Photo Epic: Downhill - Crankworx Cairns 2023

May 23, 2023
by Ed Spratt  

Rounding out the final day of competition at Crankworx Cairns, riders faced the classic downhill track from past World Cup and World Championship races. With an all-out sprint at the end riders would have to keep something for the final part of the track if they wanted to be in contention for the win.

In the Men's racing, we saw an emotional win for Mick Hannah who finally secured a home win on the Cairns course. Following his win Mick Hannah said: "It’s amazing! It's maybe the 5th international race I’ve had here. I’ve had 2nd's and been very close. I was third here last year, so to get the win was really special.

"Today is my mom’s 60th birthday so it makes it extra meaningful. We had lots of family here for that, so for all the people who had been following me online for so long to finally see me in person and take the win, it was awesome."

Joining Mick Hannah on the podium from the Elite Women's race was Jenna Hastings who is heading into her first year of Elite racing with some great results and could be a threat for the podium in Lenzerheide in a couple of weeks. After taking the win Jenna Hastings said: "I’ve been getting podiums a lot...seconds, thirds, fourths and I just really wanted to win again.

"I think I just wanted it a lot today and left it all out there in the sprint, I think that was the deciding factor. Coming into the final stretch you’re toast and you just have to dig deep and sprint your ass off."


1st. Mick Hannah (AUS) – 3:28:306 // Jenna Hastings (NZL) – 4:01:888
2nd. Jackson Frew (AUS) – 3:28:652 // Louise Ferguson (GBR) – 4:03:480
3rd. Tuhoto-Ariki Pene (NZL) – 3:32:768 // Ellie Smith (AUS) – 4:07:968

Not ll riders opted for a downhill bike to take on the Cairns course.

Tuhoto-Ariki Pene

Elllie Smith
Elllie Smith

Sam Blenkinsop

Bas Van Steenbergen
Bas Van Steenbergen

Louise Ferguson

Jenna Hastings
Jenna Hastings

Mick Hannah
Mick Hannah

Tuhoto-Ariki Pene

Jackson Frew

That's all from Crankworx Cairns in 2023.


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And no, Outside, I won't accept your cookies.
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 This is one of the comments of all time
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 So apologies in advance for the off topic rant....

My account has been hacked. Twice. In 2 months.

Curious if pinkbike doing something to remedy this situation? 2 factor authentication? limit of login attempts? It seems very strange to me that NONE of my other accounts on any site has EVER been hacked, but yet pinkbike permitted a suspicious user login to crack a strong password twice in two months. (yes, I changed it....promptly hacked again less than a month later)

It's reaching a point where if my personal information isn't going to be safe here, I may have to delete my account. Although it might not seem like a huge risk (I mean really, who cares about my buysell ads, or forum posts) the fact that this successful hacked login allows a hacker to confirm the use my email address, and also learn other details about me (location, hobbies, etc.) that could then be used in turn to hack into other online accounts is definitely a concern to me, and should be for all other pinkbike users.

The fact that this is happening to such a degree on pinkbike, specifically, should make people wonder about what systemic securtiy flaw is allowing this.
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 PS. Sick run from Mick! Too bad this might be some of the only racing I get to watch this season Frown
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 Seems like a pretty bad data breach. PIPEDA / GDPR rules are really strict. Be worth reporting.

Hefty fines too.
Interesting to know what Pinkbike have said you about it?
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 I’ve never seen so many scammers in there buy sell section as there has been lately. The only 2 ways I’ve been able to tell:

1. Too good to be true prices, and
2. Accounts that are less than a month old.

Pictures, bike specs, grammar etc is spot on though.

PB needs to figure this out. Im currently shopping for a bike and I was scammed for the first time ever here, fortunately PP stepped in but it seemed like a sophisticated scam. And, I have dodged a could bullets after talking to sellers whose account was labeled as scammer after I communicated with them. But the amount of clearly bogus stuff is ridiculous.

Relevance to your post? If a hacker takes over an account with a five or 10 year buy sell history, they’re going to be a lot more successful.

Just start looking through some ads and how many of them are from accounts created weeks ago.

Maybe this is not a new thing, but it’s the first I’ve seen it.

And yes, Pinkbike, you need to do something. At the very least only allow established account holders to buy sell.
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 The dh photo epic always looks so gnarly
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 Jenna, I'd like a word with your mechanic about hot patch alignment.
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 Finally got into my max account. No where in the discovery Or sports area is anything World Cup related.
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 Spent hours on the phone and chatting with discovery+ here in the US about where/how to watch World Cup. Even shared their on links with them. They said they won’t be carrying WC content only the UK discovery+. So I will paying for GCN+ this year, month to month.
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 In the US discovery+ will stay a stand alone service. No max wc cups. No worries. I will just watch the illegal streams that pop up. I don’t even truly pay for max. HBO was perk at the time I got my cellphone plan 9 years ago
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 Pro riders running Z1s. Are they running the stock Sweep damper , dropping in a Grip2 that I'm somehow struggling identify in photos, or running something off market/special?

It's cool to see Marz being run for this level of racing, but it'd be even cooler of an acknowledgement of the quality if they're also running it how the common man is able to.

Do your magic pinkbike comment section.
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 Bomber Z2 is legendary
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 On a Hyper on a DH track.
Not going for the win really were they?

I'd say Z1 is legendary.
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 Was the rider using the Bowhead racing the same course as the two wheeled athletes?
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 he was.... it was bloody impressive.
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 That rider is the one and only Grant Allen. Extremely talented person and an even better bloke. It's great to see him shredding again and just wait for that form of cycling to progress at a rapid rate.
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 Looks like MSA.
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 That looks like the best Hen Do ever!
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 the one on the right doesn't seem into it at all
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 I picked up that chain and I'm 100% going to use it.
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 Blenki is just the best
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 great run from PENE!
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