Video: Paul Aston Goes e-Bikepacking, Kickstand and All

Nov 17, 2020
by Nicolai Bicycles  

bigquotesYearning for the end of the day at the office, cruising through the old town of Savona, climbing the top of the world, a beer under the stars, dreaming with the wolves, morning laundry with fog, downhill to wake up and back on time for the job. With the G1 EBOXX E14 - for a better adventure-work balance.

Video by Gabriele Canu


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 Pinkbike should really see if this guy can be a reviewer.
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 I just logged in to up-vote you. Here’s one for free.
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 Next time we need a carbon fiber kickstand evaluated I'll give him a ring.
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 @mikekazimer: Or carbon fiber rims!!!.....
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 Come on @mikekazimer ! You pink one guys and gals are brilliant reviewers, but we are lacking the dry wit and honest reviews of the @Astonator

Bring the man back online!
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 Frankly, I don't think it was ever revealed why Paul left Pinkbike (and they're not required to so either) but now he's gone I see a lot of love in the comment section. But I recall it definitely wasn't quite like that and I recall he got quite fed up with a large part of this "progressive mountainbike community" blaring negativity under his articles. Be it about bikes with pedal assist or a particular (unassisted) bike he was hugely excited about but sadly didn't come across as pretty in the pictures (shot with a wide angle lens and not at axle height, unlike the product shots done by the pro photographers). If he is happy where he is now and doing what he loves with a team of open minded people then I think it is all good.
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 @whattheheel: he does actually run carbon fiber rims iirc from bike check in other site .. not sure on the ebike though..
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 @vinay: *pours one out for WAKI*
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 This video was cool, more like these please @pinkbikeaudience
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 @vinay: ...or why he´s not with Nicolai anymore :-)
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 @TCarl11: not the same without him.
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 @notphaedrus: You have (inadvertently i hope) accused Kazimer and his colleagues of being dishonest.
You have evidence?
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 @pontyboy: no I didn't mean that. Emphasising a point doesn't exclude the contrary.

I don't think pinkbike reviews are dishonest, there are differing degrees of frankness however, and Paul certainly is frank!
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Thanks for the clarification.I only asked because the staff here get a load of shite aimed at them as it is.
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 @mikekazimer: Or honest reviews
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 @corso: To suggest that other reviews aren't honest is quite some claim. Experiences and preferences may differ so we (as readers) should always look into the "why" of a rating. Like if you don't care about internal cable routing, bottle mounts or anything then a frame that receives a low rating because of lacking this may still be a great frame for you. I take any review with a massive pinch of salt because my preferences are often different. But I think PB is quite transparent about what they like or not so you always know where to add salt. But I wouldn't accuse them of dishonestly.
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 *No ENVE wheels were harmed in this production
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 They should call it an E-Colai
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 Ridiculously underrated comment.
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 so underrated.
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 E-bike enduro bikepacking?! So many worlds just collided.
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 This is what we'll be doing in 10 years time.
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 Only the enduro bikepacking bit already. Set up your tent and cook your meal within the allocated timeframe, but taking the tent down and eating your meal is a race. This will be next level gnar.
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 If I slept on that micro thin airbed on rock my back would be f***** and they'd have to helicopter me off.
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 I want to see if you can pick up that bike over an unplanned obstacle like a downed log. That’s a test of proper bike with gear in bikepacking...
60lbs of bike plus 20-30 lbs of gear?
No thanks
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 This is a really good point. When loaded with 5+ liters of water, food, etc. my bike is 60lbs and is hard enough to lift over a gate. Adding an additional 30lb? No way.
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 I hated the idea of ebikes until I rode one. I see them as a longevity thing for when riding analogue is no longer viable. I also really like this application. It's like quiet moto camping.
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 Electric Bike Packing is awesome. Here's my version with some good info to help newbie's.
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 When his alarm went off a bolt of panic shot through my body !
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 I thought i heard nicolai is making one with a gear box?
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 If I'm going to spend $16k+ CAD on an e-bike I expect a gearbox!
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 @alexsin: ya probably save the cost on the back end the way regular drivetrains get worked over with emtb's. Change the oil in the gearbox once a year and good to go. Maybe belt drive too
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 Two points for improvement. One, take your drinks in an aluminium can - that can ultimately be recycled into bike frames. Two, don’t ever use common alarm sounds on videos - your handing out panic. Otherwise super!
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 I accept that my future self wants an ebike.
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 Bikepacking on MTB.... more please, this is what I like.
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 Hmmm...a kickstand sorta makes sense on an e bike as long as it's light and doesn't rattle. Auto-downvote, I can take it.
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 Was hoping that this bike would have had a gear box, but just a geared hub?
Is their a marked for ebike specific kick stand?
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 Annoyed they didn't call this bike the E-ometron. Eboxx? cmon guys.
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 No room for a water bottle though, the video doesn't even try to hide it.
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 video concept from the nineties. just that without riding.
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 Reminds me of Hector Salamanca.
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 Kickstand Big Grin wait until the wind blows the bike down - the mountain!
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 Fuggin butch bike. Please dont sell it out.PLEASE
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 I like Smile
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