Video: Sam Hill OnTheHunt in Mont Sainte Anne

Aug 4, 2014
by Chain Reaction Cycles  

After five years without a World Cup win, the Australian legend Sam Hill finally returns to the top, where he belongs.

Team Manager Nigel Page reports:

Sam Hill celebrates on the podium in Mont Sainte Anne.

The ‘real man’s track’, the World Cup has been coming to MSA for over 20 years now and it is still renowned for being one of the best and toughest courses on the circuit. This year the course designers made some great improvements to the track and it was one of the best to date. Ironically this is the track where Sam had his last big win at the 2010 World Championships.

Sam, Mike and Joe all came into this race with confidence from some good results and a determination that showed all week. Sam had been telling me since his run in Leogang that he was winning Mont Sainte Anne and he did it with style. The quietly confident Australian has been putting in the work since his knee surgery last October, including following a strict training program from his trainer, Lewis.

Practice for the lads went well on the race morning and everyone looked pretty focussed for their race runs. Joe was off first for the team and put down a great run to finish 20th. Then it was young Mike off and as we watched him descend the mountain he looked pinned and wild. He wasn't happy with his run but his time was good enough for 13th which is an astonishing achievement for his first year in the senior championship.

A lot of the big hitters had come down and the race was getting faster and faster. Danny Hart was sat in the hot seat with a super-quick time and then it was time for Sam to head down the mountain.

Sam powered out of the gate in his casual looking style and looked like he was just cruising down the track, but as you watched what Sam was actually doing and the lines he was hitting it was amazing to see the master on top of his game. Sam was up at the first split, and again at the second split, riding into the last section flawlessly, crossing the line in 4:10 to the huge crowd’s delight. With five more riders to go it was a nail biting 15 minutes but no-one was able to match Sam's run!

The whole crowd erupted when the people’s champion realised he had finally won, the emotion and relief on Sam's face is something I will never forget and it was also the first ever win for the team on the world stage.

"Huge congrats to Sam we are all super proud of him and the whole team has worked so hard to get to this point. It is an amazing feeling of sweet success.

The monkey is finally off Sam's back and we are excited for the rest of the season for all three riders.

Thank you to all involved in the team who work so hard and to all our sponsors for their continued support and belief in the team.


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 Sam Hill. You are a fucking legend in your own lifetime. You literally epitomise everything DH means to me. Screw all that pedalling bollocks. Huge skills and huge balls are what its all about. So happy to see you back on the top step, on the realest track out there. Keep it up man.
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 Same here man. He was my first computer background when I got into DH. This video gave me gooses bumps, so happy to see him finally do it!
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 if that's a real man's track, means ratboy is now a ratman.
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 Ummm yeah so those high speed drifts @ 4:48?!?!? bananas!!!!
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 Like Happy Gilmore learning to putt. Sam Hill is now fit as fuck. Watch out for more f1rsts to come.
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 This guy is why I started watching DH racing. Good to see him back on the top step.
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 this WC ended up with 3 of my most favorite riders taking 1st 2nd and 3rd. Sam Hill - legend on the wheels proving you don't need full carbon and clips to win WC, Josh Bryceland - rider who reminding to everyone that having fun on the bike is most important , and Danny Hart - rider with biggest set of balls Smile , Can't be any better than that.
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 Well said Lukas! Two young guns coming of age and the classic 'return of the Jedi' shizz from Mr Hill! What a race!
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 Congrats Sam. A very well deserved win on what most riders would probably say was the toughest track of the season. Many people consider being the fastest man down the roughest gnar to be the epitome of true downhill racing. I would have to agree. I cant even contemplate the biking skill and ability it would require to race against Minnaar, Ratboy, Brosnan, Gwin, Bruni, Blenkinsop, Atherton, Hart.....and actually take the top step. This is the win of the year in my books. Stoked for Sam and the whole Nukeproof team.
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 F*cking Great!

Last two seasons he always looked a bit chubby, but this year he is lean as a steak man. He never seemed that fit so I knew this was coming! Also in his glory days he's never been that consistant with his results, now he almost always sits somewhere in the top5.

I love this dude.
I hope he can keep it up and tear them all apart again.
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 Sam Hill is what DH is all about, fast & sketchy but some how in control. Cant wait until next race. \m/
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 The word is.... LOOSE!!!
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 I think the best part of this video is how genuinely happy everybody on the podium was, not only to be just be up there but happy for Sam for winning. Just goes to show that no matter how serious the race season is, it's still about having fun in the end. Good job Sam, long time coming!
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 great to see hill finally getting a win just need old peaty to get back on the podium and all the legends will be back on top again
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 would be great to see peaty back on the podium
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 legend. the end
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 Too awesome for words. Well done Sam!
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 I started racing when there was no suspension way back in the days, down hill was rough I seen it all, I been following Sam Hill since day one and i said to myself this guy is a champ and i back that up _____O^O_____
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 Sam Hill taking the top spot made my weekend.
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 Return of the King , yeah !
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 Hills the best!!!! Style is unmatched.... And hell yeah for flat pedals!!!!!
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 agreed, still the king of style while going stupid fast
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 I will change my surname to Hill. This guy is a living legend!!! I'm really happy for him!!!
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 Sam Hill groupie since 2000 !
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 BREAKING NEWS: Flat peddle and neck brace sales mysteriously increase by 500%
  • 4 0
 as well as CRC DH frames.
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 ...i mean Nukeproof
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 Suspecting Hill will be rocking a 1 on his jersey next season, possibly also some nice colored stripes.
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 nice to see Hill back on top. he is a legend. nice race
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 told ya
  • 6 1
 winged assassin according to warner. congrats sam and crc!
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 I just got into watching DH last year, and hadn't seen much of Sam's riding until then. Recently I watched "Won't Back Down" and enjoyed the portion about Sam, it had some killer shots of his riding style. Anyone know where I can see more?!
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 @Hetfield1, watch F1RST
  • 3 0
 Earthed 5 and The Tipping Point to name a few.
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 Watch his world champs run at Val di Sole. Absolutely bonkas.
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 Hi!! Sensei
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 There was better vid of Sam's race run in that video than there was on the official coverage. Always a pleasure to watch him ride a technical track, and so stoked to see him win.
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 Coverage was actually pretty good imo. The splits could've been placed better, but the coverage was better than average
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 Sam's body language off the bike looks completely different after that win.
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 super Big Grin
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 is this just the beginning?
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 this guy is the. reason why i order my stuff at chainreactioncycle
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 such a good thing seeing Sam ride like that again, i HOPE there is ON BOARD FOOTAGE OF HIS RACE RUN ...
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 A real Monster of the discipline ! (lol)
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  • 2 0
 mont-st anne just chaged the name for Sam Hill's
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 Sam's HIll?
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 has you can see , i am from french mont-st anne
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 second the motion that Sam Hill epitomizes DH racing. Screw the "motorways" and pin it on a real track...
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 nothing "ironic" about him winning at MSA. it's more like "fitting".
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 What in the name a Sam Hill's goin' on here?!!!
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 So stoked he won!
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