Final Results: Overall Standings for the 2020 DH World Cup Season

Nov 1, 2020
by Ed Spratt  
Matt Walker.

With the 2020 DH World Cup season now complete let's see how the results stack up in the overall standings.

Individual Standings:

Elite Women

Elite Men

Junior Women

Junior Men

Team Standings:


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 Someone get Jamie Edmondson a sponsorship!!
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 His phone will be ringing all week.
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 Wow! Short season, but that shouldn't take anything away from Walker! Winning any overall takes consistency!
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 May the best man or woman win!!
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 As Warner said, there were 7 races that counted toward points. Pretty strange season but still a hard earned title.
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 Totally - amazing work by him! Do they award an “overall” in a shortened season?
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 Well done Jamie. On fire this year. Many wont realise Jamie is a type 1 diabetic which makes training and getting to this level even more impressive.
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 He beat us with the beatus'
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 I can tell you from personal experience, it's a pain in the ass and another thing to worry about pre race. Too high, too low, etc.
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 Matt Walker = "Mr. Consistent", fully deserved. Well done young Champion.
Loic Bruni = That mistake when he slipped at first Maribor race cost him the overall, at least he got a win.
Greg Minnaar = What can I say, he is the GOAT, so happy for him.
Loris Vergier = I can only feel sorry for him, that flat tire in the previous race cost him the overall too. He was on fire this month.

2021 season gonna be wild.
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flag donpinpon29 (Nov 1, 2020 at 13:03) (Below Threshold)
 And still carbon frames rims suspension tech gurus blanks and air inside a tire can and will ruin a top dollar team effort
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 he would have won if the 2 race quali points counted
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 Loris would have won, if he beat Walker. Not jumping to Walker's defence through any national allegiance. But Loris was only 17 points behind him and finished way down the pack today. If he'd have won, he would have won, pretty simple equation?
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 In case someone is wondering, for 2021 "Protected riders" to the final are:

1.- Riders ranked in the top 5 women elite and the top 10 men elite of the final world cup standings of the 2020 season.

2.- The best ranked riders from the 2021 world cup standings, that are not included in point 1 above, until a total of 10 women elite and 20 men elite are reached.

3.- If any riders as described under 1. and 2. above do not confirm participation at an event they will not be replaced.

