Photo Epic: Nines 2019

Sep 15, 2019
by Samantha Saskia Dugon  

This week, deep in a quarry in Birkenfeld, Germany, a large group of mountain bikers, free-riders, dirt jumpers and slopestyers all came together to ride, push each other, go higher, bigger and further than before and most importantly, vlog it all.

After moving to a new site last year, the Audi Nines returned to the quarry for the 2nd time and added a big new feature, although "big" would be an understatement as Sam Reynolds and his team built the worlds largest hip at 30 feet long. Taking over 2000 hours of manpower to build the entire course, the slopestyle and freeride line alone have 13 jumps, along with obstacles and features which are made of earth, wood and some other materials, like satellite dishes. The crew consisted of 4 shapers to build the slopestyle and freeride course, another 3 people to build the new "Space Station" feature along with another 10 people working on the Space Needle, Solar Table, Satellite dish and branding.

Amongst the invited riders were slopestyle legends Nicholi Rogatkin and Emil Johansson, freeride heroes like Nico Vink, young gun Jackson Goldstone, along with a sprinkling of brits with Sam Reynolds, Sam Pilgrim, Tom Isted and Daryl Brown. From the get-go, it was going to be a long week with practice starting on Tuesday and the main event for the public on Saturday, in between this time there'd be 4 full days of practice, along with a sunrise shoot and a nighttime shoot, so the boys had to keep themselves fresh throughout.

A tent full of boys? You can expect some need to cover your nose.

While the rain falls, riders amuse themselves.

Nicholi enjoying some downtime as the rain pours.

New bike day is the best day!

Planning for next year

Custom Audi Nines decks for all the riders

With rain putting off Thursday morning practice, the riders took this as an opportunity to chat about and brainstorm plans for next year's events in the riders tent. By late afternoon the rain had eased off and the riders were back on course, however, the big hip was out of the question for the day as it was too wet.

There were some very good doggos on site.

Planning for next year

Friday saw a late start as there would be a night photoshoot so the riders stole an extra hour in bed to be ready for the event. The course was lit up with spotlights and the film crew came prepared with a smoke machine which made it a beautiful spectacle to watch.

Sunshine lunch naps

Half n' half.

Dropping into the slopestyle line!

Peter Kaiser stoked to be at the event, sending and filming.

Bienvenido Aguado perfecting those flips.

Backflip Tuck No Hander? Completed it.

Styling it on the hip.

Nicholi Rogatkin dropping in.

Nico Vink doing what he does best, being rad.

Kathi Kuypers
Dirt Jumper Kathi Kuypers turned up to check out the course at the beginning of the week before jetting off to Canada.

With a full moon on Friday 13th, when is a better time to do a night time shoot underneath the stars?

The night shoot going off and the smoke machine was a good idea.

Sending it all the way to space.

The Big Day - Saturday.

As riders woke up and checked out their windows, they would be treated to blue skies first thing in the morning, a treat which they hadn't had the rest of the week, it was already set to be a good day. The riders jammed on the Slopestyle, Freeride, Big air and the new hip line as each rider attempted to push their skill and each other further and further with every run.

The big day.

Riders dropping in!

Emil Johansson dropping into the big Freeride Line.

Lukas Schafer hitting Big Air.

Tom Isted showing how best to dismount a bike.

Iven Ebener with a cheeky seat grab.

Sam Reynolds and Emil Johansson

Rogatkin going big on his little bike.

Can ya flip it?!

Erik Fedko giving the crowds a taste of his endless style!

Nico Scholze showing off!

Sam Reynolds

Sending it to the moon

Sam Reynolds and Emil Johansson

A massive thank-you to everyone involved in creating and managing this event, and a massive thanks to all the riders for pushing the boundaries of the sport every time they jump on their bikes.


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 What were the results? What are the big checks for? I know it's not that important at an event like this, but I am curious what the riders thought of everyone's performance....
  • 2 0
 Everyone was a winner!
  • 2 0
 Looks amazing! I can't wait to see the video, too, it was incredible last year.
  • 2 0
 I was there and it was amazing!!!
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 I just see astronauts everywhere!

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