Kali Launches Their New Affordable Pace Helmet

Sep 26, 2019
by Kali Protectives  

PRESS RELEASE: Kali Protectives

Brad Waldron, CEO of Kali Protectives and all-around helmet nerd, is excited to announce the launch of Kali’s all new helmet, the Pace. This in-molded helmet puts our Low Density Layer (LDL) technology in your hands at an affordable price point to ensure that even on the most leisurely of rides, you've got the linear and rotational protection expected from a Kali lid.

The Pace is an all-mountain helmet. Something anybody could and would want to use, no matter what level of rider they are. This could double as your tool around town helmet, a great helmet to pull on if you are going for a ride with the kids. The Pace is a great everyday, go anywhere helmet.

The Pace was announced quite a while ago because Kali got super excited about what we had going on and when the initial prototypes arrived, this helmet was way better than even we expected. The first runs were just super dialed. It was ready to show. Then you stop and realize you have to make the other sizes and dial in the stuff that is required to actually put the helmets on the shelves. We had to put the brakes on for a minute, but we’re still super excited about how this helmet turned out in the end The things we’re most proud of is bringing some of our LDL (Low Density Layer) technology down to an affordable price. Up until now, all the helmets we made that included LDL technology were well over a 100 dollars and the Pace comes in at a impressive 65 dollars retail. This came about from searching and searching for material options. The fact that we can actually afford to put this technology into a helmet at this price point is super exciting.

The new Pace helmet featuring LDL technology.

We believe all helmets are built way too hard. It has to do with the testing standards and the desire to protect against the worst of the worst hits. But the reality is 80 percent of our impacts are well below 100 g's, and we start to see brain trauma at only 50 g’s. So we, as an industry, have to start taking into account the small hits when we design our helmets. So many studies, including studies done at Virginia Tech and the Imperial College of London, as well as so many others, are showing brain trauma is happening way below what we are currently testing for. By putting in a Low Density Layer and starting to dissipate the impact sooner, we are helping riders be protected across a full range of impacts, from the small knocks to the big hits.

We feel like the Pace is a great looking lid, filled with great technology at a reasonable price point. It took a little longer to get it to you, but it’s tight. We’ve been wearing them and we’re stoked for you to pull one on.


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 Kalis look better at every price point. Most helmets don’t look good until $122 or whatever. Yup.
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 I broke my neck and my Kali at the same time, didn't get a concussion, and got a free replacement. Great lids and a great company!
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 A $65 helmet that's better at protecting against concussions than any helmet sold at any price just a few years ago. Seems like magic.
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 I really like Kali's approach and philosophy. I'll happily rock this helmet if it fits my head. My Maya 2 doesn't quite fit me right.
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 Check the virginia tech 3rd party tests, gotta scroll way down to see Kali www.helmet.beam.vt.edu/bicycle-helmet-ratings.html
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 Could not agree more. I thought it sounded too good to be true. After checking third party reviews, it ooks like it is. Not a horrible rating, but definitely not a good rating.
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 @herbertmarcusavich: I'll take this discussion head on, We do a lot of testing, in-house and out. We strongly believe in our science and philosophies (test standards require our helmets to be too hard). We test at many labs all around the world, unfortunately we get very different results in each lab. Which one should I trust the most? the one that gives the best results?
If we had all the labs in the world test and list all helmets according to each labs results according to their rating of performance (based on that labs and lab engineers principles and methodologies), I doubt we would get two labs with the same listing of helmet performances.
Currently lab tests are subjective. One lab might pass a helmet another will not. Some labs test 8 helmets randomly (which is my favorite because you can’t design to specific points), other labs test 2 or 3 in exact same spots…. Which I feel is statistically weak.
Also if you test 10 different helmet brands the exact same spots (lets say 2 inches left of the crown) certain helmets will win out because of their shape design… where as if you take those exact same ten brand of helmets and pick another spot (lets say 2 inches above right brow) suddenly the performance list of the helmets is reversed.
To evaluate helmet performance I truly feel you need to evaluate much more than one lab… not to mention I believe all our testing is antiquated… these tests were all design back in the 70ties and does not to low G hits (below 70 G) into accounts. And the fact is almost 80% of impacts happen at low Gs… so when we design only for high G impacts, we increase concussion chances at 80 % of impacts.
However I will never criticize any lab trying to create empirical comparative data… I believe V tech as many other labs are trying to do an excellent consumer informative job. I wish many more labs would do this and between all the labs maybe truer picture of helmet performances would develop.
Meanwhile I stand by what KALI does. I have gotten different results from many different labs, and we will continue to push the latest technologies in the hopes of reducing rider’s chances of concussion… that is our ultimate mission. And not only ours. There are many other like minded brands (and their engineers) I’m honored of working along side with… and though our production methods and material choices differ, and hence test results may differ from lab to lab, I see us all pursuing the same over reaching goal of improving rider safety!
Meanwhile I do hope you will consider researching how labs test, why they get different results, and differnt brand core values – and above all keep riding!
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 I have a friend with long term impacts from a lower speed crash. his troy lee helmet's inner foam wasn't even dented, which means it absorbed zero impact, transferred it all to his skull. I love that Kali is doing work to help lower speed concussions with softer materials. (@kali - is LDL a play on that acronym being for 'bad cholesterol' originally, now you are using it for good? Smile
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 @dubiouslogik not knowing which model helmet you are talking about-from your friend, but I will say our A2 helmet and our Stage helmet feature patent pending co-molded EPP and EPS impact foams, we are the only cycling brand to feature this. EPP being the low speed energy management, and EPS being the high speed.

