Patrol Mountain Releases New Full Suspension Kids Bikes

Jul 14, 2023
by PatrolMTB  

PRESS RELEASE: Patrol Mountain

Patrol Mountain, a leading manufacturer of premium mountain bikes, is thrilled to announce the launch of two new and exciting additions to their kids' bike lineup: the Patrol 541 and 571XS. These high-performance bikes are designed to ignite the passion for off-road riding in young adventurers, delivering unmatched performance, reliability, and confidence on the trails.

Patrol 541: Taking Youth Riders to the Next Level


When it's time for young riders to elevate their off-road adventures, the Patrol 541 is the perfect companion. Engineered for young riders eager to conquer challenging singletrack, this full-suspension alloy kids' bike offers the performance and reliability needed to tackle anything the trail throws their way.

One of the standout features of the 541 is its optimized sizing and tailored geometry, ensuring a comfortable and controlled riding experience for young enthusiasts. Every aspect of the bike is carefully considered, providing an ideal fit that allows young riders to confidently maneuver through technical terrain and navigate tight corners with confidence.

At the heart of the Patrol 541 lies our signature 'Hidden Link' suspension system. This innovative suspension design maximizes traction, control, and comfort, empowering young riders to maintain speed and momentum over rough terrain. Expertly tuned for young riders' lower weights and riding styles, the suspension system is controlled by an X Fusion 02 Pro R shock and matched to Manitou's J Unit Sport 145mm travel fork up front.


Equipped with a no-nonsense build kit, the 541 prioritizes performance and durability. High-quality components from SRAM, Shimano and Maxxis have been selected to withstand the demands of aggressive off-road riding, ensuring reliability on every adventure. From sturdy 24in wheels and grippy Maxxis Minion DHF and DHR tires to powerful Shimano MT200 brakes and a smooth-shifting SRAM drivetrain, the Patrol 541 is equipped with everything needed to inspire confidence and keep young riders in control.

With its modern geometry, the Patrol 541 enhances stability and maneuverability. A slack 64.5 head angle and low bottom bracket height contribute to a planted and balanced feel, enabling young riders to confidently tackle technical descents and navigate tight switchbacks. It's agile handling and responsive nature make riding a joy, encouraging young riders to push their limits and progress in their skills.


Whether conquering rocky trails, mastering berms or sending it off jumps, the Patrol 541 is ready for the challenge. This full-suspension alloy kid's bike empowers young riders to explore new trails, push their boundaries, and experience the thrill of off-road riding like never before.

Patrol 541 Specifications

- Frame: Patrol alloy trail frame with 138mm travel, 12 x 148 spacing.
- Fork: Manitou J Unit Sport, 145mm travel.
- Rear Shock: X Fusion 02 Pro R, 190 x 45mm
- Rear Mech: SRAM X7, 9-speed
- Shifter: SRAM X5
- Brakes: Shimano MT200
- Tires: Maxxis Minion DHF 24 x 2.4in front, Maxxis Minion DHRII 24x2.3 rear
- Colors: Polar Titan Black and Ribbon Red.
- Learn more about the Patrol 541 here

Patrol 571XS: Next-Level Adventure for Older Kids


The Patrol Mountain 571XS is a 27.5-inch wheel full suspension bike designed specifically for slightly older kids who are ready to take their off-road riding to the next level. Built to handle the demands of young riders who ride hard and seek thrilling adventures at the bike park, the 571XS brings the same exceptional frame and suspension features found in the new 541 but with larger wheels to accommodate older riders.

The Patrol 571XS boasts a high-quality frame and suspension system, which are Patrol Mountain bikes' hallmarks. Meticulously crafted to withstand the rigours of aggressive off-road riding, the 571XS features the same no-nonsense build kit, modern geometry, and signature 'Hidden Link' suspension system, making the 541 an exceptional bike.

