Pace Cycles Unveil a New 170mm eMTB

Nov 26, 2020
by Pace Cycles  
Photo by Sam Flanagan

Press Release: Pace Cycles

Little fish catching the big sharks.

Big days out shredding big mountains- the core of mountain biking and often the stuff of legends. Demands on body and mind often limit your scope in this terrain but in this case not the bike. With big 726wh battery capacity, burly long travel coil suspension and progressive geometry the 170e just keeps on giving well beyond the point where most E-Bikes have turned back for home.

The Features:

• Material: Pace custom alloy frame. High strength and durability- Hand made, tough T6 heat treated & beautiful in natural polished finish.
• Wheelsize: Mixed wheels 27.5" rear and 29" front or both 29". Built in shock flip chip.
• Travel: 170mm. Rear Travel: 170mm. Both coil, a new plush E Bike riding experience
• Shimano EP8 motor. Light, more efficient and more powerful.
• 726Wh compact battery. Long Range and low centre of gravity. Easily accessible housed in the broad spar alloy downtube.
• Latest general integrated E-Bike lights. Extend your big day even when the sun sets. Worlds first road-legal high beam/ dip. The headlight has 10 automotive LEDs, non-submerged deep beam developed for long travel bikes and high/broad high beam for curve illumination.
• Efficient Pace 4 bar suspension system. Maximum control with minimum squat & pedal feedback.
• Twin Carbon-Fibre Rockguards. 1x high strength motor Skid Plate combined with 1x rock deflector.
• Adjustable Radiator Vent. Assists battery temp for longer range and battery life.
• Low profile frame. Allows long drop seatpost. 213mm drop on large as standard.

Photos by Sam Flanagan

The combination of bikes and motors have a long history in the Pace family business- the boss Adrian, raced enduro motorcycles on a National & International basis and that's how Pace Cycles started 30+ years ago. Adrian designed his own mountain bike to help him keep race fit...and that's when the RC100 was born. Cathy Adrian's wife rode a Yamaha trailbike and daughters Aimee and Sophie often rode shotgun round the paddock. So the RC170E takes the family business back full circle in many ways to a time when mountain bikes and dirtbikes were a constant in family and business life. It wasn't a matter of 'if' just a matter of 'when' Adrian was going to design an EBike and he had no doubt that the RC170E was going to be the most complex but equally thrilling design he has done yet. Developing a motorised mountain bike is anything but sticking a drive unit into the BB and its this long heritage which has produced the highly evolved, practical cutting edge design of the RC170E. And for a small company like Pace Cycles developing an EBike is both challenging and exciting expanding the product line up from hardcore steel hardtails and carbon-fibre trail bikes into high-performance aluminium E Bikes.

With numbers that would make an EWS bike blush the all alloy 170e is built for speed in trashy terrain either up or down- long low and slack doesn’t even cover it- low enough so even an average Joe can use the full 213mm dropper. 29er wheel up front for control and roll over matched to either a 27.5” out back for turn in speed or 29er for flat out hauling. Either way consistent geometry courtesy of a Flip-Chip in the coil shock.

The tough all alloy chassis is designed to keep the mass low and central complimenting the coil suspension to deliver lively yet stable handling, all centred with a flat motor orientation (more a motor is rotated up the higher the mass) and a battery that’s at least 40mm shorter than even a 625wh. Your big day won’t stop when the sun sets either courtesy of built in front and rear lights- socially responsible with headlight dip and bright enough to compare with an enduro motorcycle.

Complemented with the latest tech spec’ including Shimano's high torque and supremely controllable EP8 motor (protected with carbon skid plate) & 12 spd transmission, Hope V4’s hauling you to a stop with 200/220 rotor combination, Marzocchi Coil suspension and finishing kit from the worlds best brands.


Benefit from the same ride experience as latest gen manual bikes featuring short chainstay, low BB, steep seattube and long reach combined with slack headtube angle. Full figures to be announced once we have the production model here. But to give you an idea on the large proto...

•Headtube Angle 63
•Seat Tube Angle 78
•BB Height 334
•Chainstay 444
•Reach 504
•Seat Tube Length 410

The RC170E is still in development so watch out for further spy shots and teasers as the full EMTB story unfolds during 2021...make sure to sign up to our Newsletter at the bottom of this page for all the very latest news on it and how this little fish is doing in the big pond.

