Overall Standings: Fort William World Cup DH 2019

Jun 3, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
Troy Brosnan dug deep down the final minute of the track to make time on his rivals but would still fall just over two seconds short of the win.

After some brutal racing in Fort William let's see how the results stack up in the overall standings.

Individual Standings:
Elite Men

Elite Women

Junior Men

Junior Women

Team Standings:


  • + 74
 Lets go Mr Consistent. You got this Troy.
  • + 9
 will be a very close season this year. Can´t see a single rider dominating it 2019. Maybe even an overall winner without a World Cup win in the whole season? Troy is litteraly on the podium all the time
  • + 11
 I just wish he adds some wins this year! He must be so pissed. He has been sooooo close for many years... Go Troyyyyyyy!!!!
  • + 5
 Troy deserves the title. He's been so consistent for years.
  • + 25
 Please stop with the scribd give top 10 places for men and women and top 5 for juniors and provide a link for the entire results
  • + 3
 Judging by the scores, the people unlisted are sitting on '0' which is why they've been left off.
  • + 3
 +1. Pinkbike obviously people hate scribd. Can you please consider spending a few minutes just min. writing out the top 10 or 20 riders for each category and putting that directly in the article? I imagine it would take one person 5 minutes and would go a long way with your tens of thousands of readers. There are only 15-16 WC races a year across both disciplines. Thank you.
  • + 13
 Scribd really sucks. Please stop using it. Thanks
  • + 1
 To be fair the real problem is the UCI publishing all this stuff in a PDF to start with. In the years I was writing geek stats it would drive me absolutely crazy the amount of time I had to spend extracting stuff out of PDF results sheets because the UCI don't publish anything in standard tables. Grrr...
  • + 1
 @woodywoodbine: fair enough, but opening PDF's doesn't crash my phone 9/10 times I use it
  • + 8
 I am not sure about Eddie Masters' last season start but he probably wasn't as consistent as this year?
15th and 9th, well done.
  • + 1
 and doing well at EWS too
  • + 4
 How does the virtual side by side compare thing work for racers on redbull? Splits I understand, but I dont see where they get the data from to show how is pulling away from who.. Are they all fitted with gps trackers?
  • + 6
 Rob and Claudio are racing Scalextric cars and each one has a transponder on it which the virtual side by side runs off.
  • + 5
 I love the people who cant figure out scribd. Like really difficult to hit that scroll arrow with the cursor.....
  • + 6
 It's fine on a computer (MacOS for me). But on mobile (iOS), it's useless: it's will scroll in the original window, but it's too small to read comfortably. And if you click the View on Scribd button to bring it up in a dedicated window, it shows the first part of the list just fine, but the moment you put your finger on the list to scroll it down, the whole list disappears (turns blank) and the window becomes unusable.
  • + 1
 Does anyone know why individual standings (for mens) do not match up with their race results?
e.g. listing Bruni as p10 for Fort William when he finished 8th, or listing Pierron as p9 for Maribor when he actually finished 7th.
I can only think that it might be the riders position when quali points and finals points are added together, but I'm not sure.

Also cool to see there's a close contest going on between the teams.
  • + 2
 CMIIW, the system might be considering the points the rider gets during qualification, too.
  • + 5
 Vali's got some new rivals to handle.
  • + 2
 Anna Newkirk is serious competition but fair enough, I doubt we'll be seeing many more races this season where conditions are so tough that even the top riders are as likely to crash out as they were last weekend.
  • + 6
 Yo! Eddy!
  • + 2
 SRAM TLD RACING, with just 2 juniors (Vali and Lucas Cruz) hanging with some baller company, GT factory and Intense Factory! YEAH KIDS!
  • + 2
 Man, tight this year! Even Gwin, who is 14th overall, is only like 215 points down. Anyone from the top 10-15 could take it by the end of the season!!
  • + 2
 I dont see aaron pulling it off. Phenomenal racer but its not his season.
  • + 3
 @panzer103: I agree, but I was just making a point on how close it is. No way his ankle is even 75% by this weekend.
  • + 1
 @hamncheez: My ankle looked very similar back in January and I still have to wear a brace on it now when I ride trails with big compressions.

Mind you, I’m about two years’ training away from being considered even athletic, let alone pro level...
  • + 2
 I hope they go neck to neck up to the last run!
  • + 1
 Now that I know who is protected, thank you @neimbc, what is the qualification for timed practice? Top 60?
  • + 1
 can someone remind me how the protected riders system works this season?
  • - 1
 If you are in the top 20 - you are protected - so every race rankings can change. Last year was a screwed up system - they're back to normality.
  • + 3
 @neimbc: Nope

“Protected riders” to the final are:
1. riders ranked in the top 5 women elite and the top 10 men elite of the final world cup
standings of the previous season.
2. the best ranked riders from the current world cup standings, that are not included in
point 1 above, until a total of 10 women elite and 20 men elite are reached.
3. If any riders as described under 1. and 2. above do not confirm participation at an
event they will not be replaced.
4. Men and women junior riders ranked in the top 3 of the current world cup standings.
At the first world cup round of the season 1 there will be no protected junior riders.
  • + 0
 @mfoga: I thought they did away with the top ten previous year rankings.
  • + 1
 @neimbc: They changed the start order from last year but they didn't change the protected. That was from the 2019 rule book.
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 How good is scribed.
  • + 1
 Good enough for Pinkbike Wink
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