Overall Standings: Maribor DH World Cup 2020

Oct 18, 2020
by Ed Spratt  
Marine Cabirou sporting the leader s jersey. Don t take her qualifying result to heart she wont be going down without a fight in finals.

After two incredible races in Maribor let's see how the results stack up in the overall standings.

Individual Standings:

Elite Women

Elite Men

Junior Women

Junior Men

Team Standings:


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 All 3 Syndicate riders in the top 10, double win for Loris and first WC win for Nina. It's a dream for SC right now.
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 If Loris leaves, will we see the syndicate take its first woman?
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 I can't believe how little Matt Walker got mentioned during the race. Really good qualis, now second in the overall. He's really stepped it up a notch this year! Still would love to see Loris win it though.
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 With Loris taking the win on 2 of the 4 races, and none of the top three getting the same place in both races, he’s almost guaranteed the series if he stays too 5 in the next two rounds.
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 Happy to see some Spanish name in the top 10 (one Spanish name)
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 The 'Fantasy League' jinx is real, and we are to blame. Hot Fantasy picks for:

Leogang - Anne Terpstra struggled with her lungs, DNF.
Leogang - Vali Höll crashed before finals, DNS.
Maribor - Reece Wilson crashed before finals, DNS.

Citing safety reasons, Pinkbike should remove Vergier and Daprela from the available roster for Lousã, no joking. #facts
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 My god, you're right. Before dh fantasy people didn't crash out in dh racing.
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 I was LOLing until you stated you weren't joking. #eyeroll
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 @dolores Hi, magic things, good or bad, don't exist.
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 Surprised Jack wants to skip lousa. I'd have thought he'd want to stay a protected rider for next year
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 He is not sure he'll be offered a DH spot from the team, though with his results so far would be a stupid move from canyon... Also, prioritizing the rest and training for the EWS is risky, as the first stop being in south america there are high chances that might end up cancelled or postponed...
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 @Herrdok: ya tough call. Itd be easier to show up and be relaxed for dh not having to worry about quali though, especially if he's focused on ews. Cant blame him though. He knows better than anyone
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: sure, but I'm sure everyone would like to see him in lousa. As you said, he knows better for sure, a pity for us.
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 @Herrdok: Wyn said it will definitely be cancelled when he was talking to Jack about it. Apparently he's a covidologist
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 @mtb-sf: i heard he is. Wheelies are just his wednesday gig.....
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 Lousa still has very strict travel bans in effect. How are they going to host a World Cup?
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 @blowmyfuse: With Lousy enforcing of the travel bans.
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 @blowmyfuse: The Portugese Grand Pirx at Portimao kicks off on Thursday. If they can run that, they can run DH racing.
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 @snotrag: that's what I like to hear. Update me asap if things go awry.
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 It sounded weird when he spoke to Wyn about it. He only has one more week to go before "holidays", and he still prefers to go home to rest... If I were Canyon I would try to convince him about staying as it is not like there had a been a ton of races this year
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 @Davichin: oooh. Haven't listened to that audio as yet, but the translation sounds almost like "there's a Sheila back home begging to see me" Beer

Women make warriors weak for a bit. "Drain the sap" from the tree if you know what I'm saying. Big Grin
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 Anyone know why Myriam was wearing the leaders jersey in round 2 when Marine beat her in the first race?
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 Nevermind. I didn't take into account 2nd round qualis
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 Qualifiers count towards WC overall points, and Myriam Nicole won qualifiers yesterday so she took over the lead before today's race...
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 The battle for the woman's overall is the one to watch. Going to be so good!!
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 Does anyone know why Loris had the #5 plate in race #2 even though he was already the leader?
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 Mike Larocco Style
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 Boy, INtense bikes must really suck
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 Yeah, because natural talent, years of training, buckets of time and money counts for jackshit in WC racing.
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 @diego-b they use virtually the exact same suspension system as Santa Cruz.
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 @blowmyfuse: "Virtually" is the word
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 @fracasnoxteam: you caught my pun. Excellent. Beer

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