Photo by Sam Flanagan


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 This really looks fantastic.
There are actually very few, proper, gravity oriented eMTBs.
I currently have a Commencal Meta Power and it takes quite a lot of component swap outs to reach its full potential (-2° slackeriser and getting rid of the stroke restrictor in the rear shock for a start). This bike from Pace looks ready to go from stock
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 See Liteville301CE Pro
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 My only concern with this Pace eBike is the low BB. Those who have ridden eMTBs a lot will know that pedal strikes are a bigger problem than on normal bikes. It's difficult to explain why exactly, but keeping the pedals turning on an eBike when going up or along is absolutely essential to maintain the required cruising speed
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flag rickythunder (Nov 26, 2020 at 6:38) (Below Threshold)
 It’s because of the combination of rider & bike weight mostly. Most people are setting up suspensions as they used to on acoustic bikes not taking in consideration there’s lot more mass to handle and now your possibly carrying doble the stuff @IllestT:
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 @IllestT: think of the cornering though Smile
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 How do I get rid of the stroke limiter on the meta power? Which year model do you have?
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 @Kmccann137: it's a 2020 model.
The stroke limiter on Fox shocks is just a little ring, but it's on the damper shaft so requires a full disassemble to remove (sigh).
Whoever thought these were a good idea wants a strong kick in the balls.

If you want your bike to have 160mm travel, design it properly that way! Don't fit use some retro fit bodge to the shock, it totally ruins how the shock was originally designed to work.
You wouldn't fit a clamp on the outside of a set of forks and call them "travel reducers"
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 @IllestT: This is why I'm considering 152mm Merida cranks. Being able to pedal through the Rocky and roots sections makes huge difference.

You are also right about the lack of long travel e bikes. It's pathetic that there is only one manufacturer that makes a downhill e bike; Husquavarna.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: haibike does too
  • 2 1
 @IllestT: similar to a Whyte 180 e, when I had one for 10 days had no problem
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 @Mark45acp: Steps e8000, Battery, RockShox, man parts unfriendly, high cost. They started right with it but meh. Alson Simplon Rapcon PMAX with Fox 38 but undershocked, brake options meh.
Personally the PACE and swop the Bombers for Ohlins Coils front and rear and done. And do like a bit of disco.
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 Or a strong constitution and a dremel @IllestT:
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: yeah there are many, many brands that sell dh eebs
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: super short cranks are 1 way to cure the low BB issue, but they have their own compromises (I've tried them too).

Overly high saddle height and weird knee feeling are a couple, but there are more.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Think twice about the Merida Cranks, I bought the 150mm ones, bent 2 sets in less than 6 months. Back to the stock shimano 170mm's now, just learn to time the pedal strokes a bit better.

Also 150mm cranks feel so weird, like riding a kids bike.
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 @Brasher: I have 800 bars and 170 cranks, rode my mates bike with 750 bars and 150 cranks and felt like I was on a 2 year olds bike
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 Finally! E bikes with integrated lights. Now you don’t have to strap a battery to your battery
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 Again See Liteville301CE Pro !
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 @Mark45acp: it’s only 160 in the rear.
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 The perk of the Pace is it probably works when wet and doesn't fall apart while riding! My friend has a lite....
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 The light is Supernova M99 Pro. A great light and fits on most ebikes, but not cheap.
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 Haibike have integrated lights on the flyon since it came out 6 - 12 months ago so not new
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 I've had zero interest in E-bikes due to the fact almost every readily available option has stagnant, dated geometry. This is a step in the right direction. Now someone get on a high pivot/idler E-bike project and include similar geo numbers and we'll really be going somewhere.
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 Agreeing with a high idler pivot E bike.... Captivate us Norco with a VLT shore for 2021
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 High idler ebike would also solve the issue with clutch clatter when descending too. First high idler ebike will definitely have my money. Cmon Forbidden!
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 Looks like a Decoy (not a bad thing). I picked a Decoy up for $4400 on close out, swapped the shock for a coil and dropped in a 170mm air spring/charger 2.1. That thing has enabled me to ride nearly double the downhills in 2020.
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 Thanks Obama
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 Must admit when I saw the Hope brakes I thought "Meh". I love the look of Hope brakes, probably the best looking brakes on the market. However, whenever I have ridden them I have always been disappointed with their performance. What are other peoples thoughts on them?
  • 3 0
 Compared to the brakes and SRAM (the only other brakes I've had) I prefer the feel of hopes.
  • 4 0
 pretty much the same as your opinion, nice looking brakes with good spare parts availability, braking wise though they are nothing special (E4 or V4)
  • 1 0
 @fatduke: Are they as powerful as Sram's latest offerings though?
  • 1 2
 @MattP76: Dunno they stop 95kg+bike well enough for me not to want to splash the cash.
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 I’ve used Hopes for years and love them. Reliable, virtually maintenance free, look and work great. I won’t run anything else.
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 Iv had hopes 3 times over the years, first set in 99 on my dh bike... Anyway, bought the e4s last year, after a mate raved about them... 2 months later, sold and went back to saints... I love the look and engineering, but they just dont feel as grippy as i like.. Its a marmite thing ????
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 Amazing! Pushing the boundries of what an ebike can do for sure! That geometry will slay! Plus hours of fun on that whopping battery! Well done Pace!!!
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 Looks sweet, not really keen on slack head angles though. I think slack head angles and super long Wheelbase’s have gone a little extreme. Great to see companies like evil and the latest V3 wrecker keeping sensible geo....just my personal opinion.
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 Yea, i think this is the limit. I personally prefer 480 for a large. Still the industry goes one way and then back the other. Only 3 years ago short chainstays were all the rage.
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 I'm using an e bike with a 63° head angle for all around riding and it works fine once you get used to it. I actually climbed a section for the first time the other day that I was never able to do with my old e bike that had a steeper head angle. I agree with you on the long wheelbases though. Great for high speeds on wide open downhills but very inconvenient for all around riding.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: toptube length has more of an effect on climbing than ht angle I’ve found
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 Great idea with the lights. Funny how after years of mountain biking I’ve been looking moto Enduro.. and this kinda cover that.. with pedals lol

