tire
Sold by TBS Bike Parts

$72.00 CAD
Was: $99.00 CAD (27% off)
SRAM GX 10 Speed Type 2.1 Rear Derailleur (Medium Cage)
Sold by TBS Bike Parts

$99.00 CAD
Was: $149.00 CAD (34% off)
SunRace MX8 11speed Cassette (11-46T)
Sold by TBS Bike Parts

$49.00 CAD
Was: $92.95 CAD (47% off)
Maxxis Ardent TR EXO 27.5 x 2.40 Tire
Sold by TBS Bike Parts

$4,999,99 CAD
Was: $6,399.00 CAD (22% off)
Devinci Spartan Carbon GX Eagle - 2018
Sold by Calgary Cycles

$1,299.99 CAD
Was: $1,649.00 CAD (21% OFF)
GT La Bomba - 2018
Sold by Calgary Cycles

$4,999.99 CAD
Was: $6,149.00 CAD (19% OFF)
Santa Cruz Stigmata Carbon CC Ultegra - 2018
Sold by Calgary Cycles

$1,499.99 CAD
Was: $1,749.99 CAD (14% off)
ScottSpeedster Gravel 20 Disc - 2018

Sold by Calgary Cycles

$399.99 USD
Was: $599.99 USD (33% off)
Performance Wheelhouse - Stan's NoTubes Arch MK3 Mountain Bike Wheelset
Sold by Performance Bicycle

$2,499.99 USD
Was: $2,649.99 USA (6% off)
2018 Marin Hawk Hill 3 27.5"

Sold by Performance Bicycle

$2,699.99 USD
Was: $2,999.99 USD (10% off)
2018 Fuji Bighorn 1.1 27.5+
Sold by Performance Bicycle

$39.99 USD
Was: $69.99 USD (43% off)
WTB Breakout Mountain Bike Tire
Sold by Performance Bicycle

Images for December 2016 s Online Deals.

