Overall Standings: Les Gets World Cup DH 2019

Jul 14, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
Tracey Hannah well on her way to becoming a World Cup Champion

After some flat out racing in Les Gets let's see how the results stack up in the overall standings.

Individual Standings:
Elite Men

Elite Women

Team Standings:


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 Troy has only finished outside the top 3 once (and that was a still a 6th) in race or quali runs all season!!! That's nuts.
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 didn't he just finish 4th in his race run at Les Gets?
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 @IsaacWislon82: Well obviously apart from that......60% of the time,he finishes in the top 3......everytime.
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 Expected so much from IFR this season but next to Gwin it seems that Moir and Mullaly have lost their Mojo! Hope the will find it soon.
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 I agree, but i feel like 25th place for Moir is pretty good considering the stacked field this year. I heard a WC racer say on a podcast that basically anyone in the top 20 (or so) could finish on the box this year; which is great for the sport. It would be nice to see Jack have another top 10 this year.
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 @buckwheat23: I thought/hoped that this year Moir would achieve his final breakthrough. But somehow they all don't seem to get along with the whole package yet.

The results speak differently than what you heard in the podcast.

One more: Finn Iles please get your shit together Smile If he brings it together, the next few years will be exciting!!!
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 @dh-corn: I totally agree. I would have loved to see Jack have that inaugural year and stand with the top boys. I wish I could see inside the mind of some of the racers (at the top and at the mid pack) to see what makes them tick.

I think Finn's time will come soon. Maybe not this year, but I think next year he's going to have one hell of a year. As a fan and viewer of the live feeds, i'm so stoked for what's in store.
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 @buckwheat23: Jack clearly doesn't vibe well with this new program-the past years of 3 buddies (jack, dean and charlie) the owners wife and founder running the team, the little tech expert ripper dude as mechanic, the spanish dude doing race management is all gone.....this new odd vibed program isn't working. Shame, lovely bicycles it appears.
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 @yakimonti: unfortunately this happens in all sports; new teams/teammates/etc. The vibe I get from IFR is more serious than previous years. This is obviously a bystander on the outside looking in. Whereas previous years seemed to be more chilled out. For Jack's sake, you just hope he finds what he needs in order to put up the numbers we know he can.
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 @buckwheat23: And Mullaly? He didn´t even qualify the last two rounds! For me the real disappointment.
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 Moir looked like he was gonna have a killer 2017 season but got hurt and has struggled a little. I miss his post race interviews.
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 Does anyone know what Gwin's injury update is? I heard in the comment section he injured his shoulder after hitting a tree. Hope he doesn't have to throw in the towel for this season!
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 he's winning worlds.
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 @yakimonti: Gwin doesn't care about Worlds that much, he said.
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 what are the 2 small bold numbers under the points from the race? i know one is qualifying points (with position in brackets) but what's the second small bold number?
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 The first is the points from quali (and position # in parentheses), and the 2nd set is the race result points (and position # in parentheses). Add both together to get total points for race+quali for each race.
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 Qualifying points, position, Final points, position is the order, i believe
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 Shoutout to @fhm35
You beat them to it!
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 Your humble servant (who accidentally downvoted you).
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 @fjm35: I upvoted to fix it for you. tup
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 @fjm35: sorry about getting your username wrong. I don’t know if it was autocorrect, rather just my thumbs on this tiny phone.
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 Hoping for a 3rd overall for Nina Hoffmann (or better).
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 Hang on Danny Hart coasted most of Les Gets and took the road gap chicken line and still finished 27th?
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 Ignore me, I see 27th is cumulative for qually and race points.
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 Some one give Trummer the Drummer a factory seat - top 10 overall ffs
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 You hate when you hit upvote when you mean downvote (or the reverse), don't you?
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 The French are killing it !!!!
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 oh shit do you get points for timed training?
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 Nope. The small numbers are Quali/Race with the large bold is the sum of those two smaller numbers.
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 Time training is the ONLY result that matter. Remember this forever.
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 This scribd bullshit is enough to keep me off pinkbine altogether
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 Then keep off it then
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 is it hard to read numbers and letters while you scroll?
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 Poor baby.

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