Otso Cycles Releases Steel 'Fenrir' Hardtail - Sea Otter 2021

Oct 8, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

Otso has released a steel hardtail called the Fenrir, which the brand describes as its most versatile bike yet. Made to be equally usable as both a flat-bar hardtail and a curly-bar bikepacking rig, the bike has "so many mounts" for bottles, racks, and more, and rides "like a '90s XC bike," Otso said.

The bike has a 68-degree head tube angle and a 75-degree seat tube angle with the carbon Enve Mountain Fork that comes on the base build. Like all Otso bikes, nearly all the bike's components, including anodized colors, are customizable using the brand's online bike builder tool, so customers can choose to swap that fork out to a RockShox 120 mm Yari RC or Pike Select. The flat bar and drop bar versions are also differentiated in their base build drivetrains, with three drivetrains available for the drop bar builds and five drivetrain options for the mountain bike versions.

As the bike is made to be Otso's most versatile bike yet, it can be run with either 29" or 27.5" wheels with clearance for up to 29" x 2.6" or 27.5" x 2.8" tires. It also has Boost spacing, internal cable routing, and Otso's Tuning Chip, which allows for a full 20 mm of chainstay adjustment, also raising and lowering the bottom bracket by 4 mm and slackening or steepening the head and seat tube angles by 0.2 degrees. The stock Enve fork also has a flip chip that allows users to adjust the fork's rake.

The Tuning Chip comes on all of Otso's bikes and helps the bike switch between play and utility modes.

All the mounts for bottles, fenders, and racks.

Details, details.
There's a port for internal dropper routing at the bottom of the seat tube for those who choose to build it up as a mountain bike.

Pricing starts at $1,960 USD for a frameset and $3,900 USD for a complete build. The bike is available for pre-order now at otsocycles.com.


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 I dunno about you guys, but I buy bikes these days to specifically NOT ride like 90s MTBs.
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 Yeah can’t say that’s a selling point whatsoever.
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 Apparently the millennial hipster gravel crowd eats this crap up. Goo Goo Dolls will probably make a comeback too.
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 Exactly! They are totally mis-marketing this bike. It's really a flat-bar gravel-bike, which is a totally different (although smaller) niche where it makes a lot more sense.
It's available on their site in drop-bar or flat-bar configurations, for the same price.
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 I ride my gravel bike on trails people ride their 170mm AXS enduro bikes on faster and I have more fun
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 @pinegrove: weird flex, but ok.
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 ****Author of this article did OTSO a huge disservice by omitting the word STAINLESS from the article title.......and .if you mouse over the url @ the bottom, it is actually otsocycles.com/collections/fenrir-stainless
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 You know, in this age of DIGITAL publishing, it's about a 15 second fix to EDIT the title of this post to include the word STAINLESS.............
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 Looks great, but wowza, I feel like if I had that $ to chuck at a hardtail frame, I'd pony up like two more dollars and get titanium.
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 The frame is stainless steel with an interesting dropout, if it was chromoly it'd be cheaper
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 im aware that it is stainless steel, and i know perfectly well that its a small company, but nearly $2k usd for steel for a hardtail is a bit overpriced imo. i would rather get a custom kingdom vendetta with my exact geo for less, and thats a very gucci, custom titanium hardtail
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 "play, utility" "plush, crush" "party, stay home " "Panda, koala" "penis, vagina" "beer, bourbon". The marketing men now know we are wide eyed and wide walleted, just like roadies.
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 Wow, really need a grommet on that dropper cable routing. A little rock could find its way in a hell of alot easier than it would be to get out!
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 finally enough bottle mounts #1
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 With a name like Fenrir, ought to have some nice Wolf Tooth components on there.
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 Otso is owned by wolftooth
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 @spaceofades: Didn't know that. Very cool. Can see now headset, chainring, and dropouts with the logo. Mythical beast indeed.
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 Small oversight in the title. Huge in my opinion. It's Stainless steel.
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 20mm of chainstay adjustment but it goes 430mm - 450mm? 415mm - 435mm seems much better for a hardtail, no?
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 for the application, yes 415-435 would seem better for a bike supposed to ride like it was from the 90s, but really sized chain stays would be a nice sight, especially on a brand new bike in 2021
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 I hope that 1 in the frame set price is a typo. Because even $960usd is steep for a steel hardtail frame. Even with so many mounts...
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 No typo, you would be an idiot to buy this frame.
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 @SLBIKES: the frame is stainless steel. There's the typo
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 @Artikay13: That does make a big difference, but still not 2k difference, would go Ti for those prices.
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 Certainly not fancy, but simply beautiful.
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 Imagine it rides dreamily but if yer honking about mounts on a bikepacker you better have some under the TT for a frame bag.
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 Why no hard tails that fit 29X3?
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 Plenty do, you just gotta buy a few that don’t first
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 Wow, that is close to the price of a custom steel frame, with none of the custom.
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 You can get euro handbuild 853 for less than that,crazy..btw I don't like those modern bend near the dropouts seatstays..are the for compliance,or just "looks"?
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 Disc Brakes are a joke right ? Borrowed from a Roadbike maybe?
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 missed Singlespeed.............
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 Otso offers a singlespeed system for the dropouts on their steel frames
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 *checks specs* So a stainless steel Surly, eh?
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 One for the price of two, no less. I like it, honestly, but I don't exactly expect to see them rolling down the trails in packs...
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