Overall Standings: Leogang DH World Cup 2019

Jun 9, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
Troy Brosnan a.k.a. Mr. Consistent dropping the landing gear. Troy finished third yet still leads the points race going into the break.

After some tight racing in Leogang let's see how the results stack up in the overall standings.

Individual Standings:

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Junior Men

Junior Women

Team Standings:

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 Troy hasn't finished out of the top 3 overall since 2014, yet he's never won the whole thing. C'mon boy, this is your year!
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 Similar story with Tracey, hopefully she can add a few more W's to her record this year.
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 Even tho I'm a Bruni fanboy, I'd love to see Brosnan win the overall. This guy has been incredibly consistent over the years.
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 Yeah Troy!!
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 I like Troy. I'm just going to state that he has never won the overall because he hasn't won enough races. You have to win races to win the overall, and you have to have a bit of luck too.
Bryce was lucky to win that year.
Hart was unlucky to not win that year.
That's how it goes. Troy needs to win more races, otjerwise he is unlikely to win the overall on consistency alone.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not bagging him out. I think he's an awesome rider, but he's a bit of a Randy Mamola. He will very possibly retire as the best rider who never won a title. (Juniors don't count!)
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 I was just thinking, if Brosnan was Minnaar’s size, he would have probable been the most dominant force over the last decade
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 @kleinblake: Troy's strength is his size! That is like saying if Troy was a better rider, he would be a better rider.
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 @Jacquers: I think those are going to be your overall winners this year. Troy/Tracey

I don't see Tracey finishing off the podium this year and Rachel will have a hell of a time making up points. Even if she wins the rest of the way out. And Troy, it just feels like his year. I think he'll be on the podium ever race this year. Only dude I see pushing him out of the 1 spot is Amaury. Gwin doesn't have it this year. I could see him winning 1 or 2 races and finishing like 3rd or 4th overall. Bruni/Troy/Amaury is gonna be a good battle to watch. But I'll still be pulling hard for Gwin and Minnaar.
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 @evildos: you ain't no Bruni fanboy! Wash your mouth out!
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 As an ex-pat Kiwi (and now semi-Brit) it's hard to cheer for an Aussie, let alone two of them, but Tracey and Troy deserrve it,

Go you good things!!!
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 @onemanarmy: Yep. Tracey this year, Kate next year
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 @BenPea: I've been wearing the same underwear I was wearing the day he won the world champs in Andorra, man.
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 @evildos: well don't change it now FFS!
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 @Vulhelm: Nah.

Kate's not there yet. She's going to have a hell of a time winning an overall... ever.

Figure this... She's not even close to the top couple in terms of skill and top to bottom speed. Currently makes up time to stay competitive in the higher speed/sprint sections. Rachel is still way faster. Hannah is still way faster. And Tahnee is still way faster.

This year will probably go to Hannah... maybe Rachel.

Next year will more than likely be Tahnee... with Tahnee being the favorite for the next few years. By the time Rachel retires and Kate is challenging Tahnee, Holl will be there. Holl is already faster than Kate.

And Nina Hoffman is increasing her speeds at a tremendous pace.
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 [ insert Scribd rant below ]
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 I thought they stopped using it last Friday. But it is back again. Do they have sticks in this shitty product?!
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 Crashes my phone browser every time i open a doc so I just head over to vital when there are results to look at. I know... Cool story bro.
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 I like that everyone is making the overall a big deal lately instead of just world champs. I like a good points race!
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 World champs should be far less important than the overall
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 The overall has always been a big deal.
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 Nina Hoffman just 25 points behind Rachel!
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 So happy for Troy and Tracey right bow. Hope they can bring it home this year, they both definitely deserve it at this point. Also, it would be kinda cool if Troy wins it without a win. He's mister consistent anyway, so that would just underline the fact how well he's doing consistently in this super talented field of riders.
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 Scribd crashes my phone 100% of the time, so I can't view any of those links. Please stop using it.
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 Time to trade in your Motorola razer for a smart phone
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 @mkotowski1: Scribd crashes my phone too, and it's a late model Android.

Just sayin, Vital doesn't use Scribd... You're welcome to take your web traffic wherever you like. Been going over there for WC business recently.
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 @RXN059: scribd sucks. Please stop using it. I have a brand new phone and it doesn't work.
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 @dwmetalfab @IllestT @RXN059 :

People like to bash the UCI but complete results and standings are available for free and easily readable on any kind of device on their website. Add to that they also provide the results for the myriads of other races in the calendar, including national and euro cups.

I don't understand why you keep complaining when a simple and obvious solution is available.
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 @opignonlibre: Ehhh, the UCI website is a little clunky on mobile and opening their results sheets on any device requires downloading each individual .pdf. Too much clutter.

Vital posts image files directly into their articles. People just like to complain when they're inconvenienced. Pinkbike clearly doesn't care because they're still clicking on their links to come and complain, seeing their ads.
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 @opignonlibre: I'm complaining because sribd sucks and I have to lighten the load on my first world problems. This is low hanging fruit.
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 I think scribd is a illuminati software... It's like AOL, you don't need them, but Windows install it for you and you can't uninstall it... LOL
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 @dwmetalfab: nobody forces you to use a broken by design device.
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 @opignonlibre: okay. Whatever.
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 Vergier gonna turn it up. I know it.
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 He needs to turn down those pants
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 Aussies on top of Men’s and Women’s!! Yeeeeew
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 Really gunning with Phil Atwill can get a result he deserves. the guy is super talented and every video he looks pinned
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 YEAH Mark Wallace SEND IT to the top
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 What's up with Gwin this year? Intense not doing it for him or is it just injuries?
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 It's a super stacked field and he's plagued with injuries. To expect a rider to always win is just unrealistic, especially in mens dh which is arguably one of the most competitive disciplines in all of sports right now.
Seriously, the top 3 were all old guard this time, with at least 10-15 youngsters consistently knocking at the door at each race and another 15 showing glimpses of brilliance every now and then. Not to forget all the other older guys still hungry for it.
If injuries weren't a thing the field would be even more tightly packed.
There's a reason why Troy is leading without a win and people keep praising his consistency. It's incredibly difficult to win and equally difficult to consistently finish in the top 3 and even proven riders as talented as Danny Hart or Loic Bruni vary rather wildly in their placements.
Gwin is up there in the top 10 with injury, what more can you expect really?
He had his dominant run, now the field has caught up. That's just how it goes in sports.
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flag jaame (Jun 10, 2019 at 6:12) (Below Threshold)
 He's past it.
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 He had one bad race (says something when 6th is "bad") healthy, and he rode the last two rounds with a sprained ankle.
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 @jaame: ya getting 5th on a busted ankle is past it.
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 @Loki87: He's busted up
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 @reverend27: well he did used to regularly win by five seconds and have the other contenders scratching their heads
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 How many time will I excitedly click to see full results before remembering that scribe will crash my phone?
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 Would it kill to add some continuity & post a link to the schedule?
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 Yeah man
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 Minnaar in 5th and Gwin in 9th and both have had a goose egg on a finals.
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 Yeah that 5th place is crazy. Only the GOAT.

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