Overall Standings: Vallnord World Cup DH 2019

Jul 8, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
The moment Loic Bruni realised he d taken his third win of the season.

After facing some tough conditions in Vallnord let's see how the results stack up in the overall standings.

Individual Standings:
Elite Men

Elite Women

Team Standings:

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Vallnord Bike Park


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 Eddie Masters goes and wins an enduro instead of racing and stays in the top 20. That man’s having a helluva season.
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 The consistency of Troy is unreal!
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 Yeah, even though he isn't at the top anymore, I'm still rooting for him. That said, Loic may have had one "bad" race (and maybe relatively poor qualifiers at Maribor) but other than that he's been consistently at the top too.
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 He deserves a hand shake for a job well done.
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 Ridiculously impressive. I feel like there are a few riders who could win at any race, but they're doing it by riding out of control and/or being on their home track. Troy and Loic are actually just that fast. How else can you explain the consistency?
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 @vinay: "isn´t at the top anymore"? Are you watching the same season as the rest of us? Brosnan is having the season of his career and is well in contention for winning the wc dh overall...
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 If you haven’t seen the crash Troy had in practice the morning of the race; it’s on his instagram - to still pull a third after hitting a tree that morning, he’s hungry for the win.
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 @MarcoPereira: I meant to say he was ranked first in the overall for a few races and I still really want to see him take the overall title this season. So by "top" I meant to say the first position, sorry for the confusion.
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 They should add Privateers as a team for the team rankings.
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 Gwin is having a nightmare this season injury/results wise. Danny seems like our only hope in the UK to be able to actually win a male world cup overall these days. The French are taking their sport back now it seems with some amazing talent.
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 Gwin definitely does not look comfortable on that huge Intense bike. It's too bad he's not battling with the top guys anymore.
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 @jwrendenver: Agreed, an intense change from last season.
Funny, I thought he stated that the Intense suspension works SO well it made him question wether any of his other previous bikes worked properly. Or something like that... Now- eating his words.
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 Top 10 is hardly a nightmare.
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 @ytjodave: Eating his words? WTF are you on about. He got injured, it happens. Blaming the bike is retarded.
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flag joedave (Jul 8, 2019 at 9:45) (Below Threshold)
 @SintraFreeride: I ‘on about’ he hasn’t been riding like his normal self since being on his intense bike. ‘Eating his words’ was used in this instance as a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.
I love AG and am sad he’s having a shabby season. Don’t even trip dawg.
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 @ytjodave: I agree he hasn't been his usual self this year. I just don't think it is the bike but rather just bad luck. When you said "eating his words" it sounded like the usual pinkbike comment trashing a rider. I am also a big Gwin fan even if I tend to roll my eyes when he harps on about religion. I hope he gets better soon and wins a world cup before the end of the season!
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 @SintraFreeride: note Moir is not in the best season of his -short- racing life too.
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 @jwrendenver: I'd guess maybe it's more about his mental space on the new team than the bike. Didn't he contribute to founding/funding the enterprise? Must be a ton of pressure, and every race where he performs below expectations just makes that worse. Hope he can heal up and have a great end of the season.
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 @jwrendenver: He was on pace before he started getting banged up. People think he can't hang but the dude is still in 10th overall. With the crashes and what not, that's pretty impressive.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he sits out the rest of the season to get healthy for world champs.

But yeah... definitely not looking good on that bike. I think he as far as his abilities is still plenty fast. Sucks that he's essentially all the USA has right now. Charlie's hurt and he's still aways behind the French. Dakota is quick but I don't really see him beating any of the French riders or Troy.
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 Don't worry @teamdoa, if your flag is on someone else's flag, you also win a little bit when they do.
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Luca Shaw is gonna win a World Cup sooner or later
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 I feel what Danny has gained in consistency, he has lost in raw speed. He hasn’t looked close to winning a race this year. The pace just isn’t quite there.
I think having Greenland in the same team was a huge help to him. Fast and loose. Right now Walker looks to be a consistency over raw pace kind of guy too.
Bruno has the pace this year and be unlucky to not win the overall.
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 @jaame: Then you weren't watching the same race I was watching this weekend. He was much much faster than most of the field. He's ranked number 4. Considering how the top few guys have been riding this year, that's very very good. Think you're forgetting that the first race of the year he was second. He lost to Bruni by .4 seconds... this is a very special year to be watching Bruni finally click. He is doing amazing things. He knocked off an insanely fast Loris by about the same margin this weekend. Do you think that Loris has lost his raw speed?

