Photo Epic: Kade Edwards Let Loose on His Home Trails in Wales

Dec 17, 2020
by Ross Bell  

We've just rocked up at Revolution Bike Park in Kade's adopted homeland of Wales. The new Slash is barely out of the box and is already getting an education in its new owner's riding style, the thing seemingly spending more time being thrown sideways and flipped upside down than it does going in a straight line. Kade Edwards is a man who is just as comfortable between the race tape as he is out of it; he's one of the most versatile riders out there and it's easy to forget how just fast the guy is. Behind the whips, flips, and all-round wild riding is an accomplished racer. After all, he's a junior World Champ and regularly features in the top 20 elites which is certainly no easy feat.

I seem to remember reading a comment in the past about Kade being the Swiss Army Knife of mountain biking and it stuck with me. Looking at his rather extensive fleet of bikes, there's one for every discipline and everything in between. Downhill to BMX, enduro to slope and even an e-bike for good measure. Whilst each might have a different label and intended usage, they all have the same purpose, enjoyment. He just loves riding any bike regardless of its wheel size or travel... Few live and breathe the sport quite as pure as him.

Regions in Article
Revolution Bikepark


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 Bangers those Ross.. insane shots boys
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 Some of that scenery looks quite BC-esque. Still not ridden in north wales yet, despite living in south wales. Will have to make an effort when The Ol 'Rona is... well, not what it is now. I don't know if it goes away.
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 Rocking the Vans... lad
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 I saw him do that exact same flip on that same jump last friday on his Trek Session.. So much style!
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 by ek, some ace shots there....lots of shapes from Kade. I'd love to see the video.....the pics capture things perfectly.
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 @engsfors: Boom, thanks
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 Ive just put a short clip of him doing a lovely whip on a hip then a backflip on a stepup from last week Its on my video channel gallary for anyone to watch...well worth it!
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 Got sheep? Good.

Kade Edwards - when you want to see the bike profile in straight on shots. \m/
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 Interesting that this shoot was done prior to him getting the Red Bull sponsorship.
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 scrub with the colour from the flowers is mega, great shots
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 Best bike rider in the world right now?
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 Nice! Such a nice rig too.
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 BMX forearms on 'im
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 So sick. Keep sending Kade you mad man.
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 I really need to get a demo ride on the new Slash.
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 insane pans
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 ... including the first-ever bike-pushing pan shot
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 wonder how much knockblack 2.0 was due to Kade?
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 The slash!! bike to rule them all... ahahah
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 Damn fine riding and photography!
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 So many fire shots!
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 ?? there's one that looks like snow.
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 Trek AD or real Photo Epic??
That is the question!
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 Basically a Trek Slash advert, but a very talented and deserving rider. He has a big future ahead of him
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 Yeah could even try luck in DH

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