No EPS offered from any helmet company is as soft as the EPP segments we use, so for you to say our helmet 'absorbed zero impact' is a bit misleading and unfair...that being said, I hope he contacted our customer service so we can evaluate and get him in on our crash replacement policy and ultimately hope he/she is doing ok.

At any rate, we applaud Kali for their venture into these price points and its cool to see all of us getting more products into more price conscious consumers
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 @troyleedesigns: Good information and classy to see you congratulating a competitor.
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 @troyleedesigns: also of note - your A1 MIPS helmet was among top rated in the VT study noted elsewhere in the comments here. Congrats.
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 Thank you for spreading the message, helmets are too hard. I love the Bad cholesterol analogy
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 @troyleedesigns: the EPP (and light weight and cool looks) was the reason I bought Stage!
Props to brands like TLD, Kali or Leatt that understand this.
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 @EckNZ: I was fortunate to sit with Troy in his SoCal facility last year. We talked safety and philosophy. I can't tell you how honored I was to have that conversation. I think he and I agreed on one thing, open conversations and sharing data is good for all riders.
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 @troyleedesigns: agreed, zero impact is not possible, even heading a soccer ball at slow speeds creates some level of impact, let alone a kid on dirt jumps and park. Trying to start the dissipation of energy as soon as possible is the goal. we need softer stuff next to our heads, most standard helmets are too hard and hurting us. EPP is softer then EPS, agreed. There are other materials as well, we keep testing … I'll share that data with you.
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 A press release without a link to their website or some other place where I can "learn more" or buy one.

I remember Waldron admitting he was shit at marketing on the Downtime Podcast, saying he was too into the science bit.
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 It;s true marketing has not been my favorite. Blah Blah blah .... With that said I am more excited then ever (thanks Jim!), in the past we tried to look like everyone else, FOX, 100%, TLD … all great brands with great marketing, but not that's not us. We are more about a beer at the end of a ride then we are about double back flips. come ride with us, have a beer … I will lie about why you beat me down the hill and offer you another beer. Our new direction is way more about riding then trying to be something we are not.
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 @Brad-Kali: Or if you prefer, or are not-of-age, we are happy to welcome you onto our tailgate for a non-alcoholic libation of your choosing.
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 Tried on a Maya recently but was disappointed by how it fit. It really sits on top of your head like a funny cap. If you look up pictures you can see there's often an inch gap+ around the wearer's ears. I wish they'd redesign it considering the temple seems to be a pretty common area of impact in a crash.
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 That inch costs another 100.
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 Hey rezrov, they Maya was designed to be a deep coverage helmet and for the most part we get positive reviews as a good fitting helmet. so I'm bummed it didn't seem to fit you.
gap on the side? never ending struggle to make the best head shape possible. I'll look at it again!
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 Got a Maya 2 and an Alpine this year. Best fitting helmets for my tiny, kinda pointy noggin
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 Now if only Kali would sort out international distributorship that would be even more awesome.
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 When I started Kali I told my partner I know nothing about sales and marketing, now I tell people that logistics is even harder. UPS doesn't want to tell us how to do it cheaper.... I'd love to learn more about your frustrations with international distribution.
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 @Brad-Kali: appreciate it is no doubt difficult and frustrating.

All I know as a potential customer is I can't get my hands on Kali stuff, whereas I can pretty much every other brand.
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 Looks like the vents will work better for taking a mount for a light.
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 Thanks for noticing, I have started to try to include that on all new designs, the mount we make will fit on most of our new models as well as there being enough room for the after market ones.
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 @Brad-Kali: That's great! I have a Maya 2.0 and it was my only complaint. I have an older helmet that took a good but not huge hit and was just using it for the light mount. It might be worth picking this up for the "spare/night time" helmet.

Thanks for responding!!!
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 I've got a Kali and I love it. Not as ventilated as other helmet but not too bad.
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 Ventillation is certainly key in comfort. One of the balances we deal with when talking vent size is the larger the vents the harder we have to make the foam around the vent to handle the impact tests. Helmets are too hard already. We want softer things next to our heads to obsorb the energy. We do things to try to make vents larger while keeping the foam soft like adding reinforcements to spread the load. It helps. An argument can be made that the safest helmets have no vents at all. Not much fun on a hot day! I promise to keep trying to get better airflow while not compromising on safety.
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 Is just me, or is it Pinkbike ANCHORING the AFFORDABLE HELMET/BIKE/WHAT EVER????

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 If so, I'd spend more time checking out PB. To much pandering to 1% wannabe's in this, and other industries.

I hope your'e right, TDMAN.
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 @kali protectives Will this be available in youth/children sizes?
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 not this season but we are working on it for next year …. and a XXL size too.
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 Tempted to get one of these for the kids.
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