Greenland is looking WAY better now that he's teamed up with Hart.

Hart's got plenty of raw speed to get some wins.
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 @onemanarmy: I want him to win, but I don't think he has the speed at the moment. He doesn't look like winning. He looks like finishing on the podium at every round. Kind of like Troy Brosnan in years gone by. He looks like a consistent podium contender who won't extend his win tally this year. I hope he proves me wrong. We know it all goes on confidence and at this point in time, Bruni is on a winning streak. When will it end?
I'm trying to be objective, not negative.
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 @onemanarmy: Ever hear of Luca Shaw?
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 @larryssman7: Think you missed where I agreed with the last guy that brought up his name.. 15 hours ago.

Yes Luca will win. Kids quick.

I was mainly talking about the overall title. America does not have a whole hell of a lot of bullets in the chamber. Fortunately we do have some big ones. Luca included. I wouldn't be surprised if he wins this weekend.
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 @onemanarmy: whoops, that's what I get for loading the article in a new tab and coming back to it the next day. My bad!

You're right though about the overall, but we've only ever really had Gwin. Fingers crossed for Luca, he was so on pace last year and you could tell how close he was to snagging it. Cheers!
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 @larryssman7: Most def! I'm really looking forward to seeing Luca clock some wins.
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 Sure, the juniors are all but decided, but it would be nice to still post them? Big Grin
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 It's pretty mind blowing how Minnaar is still holding his own for this many years! Dude has been racing and WINNING for over 2 decades. Hill, Peat, Kovarik, Gracia, Athertons, Palmer, and Vouilloz, just to name a few legends that have raced against him and mostly retired from DH. Yet he's still putting down top 10 results.
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 Just wondering have they ever had a UCI DH race and it has snowed? That would be epic.
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 Considering dh season is in the summer, probably not.
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 @zyoungson: "Considering dh season is in the summer"
What if somewhere would be winter right now.... Wait?!.. )
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 @zyoungson: The race season started at the end of April and there was a race in May. Mammoth Mountain here in CA got 29 inches of snow in May. It's not inconceivable that one of the race venues could have gotten snow after the start of the race season.
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 watch this movie called headliners. They raced a wc at squaw in snow one year
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 @zyoungson: It snowed in Park City Utah on June 22nd and the ski resort on one side of the mountain was taking skiers to the top where on the other side they were taking mountain bikers a little more than half way to the peak.
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 It snowed during practice at Lourdes a couple of years back didn't it - not actually on race day though.
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 Need to get rid of that scribd garbage
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 I don't click anymore
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 Why the points of each series are different? Maribor 216, Fort William 240 etc.
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 Because you get points for the qualifier and the race separately..
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 Just thought I’d pop up to say those scribd links work fine, and that I could clearly read everything I wanted to. I don’t get the hate.
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 Do you read it on a phone or a computer? It works fine on a computer but scrolling on a touch scene is terrible.
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 No problems with school toilet paper either? Don't tell me... Linux desktops are awesome? Never get thirsty on a Capra?
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 @Steventux: What, you don't enjoy wiping your bum with sandpaper?
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 The site is html... HTML?! What year is this? 1999?
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 yep fine for me too.... and works on my iPhone. just gonna say SCRIBD IS THE BEST!!! wooooooo!
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 @T-Bot: Can you elaborate further? Not trying to troll or anything but I've never had an issue using scribd on mobile yet so many other people seem to.
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 @pumpjumpnflow: not a problem. it’s a window in a window that’s an issue. With the touch screen on my iPhone (all models, and I have a new one) the page scroll is an issue. Having to scroll down in scribe usually results in the pink bike page scrolling down. The same goes for zooming in, I zoom and scroll on scribe and the pink bike window moves. With the huge amount of data on the race results it makes it very frustrating to read easy and quickly.
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 @T-Bot: ahhh now I see the issue. I’ve always just opened up the new tab in scribd and then scrolled around there.
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 How many wins for the Specialized Demo now?
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 Kate is 6th!!! Yasssss Queen!!! Slay!!!!
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