Save up to $4,000 off
Santa Cruz Sale
Sold by Cambria Bike

Save up to $4,000 off
Juliana Sale Items
Sold by Cambria Bike

Save to 60% off
Cycling Jacket Sale
Sold by Cambria Bike

Save up to 70% Off
Mountain Shoe Clearance
Sold by Cambria Bike

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  • 71 2
 That awkward moment when an entire wheelset is being sold for cheaper than a tire.
  • 12 0
 So is it the most amazing tire ever made or the shittiest wheel set of all time?
  • 6 1
 @mkotowski1: neither.
  • 1 0
 @rippersub: good stuff lol
  • 3 3
 @mkotowski1: lol. Judging how good something is based on price alone
  • 50 1
 The best online deals are on Rocky Mountain 2019 bikes. Only 160 available. Check craigslist for details
  • 2 0
 I heard about that, apparently they wanted to get a small amount out to a few customers for a very good price so they could spread the good word of how awesome their bikes are
  • 22 1
 $95 for a High Roller II Dunbar? Seriously? I sell them for $65 each...
  • 67 0
 well, you are the tire man..
  • 9 43
flag leon-forfar (Oct 5, 2018 at 12:08) (Below Threshold)
 You're just some guy on pinkbike selling tires. Dunbar is a bike shop that pays that much for the tires. Selling things at cost is not a good way to keep the lights on, or give people jobs so they can live and enjoy riding bikes. $95 is still less than the $125 MSRP of Maxxis tires, and it seems that people like to support local businesses so that they have somewhere to go when they're bike falls apart.
  • 3 1
 who would buy from you had Dunbar been selling them for the same price?
  • 3 0
 to everyone slamming you as the rando internet tire guy, chain reaction sells them for around 60-70 CDN as well - are they "legit" enough to buy from pinkbike?
  • 1 0
 @leon-forfar: lulz you would buy that?
I buy any MAXXIS for les then 45 USD , any regular online dealer have those prices.
  • 2 0
 @Serpentras: @Serpentras: I mean I work at Dunbar, so I'm getting things at shop cost. Most physical brick and mortar shops are paying about $60 for Maxxis tires, so it's not ridiculous for them to sell them even at $95, which is still a solid chunk below MSRP. Obviously, with all the online retailers selling things that so low, shops have to do their best to compete. All I'm saying is that if bike shops were to stoop to selling things at cost, they would all go out of business, and then people (I think) would be sad they couldn't go into a bike shop. Whether it's to buy stuff and have professional help picking what parts/gear you need, get your bike fixed, or even just shoot the shit with the shop guys and go for shop rides, a good chunk of people would be sad to see the shops gone. I totally understand why people buy online, bike stuff is expensive and sometimes it's the only way people can afford this sport. But it would be a shame if these massive online retailers like CRC, Jenson etc, were to smother the bike shops completely like Amazon did to a bunch of book stores and the like. Support your LBS, even if it's just once in a while, there can be harmony with supporting both ends.
  • 1 0
 @leon-forfar: I can tell you all LBS 20 mile radius form my riding spot aka Home-trails have no MAXXIS in their lineup. Nearest bike park who is about 40 miles away got them for 60$ and this is extra expensive there. Regular tube 15$ there. LBS in my area and most I have found don't have my tires either , Onza. They also don't have anything else I really need and most of them are MTB specific. No one except one had a chain/bashguard as a example.
  • 1 0
 @leon-forfar: also I hate the big name's in online retail for MTB parts. I never buy from them .
  • 22 0
 no Intense no deal
  • 14 0
 Not too long before the online deals will be featuring '18 Ohlins forks and shocks for $99.99!
  • 6 0
 Top caps available for $499 extra.
  • 13 0
 $92 wheelset? How do they even buy the raw materials for that cheap?
  • 5 0
 At $92, I'll give it a go
  • 13 18
flag drivereight (Oct 5, 2018 at 10:28) (Below Threshold)
 Goes to show how much mark up these bikes and parts really cost. They are still making 50% profit from that!
  • 10 0
 Or you can have a Maxxis high roller tire for the low price of 94.95! What a deal!
  • 16 2
 Yeah but that's US. For us Canadians that's like $920 plus duty.
  • 5 0
 I think the are mostly made of plastic bags and spent casings.
  • 11 0
 Would be nice to have the same post for Europe guys....
  • 22 1
 What's a... "Europe"??
  • 7 4
 5k for a frame a rigid fork and light weight drive train.
And this is a cheap road bike!
Roadies are suckers for spending huge amounts of cash for very simple machines compared to a modern dual suspension mountain bike.
Oh look a 1500$ version. Put some super light wheels on it and I don't think it will feel any different from the Santa.
All this is theory as I would never buy on line.
I prefer to support local businesses.
Cost me a bit more (sometimes)
But when I need a part the same day to save a ride.
On line won't help.
If my local Bike shops disappear I'm f*cked.
But local think global.
  • 2 0
 I have a 1500 dollar Ridley with 105s and a 4000 Norco with upgraded everything. Both Carbon. Which one goes faster and has been cheaper to maintain. The Ridley.
  • 30 2
 Was this supposed to be a poem or do you always write like that?
  • 5 2
 You're right though. I have a $400 steel frame fixed road bike w/ better cranks & wheels. All in wayyyyy under $1000 & I pass fat old losers in lycra on $10,000 everyday. Its a great feeling & reminder that money doesn't make you faster.
  • 6 1
Depends are you saying I have style or I'm hack?
I'm using my phone so I'd say hack poetry.
  • 7 0
Gotta feed your ego somehow, eh? Just imagine how much slower those old guys in lycra would be on your bike. No reason not to ride the best bike you can afford.
  • 6 1
 @rideitall-bmx-dh-road-unicycle: Your parents must be proud of your accomplishments: at 25 yrs old you can pass fat old men on much more expensive bikes
  • 6 0
 10 speed mech. Great.
  • 5 3
 Why a triple post I asked the host No response from PB Makes me feel queasy. My post was placed two times too many. My point is cute but not that funny!
  • 2 0
 I linked to Calgary Cycles' two gravel/cross bike deals and they are not on sale...
  • 1 0
 even if CC says "on sale" it's never on sale. If you deal with them, the house always wins
  • 1 0
 Hey djyosh,

We have just got our web page up and running in the last month and have not advertised it's transactional other than on PB Deals. We are aware that we have some bugs and we do apologize for the confusion. The web page deals are correct and up and running. Have a great day and thanks for checking the web page out. Please let us know if you have anymore questions,

CC Team
  • 4 0
 rip arts cyclery
  • 3 1
 So apparently "deals" means gear at prices that are pretty much always available. LameFrown
  • 1 0
 Looking for bargain priced deity orange blade runners, aussie shops ran out at 150aus. Where's the best place to pick them up?
  • 2 0
 @mm732 Luckily the shop is still around
  • 3 0
 2019 Rocky Mountain.....
  • 1 0
 Sorry I didn't find anything cheap, best I could find was socks for $14 and that's a lot for a pair of socks.
  • 1 0
 Shops love these ad's........if your local shop is still open and you like them, don't do this shit!
  • 1 0
 Are the wheels 29+ compatible?
  • 1 0
 nothing says deal like a $280 light
  • 1 1
 Surprised to see not one Intense...
  • 1 0
 That wasn't very Intense

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