PedalXplorer's Bike Transport Cage Uses a Plastic Skeleton To Protect Your Bike

Jan 22, 2019
by igge  
Klas berg on his way to next ride with his bike in the Bike Transport Cage.


We are proud to present the Bike Transport Cage (BTC), a hybrid targeted to outperform both hardshell and softshell deigns by exceeding their strengths and avoiding their weaknesses

Our first bike bag prototype was assembled more than 10 years ago, just in time to jump on to a plane heading for the Swiss Alps. Several similar journeys later, after loads of testing and engineering, we can present the BTC.

The BTC is a unique patented product meeting our demanding requirements regarding safety, weight, robustness, handling, packing time and on the shelf volume.

Bike Transport Cage

The BTC fits almost any bike and is packed within minutes. The bike is safely protected by a sandwich construction using a sturdy cage wrapped by a tough reinforced textile. The BTC is towed by the rubber-covered aluminium handle. The BTC’s low weight (5.8 kg) and robust design will assist you and your bike to reach the destination in good shape. Ready for the real action.

Tall standing Bike Transport Cage and Icons.

Cage with bike inside together with saddel and fork tube fixation.

The wheels and the frame are protected inside the cage with the wheels strapped to the cage. The frame sits centrally on the base bolted at the head tube and fixed by the saddle.

The is built from seven sub assemblies positioned on the aluminium base.

The upper plastic cage is easy to assemble from seven parts.

The aluminium base has rubber-covered aluminium handles. Both are good for lifting, one holds the wheels and one is for towing. The head tube and saddle fixation profiles are adjustable in five positions.

Cross tube in its central position.

The cross-tube is easy to position between the opposite cage sides. There are six central locations to choose between.

Cage details on Bike Transport Cage

The stiff polypropylene joints connect the tough 20 mm diameter, 2 mm thick polypropylene tubes and forms together a robust cage. The base is built from four 25 x 25 x 2 mm aluminium profiles. The base and cage are held together by the base adapters, screwed to the aluminium profiles. All firmly wrapped together by the polyester textile shell.

Edge and zipper reinforcement on Bike Transport Cage.

The upper edges and the oversized zipper are protected and reinforced by sturdy polyester webbings while the lower edges are protected by aluminium. To further protect the bike wheels, there are stable polypropylene sheets covering the middle of the cage. Stealth design handles are ergonomically positioned on all vertical sides.

Address print on Bike tTransport Cage

To make your BTC more personal there are luggage labels on both sides. You can write directly, place stickers or use the attached name tag to add your name and address.


By positioning the bike frame upside down the BTC has a shorter base compared to the top, which enables effortless balanced towing with almost all weight on the wheels. The reduced footprint and height is handy wherever space is limited as in busses, trams and elevators. The large high-quality wheels roll smoothly. You lift the BTC ergonomically in the stealth design handles.

Packing is easy and straightforward. You replace the handle bar and stem with the head tube adapter and spacers - fix the bike frame to the base - build the cage - strap the wheels inside - wrap the outer textile. Zip, and you are ready to go.


Your bike is extremely well protected in the BTC. The cage is made from tough polypropylene tubes and robust aluminium profiles that surround the bike. The BTC’s cage with its unique cross-tube system prevents outside loads from reaching your bike. The frame and wheels are well separated as the frame is locked to the base and the wheels are strapped to the sides of the cage. The wheel centres are additionally protected by plastic sheets on the inside of the textile. The cage is covered and held in place by the tough Oxford fabric which is reinforced by webbings.

Bike Transport Cage on the shelf.

Numbers count

Dimensions during use 1450 (top) / 1000 (base) x 850 x 350 mm. Volume 350 litres. Dimensions during storage 1100 x 350 x 150 mm. Volume 60 litres. This means that the volume decreases with more than 80%. The BTC fits two wheelers with up to 1300 mm wheelbase and 700 mm saddle height.

Materials matter

The aluminium profiles are made of DIN 6060 natural anodised aluminium. The Oxford 500 denier fabric with polyurethane coating, webbings, handles and straps are made of polyester. The sheets, tubes and joints are made from polypropylene. Handles are made in aluminium with soft rubber touch EPDM surface.

Bike Transport Cage logga
For more information head to the website


The Bike Transport Cage enables safe and convenient bike transport. The bike is protected inside a cage of polypropylene tubes and aluminium profiles surrounded by a robust reinforced textile. The bike frame is fixed centrally, bolted to the head tube and strapped to the saddle. The wheels are fixed by hanging them inside the cage well separated from the frame. A cross-tube connecting the cage sides makes the mid of the cage as stiff as the edges. Both packing and unpacking of your bike is made simple, straight forward and within in minutes. Weight: 5,8 kg. One size fits all bikes. Minimal shelf size. Easy to tow and handle even in in tight spaces.


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 Actually My mate slept for 2 weeks of roadtrip inside his bike's carton bag in the alps. Tough motherfucker
  • + 5
 anyone else want to see some pictures of how the bike is actually secured inside?
  • + 2
 I'd love to see the weight comparison with same bike in the bag vs the competition's bag. We all know how every lb matters when flying with a bike.
  • + 1
 Assuming they're right with their weight, my Evoc is 3kgs heavier than this. I have to carry my pedals and can't throw bulky but light things like helmet or pads in the bike bag to get below Air NZ's 24kg limit. The 3kg saving would be a godsend! Although I sadly don't fly enough to justify that price...
  • + 2
 Looks like a pretty neat idea
  • + 1
 That's a lot of explanation for a cage made with tubes
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 Gustavsson Pinkbike Takeover! Nice.product!
  • + 1
 I like the design and the idea of the cage.
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 Cool innovation
  • + 1
 Rocking it .
  • + 1
 Does it give the price?
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 4900kr = £495gbp

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