Still got my MK1 Pace RC35 sussy forks from 1991
  • 2 1
 RC35 - how are those elastomers doing now?
  • 3 1
 @sargey2003: Just had a look at the Pace website, you can still buy replacement elastomers. The 90's aren't dead yet! :-)
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 Forget all this Pace eBike stuff - Pace should remake the RC100. That was literally the most drool worthy UK bike ever made. Forget Pole and their aluminium machining - this was the real deal.
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 Pace need to take a long hard look at the latest offerings from Focus and Santa Cruz. The Sam2 and Bullit have some really well thought out geometry, resulting in reasonably high BB's, decent Reach and ETT for a roomy, comfortable cockpit. Steep, but not too steep SA, so you don't mess up your knees, slack enough HA and longer wheelbase for stability in the rough and steep. Finally they have decent Stack, so you're not riding with a seat that's excessively high compared to your bar height, saving your back from a distorted riding position whereby your upper body weight is forced over the front wheel too much. Norco are an example of going too extreme on geo. Watch some videos of their latest offerings and you'll see riders in a very upright position, with their knees fouling the bars for every seated turn. If you just want to hit DH and ride actively whilst stood on your pedals for most of your ride, then that's fine. However, I believe most riders want something more all round capable. Regarding potential price, if it's in the same ballpark as the Bullit XT, i'll be interested. If it's not, i'm buying the SC. Top geo, build quality and lifetime warranty makes that my top choice.
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 Would love to see these bikes come out with steel undercarriage bash guards. Up in BC that poor plastic plate will get destroyed in one run.
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 That big square down tube needs an external milled groove like the old RC100's . Then throw in some dayglow yellow and boom! The 90's has returned.
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 331 BB is not going to end well on a long travel bike. 165 cranks + 170 travel = 335

I currently ride a modded Kenevo with 29 wheels and a 360 BB. Long WB combined with slack HA reduces or eliminates the issues with high BB's.
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 how have you got a 29 on a kenevo?
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 @tobiusmaximum: rear wheel fits perfectly thanks to the long chainstays. I put a 170 travel 29 fork up front. Bike is an absolute weapon.
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 Skid plate and rock guard made from carbon fibre? Making the frame out of aluminium, but then making the one thing on the frame that will have contact with rocks out of carbon fibre? Who thought that was a good idea?
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 Very good idea. The Carbon will shatter upon impact thus deflecting the energy away from the lovely metal! Finally a good use for the black plasticy stuff.
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  • 1 0
 Weight wise..think Excalibur's sword if you lift it you own it
  • 3 5
 Are people actually buying these bikes??..shimano motor is soooo loud it's ridiculous.. until ebikes become quite no thanks
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 Would have been better with a Bosch motor
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 scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll... no price found. gotta be ten.
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 Scrolled straight passed the part that said it's in development then?
  • 1 1
 @fatduke: yeeaaah, just looking for a price. I bet it’s 10k when it reaches the market.
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 @tobiusmaximum: that custom battery isnt going to be cheap.. more like 12k
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