Patrol Evolves the Geometry of Its 691 Enduro Bike

Sep 24, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

Indonesia's Patrol may not be a household name in Europe and North America but with a number of eye-catching bike releases in the past month, it's clear they are hoping to change that, and fast. Patrol first launched the 691 enduro bike just over a year ago and, following customer feedback, has now updated the geometry with the usual longer and lower treatment for a new 'Evo' frame.
Patrol 691 Details

Frame material: Aluminium
Intended use: Enduro
Travel: 150mm rear, 160mm front
Hub spacing: Super Boost
Head tube angle: 65°
Seat tube angle: 76°
Sizes: S-XL
More info:

The kinematics and Super Boost spacing are carried over from the standard 691

The name of the frame comes from the 6" of travel (150mm) and the 29" wheels for the '6' and '9'. There's also a '1' because let's be honest, it's probably better than not having it. Those numbers remain the same on this bike, but it benefits from 7mm slashed from the BB height and reaches growing by up to 13mm depending on the size. The rest of the geometry is the same as the standard 691 with a 65° head tube angle, 76 seat tube angle and 445mm chainstays.

Patrol 691 SL

Patrol are also introducing a budget build of the 691 that it is calling the 691 SL. This uses the original 691 frame, without the Evo geometry and features a Rockshox 35 Silver fork, X-Fusion O2 shock and SRAM Eagle SX drivetrain. The price of both bikes is still to be confirmed.


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 In before Transition sends them a Cease and Desist letter over the name "Patrol".
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 They should make a Patrol Transition 130/140 bike.
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 I was going to ask why Transition would send a C&D to themselves. Then I realized this isn't a Transition Patrol.

That might actually be a valid trademark defense.
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 @cueTIP: for sure. At least in North America, when anyone hears "Patrol Enduro Bike" the first thought is Transition Bikes. There is definitely a valid trademark infringement claim here.
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 Seems like Patrol took the name around 2004, about ten years before the first Transition Patrol...
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 Why the kink in the top tube??? It just looks terrible to me, I know others do the same thing and I think it looks terrible there too.
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 front triangle clearance, keeps the shock where they want it while getting a low stack height
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 @mrpercussive: Are you the same guy I watch on YouTube? Also, couldn't the same effect be achieved without the kink in the top tube by having a straight top tube with the upper shock mount a little bit recessed into the top tube? Just wondering.

I'm sure there's a reason they didn't do that, they're smarter than me lol.
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 Maybe allows shorter seat tube...lower standover
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 @mrpercussive: the kink reduces stand over not stack.
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 Room for a water bottle and shock without super high stack
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 For proper nugget smashing of course.
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 @mrpercussive: The new Kona Honzo DL has kind of the same thing without any shock. For me it seems like a design feature, and not a good looking one.
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 Waiting for a new Patrol. This is not it
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 It's almost 100% identical to the fezzari la sal.
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 dude for real
  • 1 0
 yup! saw that
  • 2 0
 Someone has been looking at Horst Link flash cards!
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 Nice Fezzari La SaL
  • 2 0
 Al La Sal?
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 Maybe Patrol make frames for Fezzari... and tweaked the molds.
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 @Bhaack: Molded aluminum, sweet!
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 Never heard of them before, but always interesting to see another new bike.

This is after the longer/lower/slacker treatment? The numbers are still relatively conservative. The XL is only 627mm of ETT, 490mm reach, and 627mm stack. So either they're targeting a smaller "XL" sized rider than some brands, or the bike is just smaller. Because those values are all ~25-40mm smaller than many XL's these days.

Also, personally, I have a hard time with the top tubes that are shaped like that. I get "Hunchback of Notre-Dame" vibes whenever I look at them. Thats just personal preference/issues though, and has no real impact on performance/ride, so can't really knock it for that Smile .
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 This is potentially the most unremarkable bike I have ever seen.
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 Sooo it should have been called the 69???
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 EVO geometry from past years in other brands
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 Which isn’t bad because geo now is stupid. 500 mm reach is like riding a shopping cart
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 Riding shopping cart is really fun IMO
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 @DatCurryGuy: Carts of darkness?
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 @poozank: not until we are all riding on Grim Donuts will the geo be stupid.
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 @SeanC1: I've been looking for that comment Smile
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 Trigger warning: Super boost
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 Based on that first photo, I’d say they beat the donut for steepest seat tube angle- looks to be about 90 degrees! Can’t say that 85 degree head tube angle looks promising though...
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 I'm gonna get you a protractor for x-mas.
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 This looks like a nice entry level Enduro rig. What is like $3500?
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 Exactly the same as the Fezzari
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 What's going on with the Patrol website?
It's terrible
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 Is 'evolve' a transitive verb now?
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 Transition bandit is back!
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 Came here to check out the new Transition and was disappointed. I guess I'll stay for the comments.
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 Looks like an instinct.....errrr session.
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