Video: Hucking It in Sochi, Russia

Nov 10, 2018
by Petr Vinokurov  
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After the Russian DH Championship, which took place in the area a couple of months ago, there was a lot of travelling and riding in other places. But I decided to go back and take some cool lines on red track in Gorky bike park of Sochi. The ideal time for a pleasant riding in the south of Russia - the end of October.

Thanks to my friend videographer Dima Simakov. The video was shot with the support of Kona Bikes Russia! Follow my Instagram petrvinokurov.


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 So smooth and flowy! Big hucks and yet the landings look so soft. Nice riding
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 I don’t think he hit any jumps. I think he just had moments of floating through the air instead. So cool to watch.
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 Yeah, finally a vid where someone isn’t trying to be a showoff hotdogger wasting energy on unnecessary moves and body motions. Just good, clean, solid riding there.
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 Its badass because he's wearing a D2 and the wheely at the end legit sounded like a fighter jet.
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 I think, in 15 years tops, Russians are going to be on the podiums A LOT in international biking competitions. Their geography, individual competitive nature and risk-taking tendencies demands it.
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 Yea, as long as they stay off the gear...
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 Topic - Hucking in Russia

Any current news about Benderoni ??
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 Hello, pinkdog.
I'am not an official person, but I can translate you some news from our VK page( source: ), from 01.11.2018:

Kirill can walking by himself a little. Can eat by himself, can sit(but can't do it for a long time). He is colouring figures, can say some few by his lips.

He recognises the guests who comes to visit him. Can read a little.

The tracheostomy(tube) is still in the throat, so he can't have a haircut.
On this the tracheostomy will be taken out.

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 News from 24.10.2018(source: ):
Currently Kirill is in rehab center where he has 24р support of a nurse man.

A nurse-man stands Kirill on his feet for 20 minutes each day.

Kirill is doing his first exercises, including exercise for memory development - he is showing and choosing correct pictures when he is asked for.

But the main news is: today a tube from his chest was taken and he said his first words ('Freeride is alive', editor's note).

Kirill eat well. Doctors says that he will start to walk soon
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 What a legend!! So stoked to hear he is going well!
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 @Andrewshkovskii: thank you very much. I was wondering how he is too
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 I’ve been checking his insta they updated it a couple times for him!
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 Holy shit what a machine! I'm not official but I'm sure I can speak for everyone in being incredibly happy and amazed about the speed of the start of his recovery. Godspeed!
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 @Andrewshkovskii: You made my day!!! Thanks for the wonderful news.
Much Love
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 @Andrewshkovskii: thank you for posting this! So awesome to hear he is making positive progress.

Benderoni you are a legend!!
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 @Andrewshkovskii: thanks for the translation! Unbelievably great news about Benderoni, as the usual outcomes for DAI are not nearly this positive. Looking forward to hearing about his continued progress.
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 @pinkdog321 @jackalope @KavuRider @Ozziefish @mkotowski1 @donpinpon29 @freeriderayward
Today's news:
picture of Kirill sending greetings:

He was washed, shaved and send greetings to all.

In comparison with that was earlier there is no global changes.

Kirill has difficulties with talking and moving, but sometimes it is going better and easier, sometimes..harder. He does not started to talk more active, only rare single words. But he is looking good right now - this is good.

Doctors tells, that recovering speed is good, and do need to wait for instant results

Also, Kirill friends and Russian riders community "Roll all day" ask to donate regularly, since rehabilitation process will took a long period of time.

And again - I'am not an official person of Russian riders community. I just translate news for you, guys.
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 Gorky Bike Park? I guess I'm the only one old (and sad....) enough to be reminded of this?
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 YES!!! That rocked me like a hurricane
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 as a child of tomorrow, i dream, but the wind of change doesn't seem to be blowing
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 thought the same, but the winds blow in a wrong direction these days
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 Dope video dude is pinned !!
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 Awesome smooth riding vid. No fannying about panning in and out on leaves and things. Well done
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 Rootin Tootin Vladimir Putin
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 I read "hacking it in sochi Russia "
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 woaw, freakin double fast!
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 Putin the gnarl in gnarly!
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 That was sick. More edits like that please!
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 This got me fired up!!
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 Nostrovia shredders
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 Sick shredding@
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 Such lovely sounds!
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 There is a Kona Russia!?!?
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 I will still never buy a Kona but that was sick
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