4.- Men and women junior riders ranked in the top 3 of the 2021 world cup standings. At the first world cup round of the season there will be no protected junior riders.
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 Already that has slid off my brain.
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 Yeeees Angel!!!!! Congrats for the amazing season! You have shown to the people who didn't believe in you what you are worth!!! Muchas felicidades y a por más!
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 Rob needs to work on the pronunciation, we'll be seeing more of Angel next year.
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 Amazing result for GB! Overall elite men's and juniors
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 And a world champ too!
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 Anyone know what sunglasses Matt Walker had resting on his hat ?
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 @CantClimb: 100% Renshaws by the looks of things.
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 @CantClimb: marketing at its finest
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 @donpinpon29: I need some new sunglasses.
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 Not bad for a country with barely any mountains, crappy weather and a governing body that don’t care about MTB...
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 @lewiscraik: your last point being especially important!! Amazing coincidence to see so many good French riders...? It's almost as if having a governing body that puts time, effort, funding and supports a good national circuit helps develop riders and lead to success - who would have thought it!! I hope others take note - there are some junior riders from GB who have been totally ignored by British Cycling and given no help - names two GB riders rode top 5 at world champs and had no support to go on and race the world cups. Im sure this is probably the case for many other national organisations too
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 @ODY89: There wasn’t even a mention of the amazing Lousa results on BC’s social media this morning. I’m involved in Cycle Speedway too, it is just as bad for them.
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 @lewiscraik: No surprise though, BC take their cues from the UCI.
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 @lewiscraik: @lewiscraik: GB's got plenty of mountains, and crappy weather skills were quite an asset this WC.
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 Walker with the season Brosnan has been chasing for years.
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 Short season but very entertaining. For all the hate the UCI get, thank you for getting a race schedule together, I think many of us thought it might not happen. Shout out to venues, with no fans in attendance I can’t think the races could have been very lucrative.
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 Introduce a hardtail division 2021
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 Phil Atwill could win
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 Not bad Daprela n5 first year in elite and back from injury in beggining of the year. Can't wait for 2021 anyways!
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 Well, and just like that I guess it’s Merry Christmas to you all.
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 Can’t say that it made a huge difference but one must wonder what AP’s dominant racing and result absence this year (4 races) led contributed to completely different standings..we will never know, congrats to Walker, well deserved and solid kid all around. Look forward to a continuation of his success next year.
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 You only race against the riders who show - Who knows what the outcome would be if I raced WC's? I could be the first guy down, crash real hard and stop the race for a while and cause some the top guys to lose their mojo - we'll never know. (sarcasm)
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 Strange for Walker to win overall season without win a race. Strange season but action evry race. Sad for Vergier cause looking on fire in good position to wrap standing on top
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 Both danny hart and gwinn are missing a spark theyve both had adult pressures.marraige.child.then add the pandemic pressures.iam pretty sure they will be firing next year if all goes well.we forget that these results arnt bad its just everyone is so fast the past few years say 5 years ago the top 5 where fairly predictable now anyone in the top 30 could win Edmondson proving this today
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 Edmondson had a great run sure but the only reason he finished top 10 is cause it rained... let's not kid ourselves.
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 @adamkat: I disagree Edmondson had a corker regardless of conditions they wernt huge changes to the track
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 @adamkat: yeah, I mean it's not like he finished in the top 10 the race before.... Oh, shit, wait!?!
People came down plenty close enough to his top splits (thinking of Iles for example) but couldn't hold it together
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 @Jrtf: Track changed for sure ... also visibility was certainly an issue (if you watched the broadcast you know what I'm talking about). Also, I think it was Martin Maes who was interviewed after his run in the rain and said himself that the mentality of the riders changes massively even if the track doesn't. Yes the top riders first few splits were close to Edmondsons' but that doesn't mean anything as far as fairness. If I rode in calm and you rode in a head-wind but our times were similar, pretty easy to suggest you're the stronger rider...
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 @ODY89: See my point above ... also quite frankly Edmondson had the benefit of riding the exact (or marginally different) track as his qualifying and practice runs. The riders that came after and during the rain could not say the same. Had the weather conditions been consistent throughout, I don't see Jamie's time holding up in the top 10, but still a great ride nonetheless!!! Get the man a sponsor!
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 Edmondson seemed more stoked to see Walker beat his time than he was seeing it hold up through everyone before Matt... Good to see he wants his first WC win to be legitimate! What a bittersweet feeling it would be to win only because the track changed after your dry, albeit fast, run.
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 What an amazing season full of surprises and incredible racing. Nail biter to the very end!
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 But how did he win on a single pivot DH bike?
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 Is this the first time a Brit has won the overall on a British bike since Peaty was on Orange?
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 Heck .. just one bad day on the bike cost Greg M a potential overall victory.

Even though we had limited racing, we had some good racing (That mud fest race can be called practice only)
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 The Brits are back! Short season, but like Mat said congrats to everyone for putting on some races, roll on 2021
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 Anyone know the 'prominent french racer' going to Trek?
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 Vergier is the rumour that’s been going around fairly unsubtly.
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 @davechopoptions: interesting. The Syndicate seemed like a very good fit for him. That would be a very strong Trek team, if the current riders stay as well.
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 Nuno Reis 3rd Junior muito bom!
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 Yes Ethan! Congratulations young man!
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 Well done Matt Walker.
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 If Saracen Racing could keep only one of their top riders, it's plainly obvious now that they chose wisely, and with an early pay-off.
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 Right!! One champ for another...and the one they kept is just at the front of his career!
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 @abueno: and he's grown up on that bike. No wonder he goes so well on it, it fits him like a glove. That red colour is sensational too.
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 Danny already leaving the team before the racing started, hence why he wasn't really on the pace ,did you not watch the racing ?
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 IMO the early announcement of Danny leaving the team had a really negative impact in his motivation to perform.
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 @Gwood85: In my humble opinion based on my own experience of life, his family and baby situation would have had a larger adverse effect than leaving the team. Every race forms part of his legacy, regardless of what bike/team his is on.
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 @flyingfox49: not sure you understand how professionals get paid and invested in for your results, even if he has a new deal...doing poorly would make him less valuable.
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 @jaame: nail on the head statement for sure!
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 Yeah I do actually, but I was reacting to somebody else’s comment about him being probably paid off to leave !! There was nothing to risk in that race if starting a new contract next year like he has done in the past by getting injured@abueno:
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 So if Qualifying on Saturday counted for points Bruni would have won?
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 But it didn’t - plus all the riders would have been made aware of this so it essentially became an all or nothing affair.

Walker thoroughly deserved it.
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 No it wouldn't. Quali points were added to the race points, so Bruni got 250 from winning yeaterday instead of the usual 200.
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 @Herrdok: Gotcha. Wasn't aware of that set-up
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 @blanshard16: I believe it is to ensure the overall isn't decided in quali, to give us the thrill ofhaving to wait until (almost) last rider down. And boy it did!
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