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Tech Talks: Clipless Pedal Cleat Setup, Presented by Park Tool - Video

Apr 28, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  
Tech Talks Presented by Park Tool

Tech Talks Presented by Park Tool is a monthly video series hosted by Park Tool's own wrench whisperer, Calvin Jones. The series covers the A to Zs of some of the most prevalent repair jobs, with the tenth episode tackling clipless pedal cleat setup.

Depending on how you ride, locking your feet onto the pedals has a lot of advantages for some of us. That said, your cleats need to be setup correctly for everything to work as intended. Below, Calvin and Ben show you how to do exactly that.

Clipless Pedal Cleat Setup

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Stay tuned for more mechanical how-to videos with Calvin returning on the last Thursday of every month to show you the easiest way to get the job done. Want to know more? Park Tool's how-to section has you and your bike covered.

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  • 41 5
 After hip surgery, I found that a great way to set up my cleats was to go back to riding flats.
  • 15 1
 flats or not... as long as they're clipless
  • 15 3
 I like big flats and I can not lie You clipless riders will deny....
  • 6 1
 I am only able to ride very small platforms and am currently awaiting the industry to develop four-pedal mouth-steer technology. I would believe that this technology could be adapted to pinnipeds as well, which are just dogs what swim in water instead of walk on land. Massively untapped market in my mind.
  • 18 0
 Sounded interesting at first but then it was only about cleat replacement. Unless you change the type of cleat, most of the time the old cleat makes a mark in the sole of the shoes, replacing them is just about putting the new one in place of the old one. What would have been interesting would have been a video about placing the cleat forward of backward, twisted or not, and so on.
  • 26 1
 Join us next time! That will be the topic.
  • 2 0
 Personally I like the cleat slightly behind the ball of my foot, with the front of the cleat ever so slightly angled in. This makes me slightly duck footed, putting my ankles closer to the bike, but not close enough to rub the chain stay or seat stay. It's exactly how my foot naturally sits on a flat pedal.
  • 10 2
 Who would admit they have palls that are Roadies?
  • 7 0
 I, for one, support our Cleat Overlords.
  • 1 0
 Seems like a lot of work and thought for something so simple. The mountain cleats usually have small studs on the underside that when you install them will leave dimples on the shoe. You just install line up the studs on the new cleat onto the dimples on the sole and you're done. Same with road cleats. If they've been on long enough to wear out...they'll leave markings on the sole for you to line up the new ones with. I run my cleats as far back as they can go on both my XC and trail bikes.
  • 1 0
 Liquid thread locker is a no-no for a lot of kinds of plastic! It can cause crazing or can outright eat plastic in some cases. I am referring to the road cleats and the carbon soles ...
  • 2 0
 To cleat or not to cleat, that is the question
  • 3 2
 For the next tech tip maybe they'll show us how to put the our seat post in the seat tube... using NUMBERS Smile
  • 1 0
 Great post. Like how you showed how to measure in relation to the crank arms and creative ways to get difficult bolts out
  • 1 2
 perfect timing! just bought second hand shoes with cleats with bolts epoxied threads. back to beloved flats
  • 1 1
 What about dh cleat placement??
  • 1 0
 jolly good show chaps!
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