With its larger 27.5-inch wheels, the 571XS offers several advantages for slightly older riders. Rolling over obstacles more easily, these wheels enhance stability and momentum on technical terrain. The increased wheel size allows for improved traction and control, inspiring confidence and enabling young riders to push their limits further. With the 571XS, older kids can experience the thrill of conquering challenging trails and exploring new off-road horizons.

Like its younger sibling, the 571XS features optimized sizing to provide comfort and control for kids. The geometry is carefully tuned to strike the perfect balance between stability and manoeuvrability, allowing riders to navigate through tight sections and take on technical descents easily. A 65-degree head angle and low bottom bracket height contribute to a planted and balanced feel, ensuring the bike remains responsive and agile on the most demanding trails.

The Patrol 571XS continues to prioritize performance, durability, and reliability. Equipped with a no-compromise build kit featuring high-quality components, including X Fusion suspension front and rear, a Shimano Deore M6100 12-speed drivetrain, Shimano MT200 hydraulic brakes and fast-rolling Maxxis Forkaster tires.

So, if your young rider is itching to get serious about ripping up singletrack, the Patrol 541 and 571XS are the perfect bikes to fuel their passion. With optimized sizing, no-nonsense build kits, modern geometry, and the signature 'hidden link' suspension system, these high-performance machines can handle anything the trail throws their way.

Patrol 571XS Specifications

- Frame: Patrol Alloy Trail 27.5, 140mm travel, 12 x 148 spacing.
- Fork: X Fusion Sweep Boost RC, 160mm travel
- Rear Shock: X Fusion 02 Pro R, 210 x 55mm
- Rear Mech: Shimano Deore M6100, 12-speed
- Seat Post: X Fusion Manic, 125mm travel, 30.9mm
- Brakes: Shimano MT200
- Tires: Maxis Forecaster 27.5 x 2.3.
- Colors: Polar Titan Grey, Dark Teal Green
- Learn more about the Patrol 571XS here

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 Start them young with cable tourism and they won't know any different. Big Bike at it again.
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 Leading manufacturer of high end mountain bikes? Never heard of Patrol Mountain…
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 Nissan Patrols are pretty good 4wds
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 Haha, thought the same thing when I read that first line. Nothing says high end like Sram X5 and Fusion O2. I ran into this outfit at the last Interbike in Reno/Northstar and had about the worst experience possible with one of their bikes, persons in their tent really didn't seem like they had much bike knowledge or know-how.
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flag og-squid-mtb (Jul 15, 2023 at 9:35) (Below Threshold)
 @fiekaodclked: Yeah ok! I own bikes that you can't afford . LOL.Ithink I can't afford a kids bike...
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 Wisely, they didn't mention the price. Imagine the outrage when they tell you $2k for a kid's MTB.
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 I promise it's gonna be 2k plus, but why wouldn't it be? It's got the same parts and components as an adult bike, just a hair smaller.

I'm stoked to have my kids ride rad shit, and really love riding because they have a nice bike that actually fits. No quams at all about spending 2 ok my kids bike.
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 @ZenkiS14: I tried to have a touch of sarcasm, but definitely wasn't clear enough. 2k plus is more than fair for these bikes, but people tend to treat kids bikes a bit differently.

Myself, I don't think I could justify dropping $2k on a kid's bike, especially not living in BC, but if you can afford that lifestyle, go ham! Better overbiked there than under
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 @intelligent-goldfish: Out of interest, why would spending the 2k only make sense if you lived in BC?
  • 29 1
 @carlitouk: because we all know the only place requiring full suspension is BC.

Alps = hardtail
Uk= full rigid
New Zealand= ride a sheep
Everywhere else= just walk
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 @Mugen: in Switzerland, for the kids, it is simply a BMC full sus e-bike.
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 @Armand74: gold plated*
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 @fracasnoxteam: on the carbon fibre bike rack back of your cayenne.
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 @carlitouk: again I exaggerate - I am a very normal person who lives in the Midwest, and there's nothing around that warrants a full suspension. It's not a place exactly known for its MTB scene, excluding Arkansas (which I've never been to).

again, to each their own, but my point was that this is very much a lifestyle purchase for most people. Kids don't give a shit about riding a full suspension when they're that young, they'll send it on anything, and usually they aren't riding places where one is needed anyways. I classify this with the carbon fiber balance bike.

TLDR: it's a lifestyle purchase, and I don't have the time, money, or local scene to live that lifestyle - but don't let me stop you

@Mugen close, but you forgot Australia = emu
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 @hubertje-ryu: gold plated too
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 As long as your not buying your kids ebikes.... mountain biking is hard and teaches valuable life lessons about ebikes teaches them nothing..there prolly bratty kids anyways then there no hope
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 Whats the weight on these? I think weight is an important aspect for a perfect kid bike…
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 Imo it will be around 15kg and the prize will be around 2,5k as all the others......this bike is a fail....MT200 brakes and non kid like brake levers. I hope that someone starts a bike company and designs bikes that small kids ( >135 cm , > 35kg ) can really use.
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 @BobbyBlueEyes: there are a few. Trailcraft, and VPace to name a couple if you have the cash... And agreed WTF is with those MT200 levers. Stock Deore 6100 are great for small hands, so it's not exactly hard to find something entry level to suit.
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 @BobbyBlueEyes: look up vpace out of Germany.
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 This is where we really need geometry adjustments, so it can fit them a little longer as they grow.
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 24 straight to 27.5 inch. 26 truly IS dead.
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 Hell nah
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 Wish there were more full sus 20 inch bikes. Little dudes want to shred too.
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 Spawn Vpace
  • 2 0
 The Norco Fluid 20" is pretty sweet. Quite a few kids ripping around Derby on those before stepping up to the 24" model. Commencal also do one, although the price is higher (at least here).
  • 1 0
 @dsut4392: There's a few out there, just wish there were more. Also, I don't think the Fluid 20" is available new in North America.
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 I'm just so excited about seeing other brands jump on and make rad kids stuff
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 Why can’t we downvote articles
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 That's a nice looking bike. Reminds me of a transition bottlerocket.
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 These folks are a subsidiary of United Bike Co out of Indonesia, found a single tracks article on them from 2019.
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 @brianpark this looks to be just what you need, and I think I need one too
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 IDK - my kids are on adult XS or small's.... im not hugely convinced this stuff is needed.
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 So, you have them on 27.5 inch wheels? Not sure those compare favorably to the 24“ options here, if the kids are still below 1.50m.
  • 2 0
 @FuzzyL: we have a couple of bikes mullet with 27.5/26 but thats the smallest id be interested in going seeing as kids grow to fast to worry about "current fit"
  • 1 1
 @FuzzyL: you need 24 inch bieks for 1.20-1.30m kids.. but after that they can manage xs adult bikes in 27.5, dropping 26 in rear... but I understand not everybody wants to be franken-biked.. but it's smarter imho to go adult bike... I have transition scout, 27.5/26 on my kids, ridden since they were 1.3m, and they rip on can adjut rise stack and go full 27.5 and that bike is good for 2 if not 3 years.. unless they have a 15cm growth spurt in months..
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 @HeatedRotor: thats the way to go.. I also built my M size banhsee darkside, mullet. My son loves that bike now, 1.4m tall.
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 None of this is needed. But if I want my kid to ride with me he needs a bike that fits him and is light and full sus and good brakes. Otherwise have fun on gravel paths.
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 Pretty Sure my 5- and 6-year-old sons can't ride any adult bike, but they shred on their 20" and 24" sleds. We ride 2-7 times a week year-round, I think I'll get my value out of their bikes just fine, especially after I resell them.
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 The Patrol Transition
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 Just for giggles I want to register a bike company called Session Cycles and make bikes that look like Trek.
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 TRansition Ripcord is $1899
  • 1 0
 So it's a transition bike.... Right?
  • 1 0
 Where can you buy patrol bikes in the US?
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 Just mount that upper shock bolt on the head tube and get it over with.
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 Cool that Maxxis is making the Forekaster as 27.5 now

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